An Adult Coloring Alphabet

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  • An Adult Coloring Alphabet

    curation, comments, & assembly by PF Anderson

  • Searching Tips & Tricks

  • Use different terms for what you want to find. Try different spellings & languages. Like this ...

  • "color me"; "to color"; boyama; clip art; color-by-number; color-in; coloriage; coloring; coloring books; coloring pages; coloring sheets; colour-in; colouring; dessinatrice; dibujos para; colorear; etching; frglgga; kleuren; kleurende pagina; kleurplaat; kleurplaten; line art; pages colorier; pagine da colorare; paint-by-number; pangkulay pahina; printable; ; ; ; ;

  • Use search engines advanced search options.See Google >

  • TinEye is a reverse-search image engine. Give it an image, & find variants, or the original.

  • Use the terms following combined with the tips above as ideas for searching for free adult coloring pages. But beware ...

    Beware of: stolen images

    Photobucket Flickr Pinterest

    phishing sites viruses & .doc files large collections of free

    images not from a publisher or artist

    domain names ending

    collections hosted in countries already known for not respecting international copyright law (such as Eastern European & Asian)

    Look for sample pages available from the artists or publishers own web site.

  • A is for

    Some artists collect historic examples on their blogs.

    aborigines; abstract; African; alphabet; angels; animals; anti-stress; anxiety; ape; Arabic; architecture; art

    brut; art deco; art nouveau; Asian; astronomy; Australia;

    autumn; Aztecs

  • B is for babushka; background; ballet; bandana; baroque; battle; bear; beasts; bees; beetle; birds; birthing; blackwork;

    blockprint; bollywood; bookmarks; bookplate; Boston;

    botanical; buddha; bugs; butterfly; byzantine

    For sale, as a sample, or free. > Soften, Open, Release Spirity Sol Blissful Belly, Blissful Birth

  • C is for calligraphy; calm; camel; cats; celtic; chameleon;

    Chinese; Christmas; cities; clocks; clothing; comics;

    costumes; creative; creativity; creatures; crystals; cupcakes

    Government sites have many images that are copyright free (although this is not true of all government images.) Search them in Google with > NOAA Snow Crystals via

  • D is for dance; Day of the Dead; deer; demons; Dia de los Muertos; dinosaurs; dogs;

    doodles; dragonfly; dragons; dreamcatcher; dreams; druid; dungeons Dover is an excellent source of free samples, and since

    they are the publisher the images arent stolen!

  • E is for eagle; eggs; Egypt;

    Egyptian; elephants; elves; embroidery; enchantment;

    engraving; etching; ethnic; ex libris Try looking in out-of-copyright illustrated works in archive

    pages for etchings and prints. > Jules Trosset. Aigrette. Nouveau dictionnaire encyclopdique universal illustr : rpertoire des connaissances humaines. 1885.

  • F is for Faberg; faces; fairies; fairytales; fantasy;

    fashion; feathers; fish; flamingo; floral; flowers; folk art; forest; fox;

    fractal; frogs Flickr has many images labeled Creative Commons. Not all of them actually are. This from @FDEcomite is part of a series

  • G is for galaxy; garden; garments;

    geometric; geometry; giraffe; goddesses;

    gorilla; gothic; graffiti; Greek; guitar

    TIP: search for online books with filetype:pdf and sample images with filetype:png or filetype:jpg FROM: A Mathematical Coloring Book; by Marshall Hampton; Dedicated to Violet Hampton.

  • H is for Halloween; Hawaii; hawk; head; heart; Hebrew; hedgehog; henna (+flowers, +tattoos); hero; hieroglyphs; Hindu; hiphop; hippie; hipster; hobbit;

    holiday; hope; horror; horses; hummingbird; hypnotic

    An original work by Ann D. Koffsky, made available for personal use: Hannukah Coloring Bonus

  • I is for I Ching; icon; iconography;

    iguana; illuminations; illusion; illustration;

    impressionism; impressionist; Incas;

    Indian; initials; insects; Irish; iron-on

    There are many exquisite & historically profound illustrations available out of copyright, such as this 1885 reproduction of a 1609 work documenting The Defeat of the Iroquois by Champlain.

  • J is for JapaneseJewishJudaica

    jumping jacksjungle

    I have redrawn a peasant, a pierrot, and a shepherdess for students to color. The original jumping-jacks are very old and come from a French archive. Print, Cut and Color Three Jumping-Jacks for Christmas! Donna & Kathy Grimm.

