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CertiportDr. Niran Oyekale fiimaPresident / CEO, Commit Technology & Consult Limited+234(0)7031055234, (0)8183428803 commitechng@gmail.comDigital Fluency: Securing Today Empowering The Future The Paradigm ShiftFrom The Industrial AgeTo The Information AgeTo The Creativity AgeThese changes, among others, are ushering us toward a world where knowledge, power, and productive capability will be more dispersed than at any time in our history a worldwhere value creation will be fast, fluid, and persistently disruptive.The Implication..The World of TechnologyA Fast Changing World..changing so fastThat the replication of more of the same knowledge and skills of the other days will not suffice to address the challenges of today, not to talk of the futureImagine.A generation ago, teachers could expect that what they taught would last their students alifetime. World of Great ExpectationsEmployers/Parents expect graduates to be:Creative and Job readyReady to thrive in the Digital Age Cope with the challenges of the 21st century Think critically, Solve problems Rapid economic and social changesdemand of NITDA to prepare the citizenry for jobs that are yet to be created, technologies that have not yet been invented and problems that we don't yet know will arise.Reality of Time Increasingly diverse customer base Increasing complexity of business structures and organizations Expanding mobile customers and increasing electronic communication Increasing economic importance of digital commerce and digital contentResultant Changes in Business EnvironmentThe impact or response to these trends is eitherFor the most part - "technology focused" Precipitated or facilitated by technology orRequired of skills that are predominantly and significantly technology related. These trends don't seem to suggest a strong need to teach "technology for technology's sake, but technology for fluency"Understanding the TrendFluency Attained when an act is accomplished with no noticeable cognitive or mental effort. Having a mastery of certain skills to the point of not requiring conscious attention.Digital fluency An evolving aptitude that empowers the individual to effectively and ethically interpret information, discover meaning, design content, construct knowledge, and communicate ideas in a digitally connected world. Digital fluency develops from digital literacy and requires that an individual be as comfortable using technology as they are reading the newspaperUnderstanding the New LanguageIC3 Digital LiteracyIT ProfessionalDatabase Administration Software DevelopmentHTML / GamingMicrosoft/HP Technology AssociateWeb TechnologiesPrint, Graphics and MediaAdobe Certified AssociateEngineeringConstructionAutoDesk CertificationsAccountingQuickBooks CertifiedOffice MngmntBusiness ProfessionalsLaw ProfessionalsMarketingFinanceMicrosoft Office SpecialistMicrosoft Certified EducatorIC HealthHeath-care ProfessionalsAcademia ProfessionalsPathway to Digital Fluency IT capability to leverage technology for business differentiationGAPNeed for Digital FluencySource: The 451 Group and The InfoPro - 201180% of all jobs and 98% of all college degrees requires capable and proficient use of computers and InternetIT challenge: the need for expertise The number-one inhibitor cited by business and IT leaders is sourcing the right expertise when and how companies need to acquire it. According to The InfoPro, when asked to name the number-one obstacle to adopting cloud services, ~60% of executives cited Lack of staff skills/shortage of expertise. They are reporting a competency gap; employees with relevant skills are difficult to come by. When you consider the rate of change in both business and technology that IT professionals must contend with in order to stay relevant, its no wonder this is the case. According to these leaders, two factors comprise this issue: Sourcing Businesses typically go about acquiring IT expertise in three ways: 1) they hire it, 2) they outsource it, or 3) they acquire it through service providers or cloud services. The IT organization of the future will be much smaller and more nimble, focusing internal resources on deeper and broader business expertise while leveraging service providers who bring deep technology expertise. This represents a whole different mindset for people entering the workforce. Many new IT professionals will become consultants on contract rather than employees. Different expertise (next page)12 Tremendous understanding of the past and current situations Adaptability to the digital age Imbibing new sets of global best practices Re-tooling and re-skilling to global standards Success DeterminantsWidening Gap.. The Genesis? Climbing the Tree from the Top Climbing the Tree