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LeisureWorld and Techboomers Partnership Launch PartyTeaching Digital Literacy with Techboomers.comSteve BlackFounder, What well be covering in this webinarThe importance of digital literacyWhat is And who can use it?Techboomers Site tourHow Libraries can use Techboomers to help teach digital literacyPoll to decide an upcoming course on TechboomersQuestions, ideas, and feedbacksteve@techboomers.comDigital Literacy can Improve Life in Many Ways Social websites and servicesStay connected with friends and familyFree and inexpensive communication toolsMeet new people with similar interestsReal-time news and informationsteve@techboomers.comSave money on just about everythingFree and less expensive entertainmentClassified sites to buy used goodsDiscount and coupon websitesTravel booking and other vacation websitessteve@techboomers.comLearn anything online for freeUniversity level coursesSearch for answers to any and all questionsDiscover new interests and passionsStay up-to-date with the world of tech and sciencesteve@techboomers.comTechnology can simply make life easier!Shop from the comfort of your own homeFile storage and other cloud-based appsFamily monitoring apps Google Maps for directionsYelp to find a great place to eat outsteve@techboomers.comMost importantly Digital literacy will protect you onlineEverything is going online whether you like it or not. So you need to:Understand the dangers of the Internet: safety and privacyUse proper protection: antivirus software, password managers, etc.Use best practices when it comes to online safety and privacyStay up-to-date about new Internet threats and riskssteve@techboomers.comTechboomers.comFree courses that teach how to use popular websites, apps, programs, and devices+discovery tool to find new websites and appssteve@techboomers.comWhy Build came from teaching my parents how to use websitesMost educational videos and articles are:Out of dateNot detailed enoughNot written with an audience like my parents in mind: relevant and non-tech languageWho was built for?steve@techboomers.com50+ Adult FocusBut is useful for anyone with limited computer skillsTech TeachersAnyone who teaches friends and family how to use technologyTech Training Organizations Libraries, retirement centers, non-profits, and many more.It can be difficult and time consuming to maintain up-to-date training materials for websites that are constantly changing. And we built techboomers so libraries wont have to.10How does Techboomers make money?Courses will always be free for both users and our partnersStarted publishing ads in early August mostly for our partnersIn 2016, we will look to establish sponsorship partners with different types of online sites and servicesWe are not and have no plans of selling usage data. Online privacy is important to us, our partners, and our Site Toursteve@techboomers.comHow Techboomers Helps LibrariansFree resource to direct patrons towardsSave the time and effort of preparing training materials for websites that are constantly changingNo need to pay for software to create training videosTraining resource for staff at your librarysteve@techboomers.comAdd Links to Techboomers on Your WebsiteHomepage: easiest way for visitors to find our siteFooter linkCourse listings pageResource pagesComputer Classes, Technology Training, Online Resources, eLearning, Research / Databases, Do It YourselfSeniors Resources, Adult ProgramsBlog postsWe do a lot of guest blogging for library + non-profit partnerssteve@techboomers.comRecommend and Share with PatronsWord of mouth Share in Newsletters and Social MediaTechboomers flyers, postcards, and bookmarks are coming soon!Whats New and Popular on Techboomers weekly newsletterEmail if youd like to receive itsteve@techboomers.comSupplement Existing Programs with our TutorialsPrint our article tutorials for handoutsShare tutorial videos with your studentsUse Techboomers course functionality for students to track their progressAssign tutorials for homework to encourage continued learning at homesteve@techboomers.comCreate New Classes using our CoursesChoose from the 40+ website courses we offer:Social sites: Pinterest, Instagram, SkypeEducational sites: Ancestry, WebMD, WikipediaEntertainment sites: Overdrive, Netflix, SpotifyShopping sites: Groupon, Amazon, EtsyLet us know what other websites youd like us to teach!Print handouts, share videos, use progress trackers and assign homeworksteve@techboomers.comDrop-In Self-Learning SessionsRun regular sessions where students are encouraged to come in with their devices (or use the librarys)Students choose a topic on Techboomers, work their way through our tutorials, and ask questions as they come up.Benefits of this type of classEncourages self-learningTeach more students at a timeNo ongoing preparation for teacherssteve@techboomers.comWhats in it for us?We see libraries as great long term partners that can be early adopters and help us reach our audience.Links to our website help us improve our rankings in Google.Were all in this together. And with over 13,000 libraries in North America creating most of their own technology training materials Why wouldnt we make their lives easier!steve@techboomers.comWebinar Poll: Help Us Decide Our Next Coursesteve@techboomers.comQuestions?Ideas?Suggestions? Email: Slide deck: Libraries can use Techboomers:Recommend and share it with patronsUse tutorials to supplement existing programsCreate new classes based on our coursesRun drop-in self-learning classes