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Our Job is to teach the students we have.Not the ones we would like to have.Dr Kevin Maxwell.Not the ones we used to have.Those we have right now.All of them.About Me: Educator for 20+ years (Tech & disability for over 3/4)Digital Tech Integrator/ Specialist Educator - Catholic MetroAT Specialist @ NFP Love learning & sharing learning with others EDUTECH Breakout 3 Tuesday, 31 May 20161:00-2:15: Workshop | Special Education/Assistive Technology: Tools & tricks for inclusive technology use to support independent & scaffolded learningThere are a myriad of tricks and tools to support learners with additional needs, to encourage independence and inclusivity in the learning environment and improve universally designed learning opportunities using mainstream tools and devices. Do you know them all? The presenter will share her top list of accessibility enhancements to take back to the classrooms tomorrow and improve learners agency over their learning and autonomy.DIGITAL TOOLS & TIPS FOR DIVERSE LEARNERSResources for helping students, develop independence & control in their learning & experience success with universally designed digital toolsK I M M A R T I NInclusive Technologies Consultant2014 EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR@kimnitram "I don't have to feel dumb anymore.kid awesome toolsToo many to sift through and masterHope I can help with a handful of tools & tips you can walk away with todayMany devices types used & ways to manage (BYOD/SCHOOL OWNED) in educationFocusing on free/under $5/10Nothing recommended is expensive or out of reach for schools and families. Links to resources can be found on Padlet & presentation on Slide ShareAll suggestions will not fit all learnersShare out of the box, free or low cost accessibility tools that can be used immediately back in your classroomsShare how digital technologies can help create a "least restrictive environment," not only for students with disabilities, but for everyone.LEARNING INTENTIONSession Learning intention Share some tips & tools to support learners with additional needsEncourage independence Inclusivity in learning environment Share my top list of digital tools to support learning opportunities in mainstream classroomsTake away and use tomorrow Not expert specialise in listening to a childs goals & needs & supporting the utilisation of technology to reach their goals.Disclosure Knowledge and Skills - Apple/Google work environmentsWIN & ANDROID - if know alternative or version exists I will mention - not tested to same levelWill Cover range of device types & tools and will have logo on screen to let you knowI will demo a selection of the tools today. Swap from presentation to devices/tools (wish luck)Feel free to play along on own device Leave time at the end for trouble shoot/QsTechnology itself is not the innovationPlease RememberPadlet: SlideShare: VINCENTs Evaluating Apps Joy Zabalas SETT frameworkConsider the learning goals, environment & task when choosing a digital learning toolEvaluation rubrics help when making decisions about the right tech toolAn Individual using a tool to engage, collaborate, learn, create & increase opportunities to think & share in a way that works for them is the innovationKnowing learners needs and building rapport is always first solutionUnderstand challenges and match tech to needs.Consider using an evaluation rubric when making decision about what tech tool to introduceTONY VINCENT or Joy Zabalas SETT framework - IVE USED THESE 2 SETT - acronym Student, Environment, Task & Tools. Key questions in each area guide you in gathering data & info to support the consideration & implementation of appropriate inclusive technologies. Purposeful use of digital technology can enable + Independence + Self Advocacy + AccessWhen choosing a digital tool start by thinking about learning/inclusion goals THEN the tech toolQs likeWhat are the students current abilities?learning goals?functional areas of concern?Peers doing that they also need to be able to do/access?What does the student need to be able to do that is difficult or impossible to accomplish independently at this time?Robson Square Vancouver UNIVERSAL DESIGN FOR LEARNING CAN BE USED BY ALL AT OWN CAPACITY AND ABILITY Can have multiple means of access to suit any learners abilities. (support or extension)Allows access (how), information communication (what) and engagement (why) to be differentiatedShowing all learners how to adjust or