Bottom-UpWrongRightThe ShortcomingsUnemploymentLow productivityIncompetencyInability to cope with the 21st Century challengesOffices characterized by large volumes of files, file racksDocuments occupying a lot of spaces, some of which are obsolete and already turning yellow.Retrieval of document usually difficult and an irrecoverable loss of important documents in case of fire incidence and other natural disasters Nigeria needs a workforce that is skilled, adaptable, creative, and equipped for success in the global marketplace.A Nation in NeedNigeria must go beyond the 3Rs to: Have adaptiveand practical skills required to function within the community, participate fully in global digital society Acquire meaningful literacy within a social context Facilitate access to cultural, economic and political structures Recognize that new ways of seeing and thinking about the world is possible.Going the Extra MilesRethinking EducationChanges of this magnitude require a complete rethinking of education. in terms of CurriculumDevelopment of PedagogiesTo ensure that every student acquires the high level of skills needed to thrive in the dynamic world of the 21st century.18If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow. - John Dewey Career Progression for Colleges and Universities Microsoft/HP Technology AssociateTechnologyScienceAdobe Certified AssociateCreative ArtsMediaAutoDesk CertificationEngineeringQuickBooks CertifiedAccountingFinanceIC3 Digital LiteracyMicrosoft Office SpecialistManagement MarketingLegalAdminMicrosoft Certified EducatorEducation IC HEALTHMedicalNursingRecordsLaboratoryWhere to Start ?20Internet & computing core certification (IC)Prepare for a Digital WorldThe stepping-stone into the ICT certification pathway, a fundamental tool for measuring proficiency in the latest key technologies for study, work and life.IC3 was created by Certiport, Inc. in 2000 to address the need for a globally recognized and accepted standard of basic computing knowledge considered fundamental to academic learning and a minimum requirement for employment -Wikipedia.IC3, The Stepping StoneIC3 is based on global best practices and requirements of education, test development and industry, laying down foundational preparation for every job and career, every field of study, and even social and personal lives that are increasingly impacted by technology. The single best solution for verifying and validating skills attainment and mastery in digital literacy As Espoused by GDLCStanding out with IC3A global training and certification program providing proof to the world that an individual is;Equipped with the needed computer skills to excel in a digital world. Capable of using a broad range of computer technology.Ready for challenges of work, academic and life . Positioned to advanced your career through additional computer certification. Computing Fundamentals45 Questions30% SimulationVendor neutralKey Applications45 Questions80% SimulationBased on Windows 7 and Office 2010Living Online45 Questions30% SimulationVendor neutralAligned with National StandardsBenefitsTo Academic InstitutionsProvides objective evaluation of student performanceEnsures consistency of results from school to schoolMeasure teaching efficacy (accountability)Measurement is required to receive grant moneyTo InstructorsProfessional development toolImproves confidence in integrating technology in the classroomTo Students and EmployeesProves that you have fundamental knowledge in key computing concepts and applicationsEnsures you have validate and can apply what you have learnedValuable, portable credentialBenefits contsTo EmployersObjective evaluation of potential employeesValidation of employees that employees are proficient at important skills and technologiesFundamental computing knowledge, skills, and abilities directly effects employee efficiencyHow IC is usedPrerequisite for computer coursesEnd of computer course validationTeacher developmentTest-out option for required college basic computing courseGlobal Standard RecognitionRecognized in NigeriaThe IC3 is well-respected internationally, endorsed and recommended byNITDA - National Information Technology Development AgencyCPN - Computer Professionals (Registration Council of) NigeriaNUC - National Universities CommissionTRCN - Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria IC3 the Missing Link From digital literacy certification in IC3, to professionally recognized skills certification on MCE, MOS, MTA, MCP, Adobe, HP, Autodesk products, IC Health etc. IC3 provides the pathway to a fulfilling and valuable career in many different fields.What Next ?33Microsoft CERTIFIED EDUCATOR34MCEKey benefits Valid and reliable measurement of foundational educator ICT competencies Standards mapped to the UNESCO ICT-CFT, Technology Literacy approach ELearning curriculum available free on the Partners in Learning network or via IT Academy membership Exams easily administered and proctored on campus by educators Available through a Microsoft academic reseller or through Certiport, Microsofts academic authorized exam delivery partnerAll exams are version agnostic, meaning they are not specifically about a software version. 