Create a Basic Website in Wordpress

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<ol><li> 1. CREATING AN ONLINE TEACHING PORTFOLIO Rafia Mirza </li><li> 2. GOALS OF TODAYS WORKSHOP Part 1: Create a Wordpress Site Part 2: Modify your site to create a Teaching Portfolio Part 3: Customize your blog Part 3: Embedding Code in your blog Part 5: Delete a Wordpress Site </li><li> 3. Wordpress example site: </li><li> 4. PART 1: CREATE A WORDPRESS SITE </li><li> 5. GETTINGSTARTEDWITHWORDPRESS Go to https://wo m/ Click on Create Website For more help, go to Wordpress Support </li><li> 6. GETTINGSTARTEDWITHWORDPRESS This page will ask you to chose a theme The theme on the sample site is Twenty Thirteen </li><li> 7. GETTINGSTARTEDWITHWORDPRESS The Theme on the sample site is Twenty Thirteen </li><li> 8. GETTINGSTARTEDWITHWORDPRESS Choose your Domain. (This determines your url) Think about how people will be searching for you, consider using your full name. </li><li> 9. GETTINGSTARTEDWITHWORDPRESS Choose the free plan. </li><li> 10. GETTINGSTARTEDWITHWORDPRESS Create your account Your username does not have to be the same as your domain name </li><li> 11. GETTINGSTARTEDWITHWORDPRESS You will need to verify your email address </li><li> 12. PART 2: MODIFY YOUR SITE TO CREATE A TEACHING PORTFOLIO </li><li> 13. CREATINGATEACHINGPORTFOLIOWITHWORDPRESS Log on Go to the dashboard for your site </li><li> 14. GETTINGSTARTEDWITHWORDPRESS Scroll to the bottom Click on Create a Page. </li><li> 15. GETTINGSTARTEDWITHWORDPRESS What do you want to name the page? Add text </li><li> 16. GETTINGSTARTEDWITHWORDPRESS Notice how the Title of the page gives you the permalink name </li><li> 17. GETTINGSTARTEDWITHWORDPRESS Click Publish </li><li> 18. GETTINGSTARTEDWITHWORDPRESS You can always go back and edit </li><li> 19. PART 3: CUSTOMIZE YOUR BLOG </li><li> 20. GETTINGSTARTEDWITHWORDPRESS You do not want Nothing Found to be the first thing people see Click on customize </li><li> 21. GETTINGSTARTEDWITHWORDPRESS Click on Static Front Page </li><li> 22. GETTINGSTARTEDWITHWORDPRESS Under Static Front Page, choose the page that you want to be your home page. Click Save and Publish </li><li> 23. GETTINGSTARTEDWITHWORDPRESS My About page is now the first thing people see. </li><li> 24. ADDINGSOCIALMEDIA You have a few options in regards to adding your social media account You can add a link to your social media account on your about page If you want to highlight a specific item in you social media account, you can look for the embed option If you want to feature your social media account it ins entirety, look for the option of inserting a widget </li><li> 25. PART 4: EMBEDDING CODE IN YOUR BLOG </li><li> 26. EMBEDDINGCODE When you are editing a page you can click on the HTML view to add code </li><li> 27. PART 3: ADD A WIDGET TO YOUR BLOG We will use Twitter as the example </li><li> 28. WHATISAWIDGET? What is a Widget? In computing, a web widget is a software widget for the web. via How to add a Widget The rules may be different for different platforms We are going to look at adding Twitter Timeline Widget </li><li> 29. WIDGETS Go to the settings of the social media site that you want a widget from </li><li> 30. CREATEAWIDGET Create a widget You may have access to some customizat ion options here </li><li> 31. CREATEAWIDGET Create a widget You may have access to some customizat ion options here </li><li> 32. TWITTERWIDGETID Get your Twitter widget ID. </li><li> 33. ADDINGAWIDGETTOWORDPRESS Open your Wordpress blog Click on the Customize option on your Wordpress blog </li><li> 34. ADDINGAWIDGETTOWORDPRESS We are going to add a widget </li><li> 35. ADDINGAWIDGETTOWORDPRESS Choose where on your blog to want to add the widget </li><li> 36. ADDINGAWIDGETTOWORDPRESS Search for the Twitter Widget </li><li> 37. ADDINGAWIDGETTOWORDPRESS Select the Twitter Widget </li><li> 38. ADDINGAWIDGETTOWORDPRESS Customize and add your twitter ID# </li><li> 39. PART 5: DELETE A WORDPRESS SITE </li><li> 40. DELETINGYOURWORDPRESS Click on settings to customize your visibility or to delete you site (this cannot be undone) </li><li> 41. Link to Workshop Guide Link to EDGE site This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. </li></ol>