modify settings on the digital tools they access empowers & enables personalization to meet their needs for useINCLUSIVE UNIVERSAL - CAN BE USED BY ALL AT OWN CAPACITY AND ABILITY AIMDigital tool can have multiple means of access and engagement to suit any learners abilities. (support or extension)Allowing access (how) info/communication (what) & engagement (why) to be differentiatedShowing all learners how to adjust or modify settings on the digital tools they access empowers & enables personalisation to meet their needs for useFOOT NOTEUNIVERSAL DESIGN FOR LEARNING - Robson Square Vancouver - Canada ( INTERSECT OF THE LEARNER WITH THEIR CONTEXT OR ENVIRONMENT - BASED ON 1990S ARCHITECTURE MOVEMENT ADVOCATING FOR BUILDING DESIGN THAT ALLOWS FOR UNIVERSAL ACCESS.INCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY MEANS THE TOOL IS FIT FOR USER PURPOSEHelp you learn more effectively (Assistive/Inclusive)Help you practice specific skills (remedial)Help you complete tasks (compensatory)Provide opportunities to extend & explore (extension)AT aims to reduce/remove restrictions for learning, communication & support user to reach this goal A great tool can be used to Help individual to learn and function more effectively (AT/Inclusive) Screen Magnifier & contrast screen settings for low visionEnables learner to access same information, perform task at same pace as others No advantage/change to expectations or learning intentionsHelp struggling learners practice specific skills (remedial) Software for practise & reinforcement - Chill & Drill many apps/software in this category Not linked to current task - for practice of skill not mastered yetTools to help learners complete activities and tasks (compensatory Cognitive)Word processing speech to text writing tool enables learner to engage in writing process whilst freed from freed from letter formation and spelling knowledge. Talking CalculatorExpectations can be negotiatedProvide opportunities to extend and explore (extension) Opportunity for greater exploration - internet, coding/programming ASD diagnosis - follow passion - student voice more than student consultation3D printing for vision impairedCAR SEAT ANALOGY - ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT ETC AccessibilityConcentration RelaxationOrganisation Time ManagementLiteracyAIM Tools to cover main areas of learning and behaviour difficulties for leaners in mainstream settings. I used to list tools by platform now by learning need fits with my beliefs about introducing a tool to learning/learner let me know / feedbackFOOT NOTEAT/Inclusive Help individual to learn and function more effectivelyScreen Magnifier & contrast screen settings for low visionEnables learner to access same information, perform task at same pace as others No advantage/change to expectations or learning intentionsRemedial - Help struggling learners practice specific skills Software for practice & reinforcement - Chill & Drill many apps/software in this category Not linked to current task - for practice of skill not mastered yetCompensatory Cognitive Tools to help learners complete activities and tasks Word processing speech to text writing tool enables learner to engage in writing process whilst freed from letter formation and spelling knowledge frustration. Talking CalculatorExpectations can be negotiatedExtension Provide opportunities to extend and explore Opportunity for greater exploration - internet, coding/programming ASD diagnosis - follow passion - student voice more than student consultation3D printing for vision impairedINFO RE REASONMainstream consumer device, benefits from economies of scale & help keep cost lower than traditional assistive technologies.Lightweight for young children & those with motor difficulties to operate independently.Touchscreen interface is intuitiveLong battery life (about 10 hours) makes it ideal for individuals who rely on their device for communication and other needs over the course of a typical day.A high degree of social acceptability that appeals to students and parents. Individuals with special needs are using the same technology as their peers. The importance of this dimension cannot be underestimated, as it can dramatically impact the level of device use.CAR SEAT ANALOGY - ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT ETC ACCESSIBILITYApple Store Accessibility Special Accessibility Chrome & Accessibility & BUILT OPTIONS / OUT OF THE BOX INCLUSIONSUser customisation (Keyboards) HEY SIRI and OK Google