35Microsoft Certified Educator The Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) exam is a competency-based professional development and certification offering. Technology-neutral, the MCE assessment enables educators to demonstrate competency as outlined in the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization Information and Communications Technology, Competency Framework for Teachers (UNESCO ICT-CFT), Technology Literacy Approach. It also offers an opportunity for educators to differentiate themselves in the education field, and enhance their value for current and future employers.All exams are version agnostic, meaning they are not specifically about a software version. 36Measuring effectivenessAn effective and proven assessment tool, the MCE exam measures the ways ICT integration can be used to improve outcomes in six core content areas which align to the UNESCO ICT-CFT: Education policy Curriculum and assessment Pedagogy ICT/technology tools Organization and administration Professional developmentPassing the MCE exam provides validation that educators have achieved global educator technology literacy competencies as defined in the UNESCO ICT-CFT, Technology Literacy Approach.All exams are version agnostic, meaning they are not specifically about a software version. 37Improving outcomesFor education administrators, MCE represents a valid and reliable way to measure the effectiveness of their investment in ICT and professional development. Educators holding an MCE certification have the tools and skillsets to break though limitations of geography and resources, and begin to apply their knowledge to provide a rich, customized learning experience for their students.All exams are version agnostic, meaning they are not specifically about a software version. 38Get startedIntegrating the MCE certification into teacher training program or professional development program will help the educators stand out. All exams are version agnostic, meaning they are not specifically about a software version. 39Microsoft Office SpecialistCreate Office Superstars40Microsoft Office SpecialistMOS is the worlds most recognized information worker certification program that accounts for the delivery of over one million certification exams annually.More than a single certification, the Microsoft Office Specialist Master program demonstrates an individuals overall comprehension and deep expertise of Microsoft Office programs. Earning this distinguished credential requires four exams: Word Expert, Excel Expert, PowerPoint, and either Outlook or Access.Master SeriesMicrosoft Office Specialist Expert certification validates advanced skills in specific Microsoft Office applications. Gaining the Expert credential requires passing either of these exams: Word Expert or Excel Expert.Expert SeriesThe Microsoft Office Specialist core certification validates skills with the Microsoft Office suite. Exams for the MOS core credential are available on these Microsoft Office products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Project, and SharePoint.Specialist SeriesMicrosoft Office 2010Validate skills on the most popular Microsoft Office 2010 programsWord 2010Enhanced features, collaborative tools and almost anywhere file access make it easy to create professional-quality documents.Excel 2010New analysis, visualization and access tools make it easier to manage and share data.PowerPoint 2010Exciting and easy-to-use audio/visual capabilities make it simple to create powerful, polished presentations.Access 2010Simplified tools and new Web databases make it easier to track, report and share data.Outlook 2010Advanced e-mail organization, search, communication and social networking features enhance productivity.Project 2010Robust tools to control project work and schedules, and for staying informed whi8le keeping project teams on track.SharePoint 2010Comprehensive content management and search tools to help improve organizational effectiveness.More on Microsoft Office suiteMicrosoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2010Pass any ONE of the following MOS 2010 exams:Pass any ONE of the following MOS 2010 Expert exams:Pass THREE required exams and ONE elective exam:WordExcelPowerPointAccessOutlookProjectSharePointWord ExpertExcel Expert RequiredWord ExpertExcel ExpertPowerPoint ElectivesOutlook OR AccessCertification Program