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Student created action plan for our project titled #BettPassion - http://bettpassion.wikispaces.com/


<p>Eniermental health</p> <p>Environmental health</p> <p>By Emily Tyra</p> <p>By: Emily Tyra</p> <p>Environmental Health </p> <p>Why my projects important?</p> <p>By cleaning the parks I saved taxpayer dollars and most importantly the environment. </p> <p>Animals dont have to worry about eating the garbage and it also wont wash into the streams, rivers, lakes, and even the ocean. </p> <p>Garbage in Bettendorf is Piling Up!</p> <p>I rode my bike all around to different parks that all had garbage blowing across the fields, and I decided that wasn't o.k. </p> <p>My sisters and I cleaned around Paul Norton elementary school, Kiwanis park, and the Crow Creek park. </p> <p>Specific Goal for Improvement</p> <p>My goal is to have a clean and healthy environment. It made me sad when I saw cans and bottles everywhere that could have been recycled but were thrown on the ground instead.</p> <p>Resources~ </p> <p>I used: plastic bags and garbage bags gloves bike to get around with and hard work </p> <p>Legal Barriers~</p> <p>There are no legal barriers since I cleaned on public property and there was nothing l could do to damage it. </p> <p>Hopefully people will see me doing the right thing and think twice next time they litter.</p> <p>Action Plan~</p> <p>First I gathered my resources (bags, gloves) Then I rode my bike to Crow Creek park, Kiwanis park, and Paul Norton elementay. </p> <p>Finally I disposed of the trash at my house or nearby garbage cans. </p> <p>My Beliefs~ </p> <p>I believe that the most important act of kindness is making sure we have a clean and healthy environment. </p>


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