Most Mainstream devices have inbuilt accessibility features within their operating system Magnification, text to speech, zoom, contrast, speech to text/dictationMicrosoft, Google & Apple - websites and stores dedicated to helping you understand their accessibility and special education features. Windows doesnt have a special area of their online store. Links on handout and Padlet.WINDOWS ACCESSIBILITY SETTINGSSettings > Ease of Access Windows logo key+UOne thing unique was "Make it easier to focus on tasks.Turns off all unimportant content & background images - make screen easier to seeTurns off all unnecessary animationsTurns off animation effects, such as fading effects, when windows & other elements are closedGOOGLE ACCESSIBILITY SETTINGSMy Account > scroll to account pref > Accessibility > Screen reader onlyGoogle Account > Click Face (top right) Chrome Browser > Hotdogs > Settings > Advanced Settings > Scroll > Web Content (Font) > Scroll Further for Accessibility > Add more > Store linkANDROID ACCESSIBILITY SETTINGS Settings >Accessibility (Voice, Switch, Braille, Talk Back)IOS Settings > General > AccessibilityOSX > System PreferencesCONCENTRATIONGuided AccessDemo Guided Access with Bugs n Buttons AppGUIDED ACCESS (IOS)Lock iPad to a single appAs long as guided access is enabled, only that one app can be usedUseful to help focus for a period of time.Time limit feature - locked in for set time period (no need for p/code release)Sound or Voice reminder of time expiring to warn, support transitionTouchID or Passcode - Passcode more likely in Edu HOW TO ACTIVATESettings > General > AccessibilityTap on Guided Access under the Learning section > Toggle Guided Access OnTap on Set Passcode and choose a passcode that only you will knowToggle Accessibility Shortcut to On (triple-click Home button > Guided Access wherever optional)ONCE IN AN APPTriple click Home button to launch Guided AccessCircle areas of the screen you DONT want accessible, if any - e.g. Ads and XThat area of the screen will be blocked throughout game / all screensTap Options (bottom left) YES/NO grant access to Sleep/Wake, Volume, touch screen & motionTap Done to save your selectionsTap on Start at the top of the screen to begin Guided AccessAPPLE - shared device profiles in 9.3 - can lock down app access and settings- new havent trialled it yet could reduce app gluttony and only apps child uses can be on first page etcCONCENTRATIONGuided AccessRestricted AccessANDROID EQUIVALENT - RESTRICTED ACCESS Settings > Users > Add user or profile, > Restricted profileSetup screen with the name New profile at the top. Tap New profile to change the name to, say, name of your child.Below profile name, theres a list of every app installed on your device. Theyre switched off by default. Certain apps, like Google+ and Google Hangouts, cant be turned on at all; for the others you can unblock access by flipping the switches next to their icons. Youll also find a few apps with gear-shaped Settings buttons; tap to configure additional restricted settings, such as content ratings for movies and TV shows.FOOT NOTEBack button> put device to sleep > User icon in the top corner of screen (Lollipop OS) or bottom (KitKat OS). > the icon of the restricted profile you just created,Guided AccessRestricted AccessYou TubeType quiet before youtubenicertube.comCONCENTRATIONYOU TUBE YOU TUBE QUIET OR NICERMay still not work if school is part of system safe search filtering (CESA)Will disable subtitles Type quiet before youtube text in URLOR CC (CLOSED CAPTION) button appears automatically if available for current viewing. computer generated based on clarity of speech in video and may have errors. eg AT = eightyChange default settings for captionsSHOW / HIDE CAPTIONS (if available)Go to Account Settings Select Playback from the left-hand menuCheck or uncheck Always show captions(Check Show automatic captions by speech recognition (when available) to enable automatic captions for videos that don't already have captions provided)Click SaveCONCENTRATIONStay Focused8TracksSpotifyMusic in apps & games can be distracting or helpful - allow student to choose music on or off Mute tab chrome Chrome extensionANDROID Focus Lockteenagers doing homework (25min/5 min) - no change phone notification settingsSeveral FOCUS BLOCKER TOOLS all device/OS glitch, monthly subscriptions didnt meet criteriaStay focused (Chrome extension - free)Set time limits for access to sites that distract you HELP REDUCE DISTRACTION ONLINE LITERACY