overviewHighlightsReturning to MOS brandExpert exams return to the lineupMaster credential requires Expert level Word & Excel, Core PowerPoint, and either Core Outlook or AccessMicrosoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2013Pass any ONE of the following MOS 2013 exams:Pass any ONE of the following MOS 2013 Expert exams:Pass THREE required exams and ONE elective exam:WordExcelPowerPointAccessOutlookProjectSharePointWord Expert Part- 1Word Expert Part- 2Excel Expert Part- 1Excel Expert Part- 2 RequiredWord Expert Part 1 & 2Excel Expert Part 1&2PowerPoint ElectivesOutlook OR AccessCertification Program overviewHighlightsReturning to MOS brandExpert exams return to the lineupMaster credential requires Expert level Part 1 & 2 Word & Excel, Core PowerPoint, and either Core Outlook or AccessMOS Mapping to Key Job RolesSpecialistExpertMasterMOS Mapping to Key Job Roles by Application Specialist Word Excel PowerPoint Outlook Access SharePointExpert Word Excel*Master*Master Cert requires Word Expert, Excel Expert, PowerPoint, and either Outlook or Access Microsoft Technology AssociateIT Starts Here47Invest Big Without making a Big Investment!Microsoft makes it easier for academic institutions to build and deliver technology education with a simple, convenient, and affordable suite of entry-level technology certifications.3 stories what it does for students, educators and institutions3/25/2015 12:21 PM2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.48What is Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)?MTA is a new, entry-level certification that validates the fundamental technology knowledge that students need to start building a career in Microsoft technologies.7 initial titles on Developer, IT Pro, and Database high-demand topics. 9 initial languages: English, Spanish, S. Chinese, T. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Russian, Br. PortugueseWhy did Microsoft create MTA?To provide a solid career foundation to students and enable career exploration.To provide an education solution for teachers including learning and an industry-recognized credential.To lower the barriers to entry to the Microsoft Certification Program by providing a stepping stone to our professional certification.Who is MTA for?MTA is exclusively for academic customers: Technology-focused high schools and higher ed. Institutions.Driven by Certiport partners and Microsofts Public Sector, Education and Evangelism teams in the field.How is MTA delivered?Delivered by Certiport via internet-based platform allowing unprecedented testing flexibility.Educators empowered as proctors.Accompanying MTA Exam Review Kits provided to facilitate curriculum adoption.MTA OverviewRELEVANCEBasic, foundation level knowledge attainable to beginners with no work experience.Ideal sandbox for students exploring career concentrations.Comprehensive portfolio of IT, SW Dev and DB examsFull solution including learning content.ACCESSIBILITYInternet base platform allowing testing anytime, anywhere in the school. Unprecedented levels of flexibility.Faculty empowered as exam proctors.AFFORDABILITYCost effective Campus License that allows a full campus to be licensed with a single purchase. Cost per exam free to students in most cases and very low for institutions.49Associate SeriesFundamental knowledge for students to start building a successful career in technology.IntroducingIT Pro and DeveloperComprehensive set of skills required to be successful on the job.Professional SeriesIn-depth skills working with Microsoft technologies.Technology SeriesIT architects who have completed a rigorous industry-driven peer validation process.IT experts with demonstrated mastery of a product through hands on lab based testing.Advanced SeriesAdvanced skills in specific Microsoft Office applications. Requires passing either Word Expert or Excel Expert.Expert SeriesValidates core skills with the Microsoft Office suite. Includes exams in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Project, and SharePoint.Specialist SeriesOverall comprehension and deep expertise of Microsoft Office. Requires Word Expert, Excel Expert, PowerPoint, and Outlook or Access exams.Master SeriesInformation WorkerMicrosoft Certification ProgramCertification as a demonstration of an individuals the level of excellence, commitment and confidence to take his or her knowledge and skills to the next level with an industry recognized validation. MOS Competition a great example of this. Wonderful stories of students that have not only achieved superior skills in the use of Office apps, but who now stand out and are ready to open doors to new study and career opportunities with the confidence to go after bigger challenges.3/25/2015 12:21 PM2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.50One