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BEST10 APPS Felicia Myers & Celeste OttoEDT-620

Family & Consumer Science Apps9th -12th GradeFelicia Myers

Pregnancy Sprout


Standard 5.1.1 Differentiate between the stages of growth and development, including conception and prenatal development

Helps students understand both the stages of pregnancy and fetal development.

The students will explore body parts and their respective names.

Easy to follow screen prompts and circles to tap on for explanations.

Sewing Lessons


Standard 4.0 Demonstrate wardrobe care, selection, and construction techniques.

Students can explore many different kinds of sewing techniques while watching videos.

Includes lessons for machine sewing, hand sewing, and crochet.

Students will have to follow complex instructions, gather materials, and apply what they have learned to create items.

Financial Calculators


Standard 7.0 Assess the benefits of successfully developing sound consumer and personal financial strategies.

This app could be used throughout the Family & Consumer course to evaluate many financial decisions.

18 different calculators to help students understand the impact of certain financial choices.

Very useful for the financial conscious student or person.

Nutrition Data


Standard 6.1.1 Identify the six nutrient groups, classifying foods according to nutrient content

This app can really help a student grasp the impact of nutritional choices by evaluating the nutritional content of all foods.

Helpful for someone trying to watch the amount of carbohydrates or calories they are intaking.

Each type of food is categorized into groups with colorful pictures.

House Maintenance


Standard 3.0 Apply various techniques to establish a well-maintained home.

All aspects of home a well maintained home are addressed within this app and will help a student understand the upkeep requirements of a home.

A great source of information with month by month and seasonal requirements to maintain your home.

Informs a student of the needs of a home maintenance plan.

Physical Education and HealthK-12Celeste Otto

QR Reader

Great way to integrate technology into the PE setting, the teacher can use the QR Reader and apply lessons to many different standards.

The students can be provided QR codes to different exercises and stretches around the gym for circuit activities.

Health teachers can provide QR codes for nutrition labels for students to find specific foods, and nutrition facts.


Coachs Eye

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/coachs-eye-instant-video-analysis/id472006138?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4This can be used to assist while teaching many of the standards that include movement activities and skills.

Provides the students opportunities to see the slow motion break down of certain skills. Which can be very helpful to the understanding of the movement.

Students can use this app to view the skills and determine on their own any adjustments that need to be made.

Pocket Heart

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pocket-heart/id384060873?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4Standards: PEL.3.4.1 Locate carotid and radial arteries to calculate heart rate PEL.3.4.2 Demonstrate a procedure for monitoring heart rate (e.g., take pulse with fingers, heart rate monitors, pulse stick)

Students are provided with reviews and quizzes for cardiovascular units.

Beneficial for students to use as visuals during lesson about the heart.

Can be used to show students what our heart rate looks like at different levels of intensity when we exercise.

Learn Muscles: Anatomy Quiz and Reference

Standards: PEL.2.5.1 Recognize how the muscular and skeletal systems interact during movement activities HW.6.4.1 Identify the major functions of the following systems: digestive circulatory respiratory muscular skeletal nervous

Students can use to review anatomy of muscles., as well as take quizzes for feedback. Provides students with detailed pictures and information of muscles in the body.

This can be very beneficial for instructional use to provide visuals for the students in the PE setting, while giving a lesson. http://www.realbodywork.com/mobile-apps/

Super Stretch Yoga HDStandards: PEL.3.K.8 Participate in stretching activities that improve flexibility: dynamic warm up, teacher-led stretching held for a short period of time without bouncing

Great visual tool for the students to use when then wants to do specific stretches.

Students can use this for warmup and cool down activities.

Easy to use, teachers can lead stretches using app, students can lead using app as well.