READING TIPS IN A FEW MOMENTSFOOT NOTEAttention & Executive Functioning (cognitive control & supervisory attentional system) Umbrella term for the management (regulation, control) of cognitive processes, including Working memory, Reasoning, Flexibility and problem solving, Planning and execution.Includes sensory processing difficulties & hyper focus- including over stimulusCalm8 TracksSpotifyWatch MinderNoisliSmiling MindWorryTimeRELAXATIONNoisli (iOS, Web, Chrome $3) background sounds may help focus/relax, customisable combinations WorryTime- scheduling time to worrySmiling Mind (Edu accounts Free Web, iOS & Android) Meditation / Mindfulness Age Levels Watchminder (iOS) scheduled Reminder and Interval Timer to Manage Stress and Build Healthy Habits. Allows user to program up to two simultaneous training messages like "PAY ATTENTION", "RELAX" or "STRETCH" at fixed or random intervalsEvernotePost-It NotesBook CreatorPadletListasticMod MathORGANISATION Mind Map ToolsPopplet Ideament bubbl.usSs Need help collate, store & access work effectively & independently. Using supports to manage time frames, locate work & meet demands/expectations.EARLY YEARS Seesaw or Book Creator - Simulate a paper binder, can add clippings & retain link to source.Padlet (Android iOS & Web FREE) Provide visual supports for links, centralise info & resources - sign in required - visual collection of topic linksMind Map tools - Popplet (Web, iOS $8) or Ideament (Free)MIDDLE YEARS & HIGH SCHOOLGoogle/Siri Calendar RemindersMod Math - Parent Dyslexia Dysgraphia (Free) Virtual Graph Paper - Helps layout work - share with teacher via email or cloud serviceEvernote & MS OneNote (Free - need account IOS, Android & Web) Organise Folder (Themed/Topics)Audio, Video, Images, textSharableIdeament (iOS WIN $4 free) mind map organize thoughts/ideas, informationSticky NotesPost-it Plus App (Free iOS) use sticky notes then take photo, share, re-order/group Sticky Notes (Chrome Ext)Notes (Mac OS/iOS)Sticky Notes 8 App (WIN)Listastic (iOS $4.50) List of tasks organised into 1 of 3 sections: active, later, & completedTo share list (e.g teacher, parent or SSO), just tap the "share button" from within any list & select contact you'd like to send it 2IOS 9 - SPLIT SCREEN & SIDE SCREEN REVEAL2 Apps at oncemultitaskingNotes & SafariPicture in Picture (like you tube on iOS) new to iOS 9 - my device is too oldTime TimerMin 2 Go30-30ChoreMonsterTIME MANAGEMENTMaking good use of time requires planning, prioritising, & sticking to a schedule. These skills don't come easily to some children. help Ss estimate how long it take to complete a task or to get somewhere? Pay attention to due dates? Manage timeframes and meet expectations and deadlinesALL AGESiOS - Guided Access > Accessibility > Set timeTime Timer IiOS & ANDROID $5) customize, save & reuse (names, colour, alert, timer)Timer - Min2 Go ($1.50 iOS) most timers play sounds, MIN TO GO announces "15 mins 2 go," & "5 mins 2 go." Each announcement begins with few pleasant tones, followed by calm female voice. No need open app 2 C time remainingtime left is displayed on app's iconChore Monster (Kindle iOS, Android, WIN- FREE)self control - enter the chores, along with a unique score for each one. Complete chores to earn points, which they can exchange for rewards. Google Search & iOS/OSX SpotlightType timer > countdown timer or stop watch CurrencyTimeCalculatorDictionaryMIDDLE YEARS & HIGH SCHOOL30/30 app (iOS only Free) set sequential countdown timers to walk you through your day's tasks. App's gesture-based controls make it a snap to useSpend a few mins each morning setting up schedule will take the guesswork out of what you need to do next, all day longStay Focused (Chrome Ext Free) Block sites for certain time periodsWaste no time (Safari & Chrome) tracks & reports time on sites & set lock down times & quotas when u need 2 concentrate Safari Share File > Share > Export as PDF > Desktop Wikipedia > Print Export >Create a book > Downlaod as PDFOne Tab > All open windowsSpeak SelectionTEXT TO SPEECHLITERACY - READING & LISTENINGHearing a word as its being read can help with comprehension for range of learnersSPEAK SELECTION (text to speech) iOSSelect text (highlight) Make sure Highlight Content is enabled (Accessibility Settings)Support feature to access text ( Hold > tap Speak)Text can be spoken in Notes, Safari and iBooksCan highlight words as theyre being read you can follow alongVoices dialect and speaking rate can be adjusted to suit students needsTurn on Speak Selection. Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech. There you can also:Adjust the speaking rateChoose to have individual words highlighted as theyre readSelect the text, then tap Speak.TEXT TO SPEECHLITERACY - READING & LISTENINGSpeak Selection (iOS, OSX & Android)Speak ScreenWindows 10 NarratorSPEAK SCREEN (iOS)Reads whole screen (text) outSettings > General > Accessibility > SpeechFlick down with two fingers from the top of the screenSpeak Screen can read text & names of buttons and other interface elementsUser doesnt have to make a selection first. Options for controlling voice speed, pausing are available as a popover menu Menu can be collapsed to side of the screen while screen is read aloud. Use Siri. Say speak screen.MAC TEXT TO SPEECH System Preferences > Dictation and Speech > Option + Right ArrowFeature will read back any text (Highlighted)Ss can have writing read to them may make it easier to hear and spot mistakesEven without having this option checked, you can still have text read to you HIGHLIGHT & right-click > Speech > Start Speaking.ANDROID - Speak SelectionSettings > General > Accessibility & turn on Speak selectionYou can customise the speed hereGo to any app, highlight text or an entire article and from the popup menu select SpeakR&W (AT TAB if need a free version for students)WINDOWS 10 NARRATOR - SCREEN READER /TEXT TO SPEECH (Cortana Dictation)Launch Pressing the Windows key + Enter simultaneously Launch Narrator on tablet or phone by pressing the Volume up + Start buttonSafari ReaderSIMPLIFY & REMOVE CLUTTERRead & WriteSimplify PageReadabilityLITERACY - READING & LISTENINGSAFARI READER (iOS/OSX) easily distracted or difficulty with sensory over stimulationRemove ads/ clutter from the web page (auto on/off)Help child focus on content of the page. Works with Speak Selection, Highlight Text and VoiceOverKeyboard combination Shift+cmd+RREADABILITY Extension (iOS, Android, Chrome) Similar Safari Reader - Clears clutter - view now or later (sign in req)READ & WRITE for Google Simplify Page button (Google Chrome) strips colours/adds and large + - button to simplify furtherEVERNOTE CLEARLY NO LONGER SUPPORTEDQuickVoiceSports Illustrated (US)Post-It NotesTime for KidsNational GeographicsLITERACY - READING & LISTENINGAUDIO BOOKSSupporting student with reading difficulties may include using some of the apps shared in concentration and time management section to help them jot down info/ QsSticky notes Mind map appQuick voice app for example - jot down thing didnt understand (Qs /Clarifications) Can be done within the app of some e-book readers at point of confusion for reference Allow use of Mic/Video recording / creative ways to respond beyond reading, writing & listening - ALL AGESZoom (iOS & OSX) magnify short cut - option command + or control 2 finger trackpad)Audio Books Listening whilst reading can support ability to decode words, expand vocabulary,Make a task may be more manageable, help to understand over arching plot for a slow readerPublic / local libraries - OverDrive (iOS/Android, Chrome, Android, OSX), iBooks,Make own with iBooks Author or Book Creator (iOS/OSX) or Nook for AndroidFree Online Magazines text on device provide greater info or graphical content to support paper editionTime for Kids - Time Mag - choose age range/reading level content with paid class account. Sports Illustrated Kids - updated Daily (US)Kids Discover FREE subscription some content available without sign up HASS / Science focus,National Geographics Kids au versionAmazing Kids Magazine - created by kids for Kids (US)LITERACY - READING & LISTENINGNewselaScannableGenius ScanPrizmoONLINE TEXT & OCR SCANSNEWSELA (WEB)US based Account creation FREE for educatorOnce article is selected - tools on right hand side amend difficulty levelYou can create text sets on a theme/area of study - also featured text sets you can useOCR SCANScannable (iOS Free Evernote) Genius Scan (iOS, Android & Win - Free)RewordifyLITERACY - READING & LISTENINGSUMMARISING TEXTRead & WriteSimplify PageCollect HighlightsMAC SUMMARIZECheck enabled - OPEN DOC/ SAFARI WEB PAGE highlight text > Services menuServices menu >Services Preferences > scroll to bottom & tick box SUMMARIZEHighlight text >Right click > Summarize it may be in Services submenu) > Summary window30% mark is about right (80% is start point) Read there or copy & paste the text outSimilar function for Windows Microsoft Users in Word 2003 & 2007 called AUTOSUMMARIZE removed in office 