MTA exam = One MTA certificationMTA exams are not pre-requisite to each other or to MCTS examsPath from MTA to MCTS to IT JobsMTA Certification Paths IT Pro and DatabaseOne MTA exam = One MTA CertificationMTA exams are not pre-requisite to each other or to MCTS exams.Candidates may take as many of the MTA exams they wish.51MTA Certification Paths DeveloperOne MTA exam = One MTA CertificationMTA exams are not pre-requisite to each other or to MCTS exams.5298-361: Software Developer FundamentalsUnderstanding core programmingUnderstanding object-oriented programmingUnderstanding general software developmentUnderstanding web applicationsUnderstanding desktop applicationsUnderstanding databases98-362: Windows Developer FundamentalsUnderstanding Windows programming basicsCreating Windows Forms applicationsCreating WPF applicationsCreating Windows Services applicationsAccessing data in a Windows Forms applicationDeploying Windows application98-363: Web Developer FundamentalsProgramming web applicationsWorking with data and servicesTroubleshooting and debugging web applicationsWorking with client-side scriptingConfiguring and deploying web applicationsSoftware DeveloperExams are defined based on career tracks with high demand in the industry. Specific topics are designed by MSL experts and vetted with college instructors.What Does MTA Test?98-372: Microsoft.NET FundamentalsUnderstanding .NET Framework conceptsUnderstanding Namespaces and Classes in the .NET FrameworkUnderstanding .NET Code compilationUnderstanding I/O Classes in the .NET FrameworkAll exams are version agnostic, meaning they are not specifically about a software version. All exams are vendor agnostic with the exception of 98-362 and 98-372 which are in the context of Windows and Windows Server.5398-374: Gaming Developer FundamentalsUnderstanding game designDesigning the UIUnderstanding componentsWorking with XNAUnderstanding game platformsRendering enginesAnimationsTransforming objects98-375: HTML5 Application Development FundamentalsUnderstanding Platform fundamentalsManaging the state of an applicationUnderstanding how to publish an applicationBuilding the UI using HTML5Understanding core CSS conceptsUnderstanding JavaScript for basic programingSoftware DeveloperExams are defined based on career tracks with high demand in the industry. Specific topics are designed by MSL experts and vetted with college instructors.What Does MTA Test?98-373: Mobile Development FundamentalsUnderstanding mobile device toolsUnderstanding design for mobile devicesUnderstanding basic SilverlightUnderstanding mobile device APIsUnderstanding mobile device controlsBuilding a UIAll exams are version agnostic, meaning they are not specifically about a software version. All exams are vendor agnostic with the exception of 98-373 which is in the context of Windows.5498-365: Windows Server Admin. FundamentalsUnderstanding server installationUnderstanding server rolesUnderstanding Active DirectoryUnderstanding storageUnderstanding server performance managementUnderstanding server maintenance98-366: Networking FundamentalsUnderstanding network infrastructuresInternet, intranet, extranet, LAN, WAN, wireless, topologies, access methodsUnderstanding network hardwareSwitches, routers, media typesUnderstanding protocols and servicesOSI model, IPv4, IPv6, names resolution, networking services, TCP/IP98-367: Security FundamentalsUnderstanding security layersUnderstanding operating system securityUnderstanding network securityUnderstanding security softwareExams are defined based on career tracks with high demand in the industry. Specific topics are designed by MSL experts and vetted with college instructors.IT Pro Titles What Does MTA Test?98-349: Windows Operating System FundamentalsUnderstanding Operating System ConfigurationsInstalling and Upgrading Client SystemsManaging ApplicationsManaging Files and FoldersManaging DevicesUnderstanding Operating System MaintenanceAll exams are version agnostic, meaning they are not specifically about a software version. All exams are vendor agnostic with the exception of 98-349 and 98-365 which are in the context of Windows and Windows Server.55What does MTA Test?Database Titles 98-364: Database Admin. FundamentalsUnderstanding core database conceptsCreating database objectsManipulating dataUnderstanding data storageAdministering a databaseExams are defined based on career tracks with high demand in the industry. Specific topics are designed by MSL experts and vetted with college instructors.All exams are version agnostic, meaning they are not specifically about a software version. 