Digital Portfolios and Open Digital Badges - Warranting evidence (revisiting old friends, never foes)

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1. WARRANTING EVIDENCE (REVISITING OLD FRIENDS, NEVER FOES). KATHRYN COLEMAN, MELBOURNE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION, UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA AAEEBL. DIGITAL PORTFOLIOS AND OPEN DIGITAL BADGES 2. FRIENDS OR FOES? LAST YEAR 3. AAEEBL AND THE PORTFOLIO BADGE CONVERSATION 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 4. DIGITAL BADGES ARE PARTICULARLY RELEVANT TO OUR CHANGING WORLD BECAUSE THEY OPEN UP OUR CURRENT SYSTEM OF RATING AND RANKING TO MORE NUANCED LEVELS OF UNDERSTANDING, AND ALLOW A MORE EVIDENCE-BASED OR PERSONALIZED ANALYSIS OF LEARNING THAN TRADITIONAL CREDENTIALS PROVIDE (GRANT, 2014, P.11). SherylGrant, 2015 WARRANTING EVIDENCE 5. THE VARIOUS FIELDS OF DATA IN THE BADGES CAN MAKE THE ARTIFACTS IN THE PORTFOLIOS MUCHMORE MEANINGFUL. BADGES CONTAIN SPECIFIC CLAIMS, EVIDENCE SUPPORTING THOSE CLAIMS, AND LINKS TO MORE EVIDENCE (I.E.,., ARTIFACTS IN PORTFOLIOS). BUT THEY ALSO CONTAIN INFORMATION ABOUT WHEN AND WHERE THOSE ARTIFACTS WERE CREATED. THIS ADDRESSES A MASSIVE VALIDITY CHALLENGE FOR PORTFOLIOS AS EVIDENCE OF COMPETENCES: WITHOUTINFORMATIONTHE CONTEXT OF CREATION, YOUCAN'T EVALUATE THE PORTFOLIO AS EVIDENCE OF MUCH OF ANYTHING. ProfessorDan Hickey AAEEBL Regional, May 2016 WARRANTING EVIDENCE 6. IF DIGITAL BADGES ARE GOING TO BE EVIDENCE- BASED AND TRANSFERABLE THE EPORTFOLIO PLATFORM IS BEST OPTIMIZED TO DELIVER THAT EVIDENCE AND PROVIDE A LOGICAL SPACE TO SHOWCASE THE BADGE. Associate ProgramDirector of ePortfolio Assessment,G. Alex Ambrose,Ph.D. WARRANTING EVIDENCE 7. WARRANTING EVIDENCE BADGES ON LINKEDIN 8. BADGES ON TWITTER 9. WARRANTING EVIDENCE ON THE WEB 10. WARRANTING EVIDENCE OPEN BADGES ARE VALIDATED EVIDENCES OF LEARNING. WHY NOT USE THEM AS CONSTRUCTION BLOCS OF A SIMPLE PORTFOLIO INSTEAD OF WRITING STORIES ABOUT LEARNING AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT THAT ONLY A FEW WILL ACTUALLY HAVE TIME TO READ? ERIC ROUSSELLE Open badge passport 11. WARRANTING EVIDENCE EPORTFOLIO EVIDENCE We need to have both Eric! EVIDENCE OF 12. WARRANTING EVIDENCE Howard, Hickey & Willis, 2016 Description:Do you know what you wantto badge? Criteria: Whatwill it require to earn a badge? Issuer:Whatkind of technologicalresources do you have to work with? Evidence:How will you show the criteria have been met? Examples:Whatare some similar projects I can examine forideas? Dates:How long are the badges valid? Six Steps to Building High-Quality Open Digital Badges high-quality-open-digital-badges/ 13. WARRANTING EVIDENCE DESIGNING BADGE CLAIMS A badge claim is an application of evidence to demonstrate competency, achievement, skill or experience to a badge issuer. Making a claim for evidence of award can be done in a number of ways, for instance a claim may be made in formal or informal learning spaces against a designed set of criteria on a rubric or self issued with claims of evidence that are endorsed by key stakeholders. HTTP://WWW.ASSURINGGRADUATECAPABILITIES.COM/ACHIEVE.HTML 14. WARRANTING EVIDENCE CURATING PORTFOLIO ARTEFACTS AND EVIDENCE FOR BADGE CLAIMS Curation is an action. A curator is a planner, designer, creator and maker of and in spaces that represent a genre, theme, narrative, story, life and invite discourse as they direct an audience for a purpose (Coleman, 2015). The act of self-curation in a portfolio entails selecting artefacts that reflect this common purpose, dependent on the context, theme or aim and presenting it for an audience such as an assessor, employer or for the self. 15. WARRANTING EVIDENCE WHEN APPLIED TO DIGITAL BADGES AND BADGE CLAIMS, PORTFOLIOS ENABLE A LEARNER TO: Display digital and open badges as artefacts curated in a collection. Represent pathways,incentives and recognition of waypoints in the learning journey and narrative. Make explicit connections between learning experiences over time. Have evidence validated,endorsed and verified. Be recognised and verified for evidence,both direct and indirect. Receive credit for gaining and developing self efficacy, self-evaluation and metacognition. Evidence competencies, skills, achievements and knowledge for a credential. 16. WARRANTING EVIDENCE DESIGNING AUTHENTIC BADGE CLAIMS CAN SUPPORT BADGE EARNERS TO CONTEXTUALISE, INTEGRATE AND APPLY THEIR LEARNING IN FORMAL AND INFORMAL EXPERIENCES: Evidence-based ecosystem design pre-structural extended abstract