2010. REWORDIFY Copy and paste text in to the web site windowHover Over dictionaryParts of SpeechNOTE TAKING Word CloudsVideoNot.esITunes Spoken TrackWINDOWS NarratorLITERACY - READING & LISTENINGADD 2 ITUNES AS SPOKEN TRACKHighlight text (in any program) >Services > add to iTunes as spoken - Google Drive sink video to notes - Chrome ExtensionLinked to Autosave Google Drive Folder in Google DriveCopy/ Paste URL & Annotatation cis auto synced to match video when playedClick on note to be taken to that part of the videoFREE & ShareWORD CLOUD Generators - see main points - key points larger - still able to answer some questions about text Wordle, TaxegoWordSift - Stanford Unilimited design options - once createdvisual thesaurus (embed google images)click to see source textreduce # words in cloudsort A-Z Emergent readerWord Cloud Generator add on for Google Docs so Ss could click on it to check main points covered in their essay for example LITERACY - SPEECH TO TEXT / DICTATIONMicrophoneAndroid Voice RecorderCoWriter (Chrome Ex)Google Voice TypingSPEECH TO TEXTDragon DictationiOS or OSX Mac dictationSiri - dictate messages and reminders - 40 seconds conversation onlyR & W Co-writer (Chrome Ext) - word prediction & speech recognitionNotability App - Combine handwriting, photos & typing (OSX & iOS $10)Android/ Google - Google Now, Voice Typing, Google Speak, Android Voice RecorderWINDOWS 10 & Phone - Cortana (NOT TESTED)DICTATION ( 2 x FNCTN) iOS & MAC OSReduce amount of note copying - student takes longer, makes mistakesMicrophone on iPad keyboardOK GOOGLE Voice Search / Googlenot aiming to compete with Dragon or be the solution of choice for doctorate students writing their dissertation or lawyer diatribes. True purpose, according to Google, is to translate and send short bursts of text (think text messages or Twitter updates 140 characters), rather than lengthier discourses. When STT accomplishes that goal, 95% or more of users are happy. Therefore when you say New Paragraph it will type the text new paragraph - conversational not formalANDROID - CHROMEMicNote Allows you to record audio and take notes at the same time - It is perfect for brainstorming ideas, taking quick notes, planning meetings. GLITCHYVoice Recorder Voice Recorder (free) is a simple app which records sound from your microphone. After recording, you can trim the sound and save it to your computerGOOGLE DOCS (and Android)Google Docs recently added Voice Typing toolprovides voice recognition for word processing within Google DocsGreat new feature requires no training and little set up. Voice Typing can be turned on in Google Docs under the Tools menuWINDOWS DICTATION (Not tested)Pocket Recorder (Free Windows Store) Simple recording application that can be saved for later reviewOpen Speech Recognition > Start button > All Programs > Accessories >Ease of Access > Windows Speech Recognition.Say "Show Speech Options," say "Options," and then say "Enable dictation everywhere.Windows voice recorder tool Start Menu > Windows Accessories> Steps Recorder (Windows 10)Recorder in Windows 7 or 8. LITERACY - WRITINGRead & WriteDefault TemplateMyScript StylusWORD PROCESSING TEMPLATE (for reading & writing)Improve readability on screen & paperChange default template for Word (or WP of choice) to 1.5 or double line spacingAllow the option of a recorded audio/video oral report in lieu of writingWORD (MAC) open doc > Font > Change settings > Default > OKWORD > Format > Document > Change Settings > Default > OKWORD >Line Spacing Options > Change > Default (I dont have) > OKKEYBOARDS (iOS)How to add keyboards (download app)How to swap easily between them (World icon) tap or hold for listMy Stylus, standard with Quick type, Dictation(Mic)Read and Write Google by Texthelp FREE (iOS and Android)QUICK TYPEWord prediction on keyboard Helpful for Ss with spelling difficulties or who find it difficult to enter text due to motor challenges. Feature will cut down on keystrokes needed benefiting people with dexterity challengesQuickType is similar to the Co:Writer app (paid) but will work across all apps on your devices.General>keyboards (down bottom)Turn predictive text on (generic keyboard) World > Hold FingerREAD & WRITE FEATURES Talking Dictionary & Picture Dictionary use in any writing appHighlights to Google Doc (Key Points > Collate)Highlights to Vocab list DocSimply Page NEW Speech Maker > highlight text > Speech Maker > save as Mp3 Hover Text to speech on screen highlightingVoice Note - in Google DocSpeak As I