Cause and Effect Writing

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The Writing Process

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Connecting to ActivismWhat causes people to protest?What effects do the protests have on society or the activist?Small ChangeAccording to Gladwell in Small Change, what is the difference between strong-tie and weak-tie protests?Would you consider Ai Weiweis protests to be strong or weak-tie? Why?Strong-TieWeak-TieCause/Effect WritingSteps Chap 4DefinitionCause/Effect Writing--writing that links situations and events together and analyzes why something happens.

Important FeaturesThe purpose of a cause/effect essay is to explain why something happened OR to predict what will happen next.The thesis statement will identify the relationships among the specific causes or effects you will discuss.Large Cities overlaps the other categories. Ex. Seattle belongs in both Large Cities and Northwest.Large Cities is not on the same level as the regions I have used as my other categories.Including only three categories (I will remove Large Cities) allows me to go into depth about each category. I can use plenty of specific evidence to explain each category.I will distinguish each category by explaining its unique features. Important FeaturesAvoid coincidences. Causes and effects must be intrinsically linked; one could not happen without the other. Causes and effects are linked in chronological order or emphatic order.Transitions include the first cause, the second cause, one result, another resultExamplesSocial Work Papers: Discuss the factors that contributed to the declining population of state mental hospitals in the 1960s.Psychology Papers: Identify some possible causes of collective obsessional behavior.Education Paper: Evaluate the probable effects of moving elementary school children from a highly structured classroom to a relatively open classroom.

Non-ExamplesCoincidental narratives: I failed my history exam because a black cat crossed my path when I was walking to school.Cause/Effect EssayResearch one activistDetermine the causes and effects of his or her protestWhat specifically caused him or her to protest?What are two specific effects of the protest?Narrow your topic! Choose one social cause or one protest if your activist was involved in many things.


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