56Adobe Certified AssociateCertify your talents57Adobe Certified Associate ProgramValueEnable broader range of communication skills using the power of all forms of media (video, audio, web, multimedia, graphics)Offers students a certification from a recognized worldwide industry icon in AdobeIncorporates both knowledge and performance-based questions that replicate the real application experienceValidates digital media communications skills using Adobe Creative Suite skills to meet the job-market demandProvides a rsum-building head start on careers in digital video, web graphics, and graphic designA person with validated entry-level skills needed to plan, design, build, and maintain effective communications using different forms of digital media.5858 - Adobe is pleased to announce our new certification program for educators and students. - The new associate certification level will help validate entry level skills needed to plan, design, build and maintain effective digital communications. - Students taking a career and technical education track at school will be able to graduate with an associate certification from Adobe of the skills they have attained around Design, Web or Video. Digital competenciesCertificationsCompetenciesUnderstanding project requirementsIdentifying layout designAdding contentOrganizing and formatting contentEvaluating and maintaining a siteUpdate sites files to a remote server.Understanding project requirementsIdentifying rich media design elementsBuilding rich media elementsEvaluating rich media elementsUpdating multimedia projectsUnderstanding project requirementsIdentifying design elements when preparing Images Manipulating imagesEvaluating digital imagesPreparing images for different mediumsUnderstanding project requirementsIdentifying design elements when preparing videoOrganize and plan a video sequenceEvaluating interface elements and functions Editing a video sequence5959 - objectives cover application and domain level skills - such as Understanding Project RequirementsDigital competenciesCertificationsCompetenciesUnderstanding project requirementsCreate page layouts Archive, export and publish page layouts Organize and plan a text and images sequenceEvaluating any document that needs some creative layoutEditing a text and images sequenceUnderstanding project requirementsCreate illustrationsApply procedures to archive, export an publish illustrationsBuilding illustrationsEvaluating illustrationsused to draw cartoons, diagrams, charts and logos6060 - objectives cover application and domain level skills - such as Understanding Project RequirementsQuickBooks certified userCertify for Todays Jobs63About QuickbooksBUSINESSES STANDARDIZE ON QUICKBOOKSIntuit QuickBooks has the proven reliability and performance that makes it the number one accounting software in the United States:QuickBooks enjoys 85% retail market share in small business accounting softwareFour out of 5 accountants recommend QuickBooks to their small-business clientsOver 4,200 financial institutions are connected to QuickBooksUsed by an estimated 30 percent of small businesses in the United States; Has become somewhat synonymous with bookkeepingOften taught in tandem at 2-year colleges offering accounting or bookkeeping programs. Source: intuit logo/quickbooksWhy Quickbooks certification?Intuit QuickBooks Certified User program:Validates proficiency in QuickBooks Pro/Premier software versions 2009, 2010 and 2011Aligns both academic and industry requirements into one attainable certification specifically designed for studentsDeveloped with the intent to demonstrate proficiency as a capstone to coursework or trainingWhat does it mean to be QuickBooks certified?Becoming an Intuit QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU) signifies a certificate holder has the knowledge and skills to help manage the books effectively without costly training. Whether for an accounting professional supplementing her resume or for a student looking to break into business, IQCU certification provides marketable skills that speak to employers.Intuit QuickBooks Certified UserExam structure will consist of multiple choice questions tested in 50 minutesAdministered through the online test engineExams will cover the following QuickBooks Pro/ Premier software - 2009, 2010, and 2011Only available in EnglishAvailable in the US onlyIn progress, coming soonPractice testStudy GuidesAccounting/bookkeeping is typically among the top five occupational programs offered at community colleges (others top five occupational programs typically include administrative assistant, electronics/computer technician, nursing/allied healthcare, and paralegal).67What does the exam cover?A student should know:QuickBooks Setup QuickBooks Utilities and General Product Knowledge List Management Items Sales Purchases Payroll Reports Basic Accounting Customization/Saving Time and Shortcuts Autodesk Certified userBuild Your ResumeAutodesk