TypeWord prediction - In Google Doc Spell checkerSupports Comprehension - Audio and Images linked to textCognitive load and working memory support/relief Quality thinking & ability 2 respond reduces when working memory is MAXED beyond 3/4 itemsRelieves Burden of DecodingMay improve enduranceLITERACY - NOTE TAKINGFlipinkPaper 53PenultimateNOTE TAKINGSketch notes & mind mappingSketch noting, is creating a personal visual story as listening to a speaker or reading a textCan also be done afterwards based on notes or memory. Visual notes - drawings, text, arrows, lines - requires active processing more than just typing. Neuroscience theory dual coding argues for the value of sketch noting. Dual coding is idea that we process incoming information through two channels, verbal & visual. When we activate both channels at once, theyre working together, were better able to understand & remember ideas. When a sketch noter comes up with a visual way to represent a new idea, often through a doodle or diagram, she is practicing dual coding. Van Meter and Garner (2005)Resource - Sketch note handbook by Mike Rohde APPS for SKETCHNOTEiOS - Penultimate (Evernote - Free)Paper 53 (Free) Flipink ($3 basic) WIN OSX IOS One Note Microsoft Sketchbook Express (Free or Paid iOS, WIN & Android)READ AND WRITE for Google by TextHelp (any device that has Chrome)CHROME Ext - toolbar across all sites in BrowserWorks in Google DocsFREE for TEACHERS Ss Free for 30 days then text to speech remains free - premium features $19 in app purchase Keyboard in iOS - but much morestruggling readers including students with learning difficulties, dyslexia or ESL.Great for anyone who needs a little support/scaffolding with reading and writing to build independenceSpeak as I type - dyslexia focused word prediction and dictionaries.When viewing online content - touch some text to hear it read aloud. READ & WRITE FEATURES Talking Dictionary & Picture Dictionary use in any writing appHighlights to Google Doc (Key Points > Collate)Highlights to Vocab list DocSimply Page NEW Speech Maker > highlight text > Speech Maker > save as Mp3 Hover Text to speech on screen highlightingVoice Note - in Google DocSpeak As I TypeWord prediction - In Google Doc Spell checkerGoogle have an android native app called - Google Handwriting Input and also Google for Mobile allows handwritten search notes (Havent tested these yet)LITERACY - GRAPHIC ORGANISERS & MIND MAPSPoppletIdeamentbubbl.usGRAPHIC ORGANISERS/ MIND MAPSPopplet ($8) Dont get free one - cant save more than one - unless you are really good at saving/ exporting outIdeament FREE (Windows, iOS) (iOS & Web) 3 for Free before sign up - $7 US a month - NOT OKAYVisual recording Supplement support with audio & images students take screen shots of board & audio record notesvisualize connectionshelping students who struggle with the semantic load of informational text.Improve study skillsOrganize thoughtsPlan out goalsGraphic = picture; organizer= to arrange or order. Graphic organizers are a visual way to put things into categories or order.Thinking a critical and creative activity of the mind; maps = provide guidance and direction. Thinking Maps provide people with guidance and direction for their critical and creative thinking.Always done by student - make meaning / order of ideas and conceptsLITERACY - QR CODESi-NigmaKaywa ReaderQRafter Read & CreateQR CODES (Quick Response) Provides another way to understand, communicate or access a concept or information. No matter how you use QR codes, view them as a tool to connect students to learning opportunities.QR Code Readersi-Nigma (iOS, Android & Windows Phone) Free QR JOURNAL for MAC OSX WINDOWS (Andoid iOS) FreeQrafter (iOS) Free - Read and CreateQR Code CreatorsQR Voice Stuff Vocaroo QR Code Generator Find one that is free and allows for scan and generating - need a camera on your device and web accessWhat do they have to do with Special Ed?depends how creative U RCAN BE - a web link, text, audio or visual (picture/video)Makes many things accessible complicated web links Childs voice as audio to complement art work, independent access to support for worksheet informationread aloud bookSupplement or summarize class material, text-book pagesAdded to work sheet or flash cards to review information, pronunciation, meaning etcinterviews with authors (the child)instructions/directions in a learning task - link to video or audio explaining expectations that can be reviewed numerous timesAuslan/sign video to support