Digital Leaders & Open Badges - Achievement Show June 14

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1. Over 70% of employers want employability skills to become a top education priority The CBI 2. qualifications are worthless as a criteria for hiring Google 2013 3. What are open badges? 4. Mozilla Open Badges: a web standard which captures & communicates skills 5. 6. Silo 1 Silo 2 Silo 4 Formal qualifications After school club certificates Online learning Silo 3 Professional development 7. CC BY-SA Kyle Bowen 8. 9. Who is using Open Badges? 10. 120 partners 11. Some of the organisations involved in the ecosystem 12. 300,000 + badges issued 13. 2000 issuers 14. 1400% Growth since Nov 2012 15. Student Digital Leaders/ Design Workshop Digital Leader Badges 16. The Problem: How do you recognise the accomplishments of Digital Leaders? 17. People look up to us and ask for help. We aren't strange anymore for liking ICT. They value are thoughts and ideas Jo, Digital Leader, Lady Lumley School 18. Mozilla London HQ Jan 2013 Co-design day with teachers and learners 19. Roles Skill & knowledge Apply Pass on Ambassador Networker Presenter Code whisperer Etc.. Digital Leader Badge Framework 20. save ima 21. Bonus Level 4 badges for responding to employer briefs 22. Makewaves is the leading safe social learning platform Whether posting photos via the App, submitting a video competition entry to the WWF Channel, or live blogging from the Olympics, Makewaves provides a fun, easy to use way to engage learners worldwide.