Certified Associate ProgramNEW! Autodesk certification is available to ensure students have the skills necessary to continue their design careerswhether they attend college, enter the workforce or work toward additional levels of industry certification after graduation.7070 - Adobe is pleased to announce our new certification program for educators and students. - The new associate certification level will help validate entry level skills needed to plan, design, build and maintain effective digital communications. - Students taking a career and technical education track at school will be able to graduate with an associate certification from Adobe of the skills they have attained around Design, Web or Video. Why Autodesk Certified User (ACU)?Autodesk is the premier 2D and 3D architecture, design, and engineering softwareAutodesk has top sales in all GEOsAutodesk regional offices are ready to work with Certiport Solution ProvidersJob-related credentialsHighly Targeted audiencePathway materials are ready today!Hot market!In 2010, 7 of 11 Academy Award movies used Autodesk software71Autodesk Certified User ProgramExam titlesAutoCAD Certified UserAutodesk Inventor Certified UserThe new Autodesk Certified User certification will:Focus on Autodesk product skills through performance-based testingCertifies entry level skills in AutoCAD and Autodesk InventorIncorporate into existing architecture, engineering and design coursesKey timelines:Beta rework: Feb 16 March 4Beta 2 exam administration: March 4 16 Official program exam launch: March 30Markets: North American only at this time contact Edson Barton about expansion into your regionDesign and shape the world around you with AutoCAD design and documentation software, one of the worlds leading CAD programs. Explore ideas more intuitively in 3D, speed documentation, share ideas seamlessly, and customize AutoCAD for your specific needsAutodesk Inventor products offer a comprehensive, flexible set of software for 3D mechanical design, product simulation, tooling creation, and design communication. Inventor takes you beyond 3D to Digital Prototyping by enabling you to design, visualize, and simulate your products.DesignIntegrate all design data into a single digital model. VisualizeCreate a virtual representation of your final product to market it before its built. SimulateDigitally simulate your product's realworld performance.72Autodesk certification pathwayHP Institute: Working with education to develop tomorrows IT workforce today Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.74HP Institute is a partnership with academic institutions to infuse practical skills and business context into education. Benefits:HP Institute objective is employabilityStudents/professionals Students gain practical experience and industry-recognized certification right in the classroom which helps them get a job.Academic institutions and educators Providing students with skills that employers are looking for differentiates schools and educators and helps them place students in careers.Business and industry (HP customers and partners)Continuous access to talent with precisely the skill and expertise they need.75For students and professionals who want to excel in their careersHP Institute offeringsIT career pathHP ATA CertificationBased on industry standards, powered by HPCloudCloud essentialsChoosing between onsite, hosted, and cloud servicesCross-technology virtualization Cross-technology integrationBusiness acumen for IT leaders NetworksDesigning and deploying wired and wireless networking solutionsVirtual networkingNetwork security and management Connected devicesDesigning and deploying multidevice solutions (PC, laptop, mobile device, and virtual clients)Client security, managementConsuming hosted , cloud applications Servers & storageDesigning and deploying server and storage solutionsOptimizing applicationsSecurity and managementHP Institute: coming soon to a classroom near youUnder the banner of the HP Institute, HP will provide four learning solution packages tuned for the academic environment at the high school, technical school, or university level. Opportunities include both a technology track and a business track in development. Technology track: This two-year degree program aims to provide the practical experience that will enable a graduate to set up a complete, end-to-end IT solution for a small or medium business (SMB) sized company. This includes both working with the technology and the ability to apply that technology to achieve defined strategic business objectives. Graduating with the skills to be immediately relevant in a business context will increase the career and economic opportunities for these students. 