Black and white or colour photography

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Black and White or Colour Photography

Black and White or Colour Photography

In general black and white photography is more forgiving than colour photography, however both types need very careful applications in order to get the best results.The other popular form of photograph used is Sepia, this is a colour tint of browns, creams and beiges. This was originally one of the first ever used colour for photographs so we tend to use them in a vintage picture capacity.

Black and whiteDefine the featuresThis means a precise application of eyeliner and lip liner as well as perfectly applied blusher.

Avoid shimmerAvoid shimmer on the eyes as it will distort the eye shape and look wrinkly. Do not use bronzer as it can make the skin look dirty.

Less is MoreSmooth out skin and conceal any imperfections, especially under the eyes, with bright concealer that blends perfectly, but dont go overboard with too much foundation or colour.

Lighting will DictateHow much makeup you will need.

Use you mobile devicesUse I pads and mobile phones with the black and white settings on them to look at your work as you go along

Colour PhotographyFoundation must match the skin exactly.

Never use translucent powderIt can make the face look mask-like in a photograph. Instead use slightly warm skin tones correct shades. These will be softer.

Dont over do the powderEspecially in close up photography, too much powder will call attention to any peach fuzz facial hair

Skin needs to have an even textureCoverage will depend on variables such as skin colours, tissue blemishes, scars, pores, and shadows.

Use your devicesCheck by using devices, polaroid's or digital monitors to see if any corrections need to be made

Do not over do the shimmerThis will make a face look greasy and if under digital film will distort the shape completely

SepiaNeed to be treated exactly the same way as you would black and white pictures, however the colour will be softer.

Always.Work with the photographer,Be prepared to look down the lens and be directed by what he/she wants.You need to be prepared to distort your work to make the picture look perfect.

Remember!!If too much photo shopping has to be done after the final shot, it will be unlikely that you will be employed by that particular photographer.99% of photographs fro editorial will be shopped however it will be a major issue to the photographer if they have to do too much

Photo shoppingRemember these are what the public see..they are not always realistic

Can you pick out photo shopping?

TaskFind any magazine picture for editorial, fashion etcIdentify where the picture has been air brushed/shopped.For an extended task, find a non shopped picture in a magazine.