Digital Literacy for the 21st Century Learner

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1.Launching a Digital Literacy Program for the21st Century LearnerThe Seeds of Change ProjectFlorida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus2. Our Purpose TodayWe will focus on the changing nature of literacy in the 21st century.We will focus on how technology is changing the way learning occurs > ConnectivismWe will show how weve applied these fundamentals to a digital literacy service-learning project.We will challenge you to think about how you might promote digital literacy in your own institution.Florida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus3. Twitter BackchannelConversation Welcome! @amylizmoore @FSCJOpenFlorida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus4. Literacy ThenLiteracy 1.0As historically considered,Prior to the 21st century, literacy defined a persons ability to read and write, separating the educated from the uneducated. With the advent of a new millennium and the rapidity with which technology has changed society, the concept of literacy has assumed new meanings.Barbara R. Jones-Kavalier and Suzanne L. FlanniganConnecting the Digital Dots: Literacy of the 21st CenturyFlorida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus5. Literacy Now:Literacy 2.0 and BeyondWhat Hasnt Changed:Literacy still means collecting the knowledge, analyzing, evaluating, and communicating that knowledge.What Has Changed:Digital and visual literacies are the next wave of communication specialization. Most people will have technologies at their fingertips not only to communicate, but to create, to manipulate, to design, to self-actualize.Barbara R. Jones-Kavalier and Suzanne L. FlanniganConnecting the Digital Dots: Literacy of the 21st CenturyFlorida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus6. The New Learning LandscapeIn this new landscape, knowledge (digital, visual, computers, groups, communities of practice, personal communities, formal, informal) is distributed across a network of connections among specialized sets or information nodes.Florida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus7. Literacy = Connectivism = LearningThe ability to construct & traverse networks.A set of actions & experiencesTakes into account technology & networksResponds to diminishing shelf life of knowledge (much of what we know today was not known ten years ago.)Information flow between information and peopleFlorida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus8. New Learner RequirementsAbility to draw distinctions between important and unimportant.Ability to understand how new information can alter the landscape.Ability to choose what to learn and understand its meaning and impact.Florida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus9. The pipe is more important than the content within the pipe. Our ability to learn what we need for tomorrow is more important than what we need for today.George SiemensFlorida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus10. The Seeds of Change ProjectWhat Is It?The ProjectSummer Teen Work Program4 week program: June 14, 2010-July, 10, 2010Supported by the Mayors office and grant fundingFocused on engagement, learning, and application of technology skillsIntended outcome: to blend academic objectives with meaningful service to the communityFlorida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus11. The Seeds of Change ProjectWho Are the Participants?Underemployed or unemployed, out-of-school youth ages 16-20Majority lacking basic professional/technology skillsNumber of participants: 12-15Florida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus12. Our Pilot Program for 2010The Partnership and the GoalWe partnered with local social entrepreneurship, City Kidz Caf, LLC to help promote their new anti-obesity program online.Florida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus13. Our Pilot Program for 2010How We Decided to Approach the GoalIn the past, the Seeds of Change participants had been given busy work: research for the sake of research, but not toward an actual goal.We created a student-centered program, filled with opportunities for decision-making.Was this a risk? Some thought so, but it paid off.Placed students in teams of similar personality types in order to create built-in comfort and support, then let the groups decide who would hold what roles and what their team portfolios would eventually look like.Florida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus14. Our Pilot Program for 2010The common goal providing a service to City KidzIn order to provide this service, the students needed to know more than just how to use Facebook, but also needed the ability to create, remix, and manage digital artifacts, so they had to learn digital literacy along the way they couldnt help but learn.Allowed students to choose their paths toward reaching a common goal - in order to create a network of understanding for the students.Florida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus15. Transferable SkillsGoogle Document CollaborationSlideshareCarbonmadeFacebookYoutubeFlickriMoviePowerPointPublisherPaintFlipcamWordpressLinkedInFlorida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus16. The Seeds of Change ProjectHow Did It Work?A Combination of Formal and Informal Learning ActivitiesOn the formal side, we had expert guest speakers, assignments, and due datesExplored partner business, interviewed customers and ownersTeam-building activitiesPortfolio contestHands-on lab and discovery learningFlorida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus17. The Seeds of Change ProjectWhat Were the Goals?Learning OutcomesDemonstrate proficiency using emerging technologies such as Internet, blogs, social networks, open source contentRecognize how to create a professional social network and associated workforce protocolsDemonstrate awareness of importance of teamwork, collaboration and professionalism in a workforce setting*Not only were we focused on the terminal skill, but we also focused on empowering the students to think about the pros and cons of each tool they were using.Florida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus18. The Seeds of Change ProjectWhat Were the Goals?Program OutcomesStrengthen business community impactEquitable learning exchanges and shared skills between participants and businessProvide job placement opportunitiesForge new connections between informal education, youth development, and higher educationFlorida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus19. What Did the Students Produce?BlogsOnline PortfoliosDigital NewslettersVideo CommercialsSlideshow PresentationsDigital Art and PhotographySocial Media Campaign PlansFlorida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus20. See for YourselfFlorida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus21. Parlaying Success into New Digital Literacy InitiativeContinuing Education WorkshopsSocial Media in the Business EnvironmentPartnership with Beaver Street Enterprise CenterFaculty Enrichment SessionsIn educational technology and Web 2.0 toolsFuture Certification ProgramFor small business professionalsFor online educatorsFlorida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus22. How Can You Do Something Similar at Your School?Think about How It Fits into Institutional PrioritiesFor us, community impact and SBUDetermining Your Audiences NeedsFor us, not only mayors students, but small business owners and instructors also needed some level of digital literacyFlorida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus23. How Can You Do Something Similar at Your School?Choose Relevant Web 2.0 Competencies to Focus OnSocial Media FluencyOnline Profile ManagementDigital MarketingOnline Metrics/MeasurementDigital Media Production?Sustaining the ProgramKeep track of your successes and improvementsCreate a culture of openness to Web 2.0 enrichment/continuing ed/trainingFlorida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus24. Q & AWhat Questions Do You Have for Us?Florida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus25. Resources Used to Build This PresentationFlannigan, Suzanne and Jones-Kavalier, Barbara R. Connecting the Digital Dots: Literacy of the 21st CenturySiemens, George. Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age.Horizon Report2010 and 2011Florida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus26. Thanks for Your Time.Get in Touch with Us!Florida State College at JacksonvilleOpen Campus