76All educational elements available through CertiportHP Institute complete learning solutionBooksBridge curriculumSemester coursewareHP Remote LabsPractice testsCertification examCertiport will provide all pieces of the learning programLearning solution includes licenses and voucher opportunities for universities and schoolsNot targeted to commercial centers but they are not excluded from the offeringLocalizations of materials will be expected and based upon business caseHP is partnering with Certiport to develop a complete set of academic solution components including HP Official Courseware textbooks, e-Learning, Remote Lab Facilities, Practice Tests, and Certification Exams. All of these are designed for use by educators within the classroom environment. 77HP Institute Remote Lab FacilityA-Series labs in training remote lab environment25 March 2015HP Confidential78HP Institute: part of the HP ExpertOne programCareer certification levelMaster ASEMaster Accredited Solutions ExpertHP ExpertOneASEAccredited Solutions ExpertHP ExpertOneATPAccredited Technical ProfessionalHP ExpertOneATAAccredited Technical AssociateHP ExpertOneProfessionalExpertMasterAssociateProfessional programAssociate programTo reach this segment, HP is adding an Associate level to ExpertOne program with a similar aspirational vision. Many academic certification programs are simplified versions of an IT vendors professional program. HPs objective is to inject business relevance and practical experience into education, helping to ensure that graduates entering the workforce will be ready for the emerging IT environment. In addition, HP provides pathways for IT professionals to continue their career development through HP professional level certification and education. 79Comptia Strata IT FundamentalsValidate IT Skills80ComPtia OverviewCompTIA is a vendor-neutral, non-profit trade association advancing the global interests of information technology (IT) professionals and companies including manufacturers, distributors, resellers, and educational institutions.CompTIA has supported and led the global IT industry through:Educational programsMarket researchNetworking eventsProfessional certificationsPolitical advocacy81Strata IT FundamentalsThis entry-level exam helpsthose exploring an IT careereveryone else to explore vendor-neutral optionsgain useful tech knowledge for their non-IT careerSoftware, Networking/Servers,Office Workers, Attorneys, MBAs, Database Administration, Web,really every career now requires useStorage, Security, Hardware.of technology at some level.82Strata IT FundamentalsDecide where you want to go, and speak tech fluently along the way:Provides valued skills. Demonstrates they have in-demand skills employers look for when hiring employees to hit the ground running.Boosts confidence for entering IT field. Ensures they have the core competencies needed to progress to higher-level certification programs and their career. Gain tech fluency for non-IT careers. Heighten comfort levels in interactions with technical resourcesDisplays a path to guide your education. Whether they pursue a future in ITor a career in which they communicate with IT professionsthis is the starting point.83Strata IT FundamentalsDemonstrate your grasp of these key areas:84IC-Health The right answer to these needs, offering the right approach to Training and Certification for all operators in the healthcare system.Why IC HealthFor some time, the healthcare industry has realized the need for a significant redefinition of organizational practices and management. Most importantly, there was a need to simplify services and health benefits so that they are transparent and easily accessible to the public, in order to save time and money. In the current environment, even healthcare workers sometimes lack sufficient knowledge about information tools. 86IC Health Certification was projected to match all needs of all operators in the healthcare sector:Primary DoctorsSpecialized DoctorsHealth Structure ManagersDressers and NursesAdministrative staffsTechincal and Assistential operatorsSocial Services OperatorEmergency Service staffs IC Health is also suitable to Medical Science Students, who want to approach the healthcare careers of:Administrative DirectorGeneral Manager.87IC Health Contents88Certify the WorldExam developmentAnd Support89Exam DevelopmentCertiport has the People, Tools, and Expertise to convert, develop and customize any examExam Questions typesLocalization of examsCertiport has localized exams in 24 different languagesBe part of the Certiport networkQuestions and AnswersContactwww.certiport.comcommitechng@gmail.comThanks For more information's please contact us :Commit Technology & Consult LtdTel : +234(0)8183428803, (0)8035859266 Email : Mazen.Hanna@Skills-Plus.com94


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