language developmenthot spots throughout classroom to access online videos, websites, text thats related to curriculum and instructional material.Link to checklistsLink to calming songs, images, audio bookHelp to not make a mistake when typing a web addressEG open a web site with QR then use Text to Speech to read the text, Maybe R&W to highlight words and great a vocal list and notes of highlighted points. Once in Google Docs I can create a word cloud to see most important/common conceptsUse Google Chrome extension or an app that allows Mac user to use isight camera - e.g. QR journal (free)FREE & EASY to CREATE yourself / studentLITERACY - WRITINGWord Completion (OSX) ESC KeyHelp with vocabulary & word-building skillsIn apps such as TextEdit, Keynote and PagesAfter typing just a few letters, press the Escape key 4 suggests wordsSelect the word you want, and completes it for youDoesnt work in WORD (Microsoft products) Can help Ss who have print disabilities or cognitive challenges or are ESL improve their vocabulary and word-building skills.Mod MathMyScript CalculatorNUMERACYMod Math (Free) iOSParent Dyslexia DysgraphiaVirtual Graph Paper Helps layout work share with teacher via email or cloud serviceMyScipt Calculator (Android & iOS) Freewrite any operation as you would do on paper. The result can be automatically calculated (or not) transformed into text for easier readingedit & correct natural gesturessave and share optionsHistory - retrieve past calculationsINKredibleStop MotionAnimationDrawingExplain EverythingBook CreatorGreen ScreenCREATIVITY & ENERGYFor Students who often have seemingly endless amounts of energy - support to channel toward success.(spontaneous, hyper focused, energetic)Instant feedbackAbility to self-control stimuliDemonstrate learning with an area/skill of strengthExpress understanding and learning in creative ways Helping children find their voiceSet timer for 5/10-minute intervals & student show the teacher her workDigital Story telling - Loop, Book Creator (iOS $5 Android $3 & WIN) Win FREE @ momentInkredible (iOS & Android) Free Handwriting App - Wrist & Palm rejection - help mobility/ motor - Also for sketchnotes 3D design - build/make to demonstrate learning and understanding - TINKERCARD (WEB) Makers Empire 123D Auto DeskLego / stop motion - stop motion studio (Free Android & iOS)Green screen Do ink $5 and Animation $8 (iOS only)Movie Making Screen Casting - Explain everything (ON ALL platforms $6) - Math - demonstrate understanding with a video Photo Booth - record response to question, model speech therapy/sounds > share (shy/communication/ speech writing difficultiesSocial NavigatorSocial AdventuresSOCIAL SKILLS & BEHAVIOURSocial Navigator - $65 $$$ App was designed for children with ADHD and other social/behavioral difficulties. The Social Navigator can be used as a behavior-management device or as a teaching tool anytime your child is becoming agitated. The app promises to reduce oppositional behaviors, improve communication skills, and develop greater social awareness for kids ages 6 to 16.Social adventures app $12.99 Not going to lie- couldnt find a lot worth sharing - real life practice still best toolDidnt try either of these out - DIDNT FIT MY FREE OR UNDER $5 CRITERIA - Cant give reviewRECORDING & REFLECTINGSee Saw - Learning Journal (Primary) Digital PortfolioFree student, teacher and parent apps - parents can have a paid account which enables them to keep the data beyond the current year. Free suits just fine. Uses QR codes - easy to maintain and to add photos and comments/audio for work artefacts. Works with a lot of the commonly EDU used apps share options.Encourages creativity and reflection Have used with reception/year one students will ease. Again- offering multiple expressions of learning and sharing with teacher, friends and parents** Voice over for android is called TALK BACKApp Curators - Go to Edu App Curator - NOT SPECIAL ED SPECIFIC To find apps for educational use - Android or Apple try here Free accountFollow peopleDownload list with URLS or QR codesDownload app straight from review if you decide to purchase/trial Learning Works For Kids - Special Ed purpose - - some apps not available in AUSSome of the recommendations are out of date 2012 - 2013 Blog is still maintained@kimnitramPadletSlideShareiTunesU YOUMore tools didnt cover - check out pad let and handoutGoogle Chrome extensions I useQR Code TagGoogle URL ShortenerMute tabOne tab


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