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BREEDS OF BUFFALO IN INDIA Submitted by Sudarshan mahalaMVSc. ScholarSubmitted to-Dr. Smita SainiHOD, AGBThe domestic buffalo or water buffalo (Bubalusbubalis) commonly known as asian animal . Theindian subcontinent is the home tract of the world sdairy buffalo.National bureau of animal genetic resources , kernal( NBAGR) has registered 13 breeds of buffalo in india.Registered breeds of buffalo1.BANNI - State GujratDistricts- kachh, sabarkantha , surendernaqgar , kheda , banaskantha. Colour-Mainly black , sometimes copper. Horn shape and size Curved , medium to large , heavy with 24 to 30 cm diameter in adult animals. Visible characteristics-Horns are vertical and upward in direction with inverted double /single coiling. 2. BHADAWARI Natural breeding tract- State- Uttarpradesh Districts- Etawah , chakranagar & barhpurablocks , bah tehsil of agra district. State- Madhaya pradesh Districts- Mahajan tehsil of bhind , ambh and porsa tehsil of morena district. Colour- Blackish copper to light copper. Colour of legs is usually like wheat straw. Horn shape and size- Horns are black curling slightlyoutward , downward before running backward . Parallel andclose to neck & finally turning upward. Visible characteristics- Two white lines Chevron locallycalled as kanthy are present on the lower side of the neck.3. CHILKA State- Odhisa Districts- Kurda , puri , and ganjam . Colour -Brownish black or black. Horn shape and size- curved upward and inward .Male 48.32+-0.24 CMFemale 50.75+- 0.12CM Visible characteristics- Medium sized with compact body , strong legs and small udder.4 . JAFFARABADI State Gujrat Districts- Saurashtra , junagarh, bhavnagar jamnagar, gir forest region. Colour- Black but some animals having grey colour or white spots on forehead , feet and tail switch are also seen . Horn shape and size Horn exhibit wide variation but usually emerge out by compressing the head , go downward sideways then upward and inward. Finally forming a ring like structure . It makes eyes to look termed as study eye especially in males . Visible characteristics Bulky head and horn shape is peculiar of this breed .5. MARATHWADI- State- Maharashtra Districts Aurangabad , nanded , latur , jalna , beed, parbhani, osmabadand hingoli. Horn shape and size- Horns are parallel to the neck , reaching up to shoulder but never beyond shoulder blade . Medium in length. Colour- Greyish black to jet black. Some animals have white markings on forehead and lower parts of the limbs . Visible characteristics - Length of horns differentiate these buffaloes from pandharpuri buffaloes . Horns reach up to shoulder unlike in pandharpuribuffaloes where these may reach up to pin bones some time. 6. MEHSANA- State- Gujrat Districts Mehsana , sabarkantha , banaskantha . Colour- Mostly black , a few animals are black brown or brown . Horns shape and size-Horns are generally sickle shaped with the curve more upward then in the surti breed and less curved then in the murrahbreed. They are generally bent downward and then take a curve like a horns of a ram. Visible characteristics Eyes are very prominent . Black and bright bulging from their socket with folds of skin on upper lids . 7. MURRAH- State- Haryana Districts Rohtak , jind, hisar jhaajar , fatehabad , gurugram and union territory of delhi. Colour-Jet black or pure black. Horn shape and size Tightly curved in a special form , short in size of horn curl. Visible characteristics- Thin skin , jet black colour . Tightly curled horns .8. NAGPURI State-Maharashtra Districts Vidarbha region- amrawati , akola , bhanda, buldana. Colour- Black coloured animals with white patches on face , legs and tail tips. Puranthadi stain is slightly brownish. Horn shape and size- Horns are flat curved and carried back on side of the neck nearly to shoulders , horns are heavier in males then in the females. Horns are long ( 50-65 cm ). Visible characteristics - Flat curved and long horns on side of neck.9. NILLI RAVI- State- Punjab . Districts- Gurdaspur, amritsar , ferozpur. Colour-Mostly black with white markings on forehead , muzzle , tail switch and legs . Horn shape and size- Horns are tightly curved and circular in cross section , small in size . Visible characteristics - Usually walled eyes and white markings on forehead , face , muzzle legs and tail.The most desired character of female is the possession of these white markings known as panch kalyani . 10. PANDHARPURI State- Maharashtra Districts- solapur , kohapur , sangoli. Colour- Usually black but varies from light to black . White markings are found on forehead , legs and tail in few animals. Horn shape and size Horns are very long and extend beyond shoulder blade . Sometimes up to pin bones .These are three types ie.1. Bharkand- Curving backward and usually twisted .2. Toki- Curving backward , upward and twisted outward.3. Meti- Flat running down. Visible characteristics- Very long horns. Nasal bone is very prominent , long and straight.11. SURTI State- Gujrat. Districts- Kheda , , baroda , bharuch and surat. Colour Coat colour varies from rusty brown to silver grey. Skin is black or brown. Horn shape and size- horns are flat , sickle shaped and are directed downward and backward , and then turn upward at the tip to form a hook. Medium in size. Visible characteristics- - Medium sized animal .Brown colour .Two white bands below the neck and sickle shaped horns.12. TODA- State- Tamilnadu. Districts- Nilgiri hills and south of tamilnadu. Colour- Calf is generally fawn at birth. In growing calves , at about 2 months, the fawn colour changes to grey.In adult buffaloes the predominant coat colours are fawn to ash grey. Horn shape and size- Horns long and are variable in shape. They are usually set wide apart, outward, slightly downward and upward with the points being curved inward , forming characteristically a crescent shape or semicircle . Horns are thick at the base , and are tapering. Visible characteristics - A narrow band of dense hair covering the top line from the crest of neck to the point of origin of tail, two chevron markings one just around the jowl and the other anterior to the brisket.13. KALAHANDI- State- Odhisa Districts- Kalahandi, raygda. Colour Coat colour is usually blackish grey, sometimes grey. Horn shape and size Horizontal going backward , upwards and inwards . Curved to make half circle apearance .About 50 cm long. Visible characteristics Muzzle , eyelids , tail and hoofs are black . Head convex , hump small ,udder round and medium sized . Tail extends below hock with coarse hairs on switch.