  • K is for kaleidoscope

    kimonoKing Arthurknightsknots

    knotworkAnother great source of public domain art is Project Gutenberg, where I found these Celtic knot letters in the Art of Illumination

  • L is for lace; landscape; Latin; Latino; leaves; legends; letters; line-art; lines; linocut; lions; lizard;

    lotus; Lovecraft

    Lost Bumblebee Graphics is a design studio run by the mysterious M., who refers to herself as the Queen of Free Printables. Like many blog-based coloring sites, she asks for donations, but unlike most donations to her site go to charity. License: Ps. Don't forget to upload your finished copies on Instagram and tag @LostBumblebee along with hashtag #grownupcoloringsheets #lostbumblebee

  • M is for Madonna; magic; mandala; Manhattan;

    maryoshka; mathematical; mathematics; Mayan; meadow; medieval; meditation; mehndi;

    mendhika; mermaids; Mexican; Mexico; Middle Ages; mindful; mindfulness; Minecraft; monkey; monsters; mosaic; mushrooms; mystical; mythological

    Del Angharad of Dels Doodles does a primo job of using all kinds of social media to share her art on a regular basis, as well as to sell her work through informal channels. Facebook, Twitter, Deviant Art, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, 500px, Etsy, Lulu, Vine, Patreon, and with a Creative Commons license! License here This image posted here

  • N is for Native American


    New Yorknightnumbers

    There are many federal and state organizations responsible for parks and recreation, water safety, wildlife refuges, ecology and preservation, recycling, etc. Many of them have free coloring books. You can combine search tips to find many of these by searching for PDFs on government sites with your keywords: filetype:pdf This helped find this image of the Nashville Crawfish in the Endangered Species coloring book from the Fish & Wildlife Service.

  • O is for ocean; octopus; op art;

    orient; oriental; origami; ornamental; ornaments; orthodox; outer space;

    owlsThaneeya McArdle makes freebies available from her web site. These are a model for how to annotate images to improve attribution and discovery.

  • P is for paint-by-number; paisley; paper dolls; paradise; paranormal; Paris; parrot; pattern; peace; peace sign; peaceful; peacock;

    Persian; phoenix; pirate; poison; poppy; porcupine;

    posters; princess; printable; psychedelic; pull toy; pysanky

    Coloring isnt limited to coloring pages. Artists are creating coloring versions of a wide variety of paper make-ables and printables. Jumping jacks, paper dolls, origami papers to fold, and more. This example is free for personal use from: Paperthin Personas: Marisole Monday Visits the 10th Century 10th Century Anglo-Saxon Womens Dress Terms of Use:

  • Q is for queenquiltquizquotesquran

    DeviantArt has TONS of incredible original artists, professional comic pencil/ink/colorists, some strictly copyrighted (so be sure to check), but others share their work in the Color Me Club or say Feel free to color. Just remember to provide proper credits! as did Elias Chatzoudis & Vitali Iakovlev for their Evil Queen.

  • R is for rabbit; raiment;

    Renaissance; robots; rockets; rococo; rooster; rose; Russia; Russian

    There are a few very fine online archives of comic books, which can lend themselves to coloring experiments if drawn in black and white or if converted to grayscale. The image above (Basil Wolvertons Robot Woman) was discovered in the Digital Comic Museum and converted to grayscale in LunaPic . See also the Comic Book Plus online archive .

  • S is for samurai; Scandinavian; science; sea

    creatures; seahorse; seamless; seasons; seaweed; shoes; signs;

    skeleton; skull; skulls; snowflake; southwestern; space; spaceship; spring; stained glass; star;

    steampunk; stencil; stress; stress relief; stress relieving;

    subversive; sugar skull; summer; surreal

    Several coloring artists post their work with This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Technically, that would mean no coloring either, unless the artist implies that it is alright, such as by asking people to repost with their name and tag, or something like that. Free sample from Carolyn Curtis:

  • T is for tangled; tangles; Taoism;

    tattoo; tentacles; tessellate; tessellated; tessellation; textures; Tibet; Tolkein; toucan; trees; tribal; tropical There are many online tools that allow you to create your own

    designs. This one was generated with the Tesselation Kit from Science vs. Magic

  • U is for ukiyo-eumbrellaunderwaterunicornuniverse

    Ukiyo-e has crisp clear lines, making it suitable for online tools that can convert existing public domain images into coloring pages. This painting by Utagawa Toyokuni was found in Wikipedia then modified on the web site Rapid Resizer

  • V is for vacation; vampires; vegetable; velvet; victorian; village;

    villain; vintage; visual; vogue; voyage

    Two of the best places to look for public domain images are Wikimedia Commons and Open Clip Art . Both of them do some of the work of finding good images in original historical sources. This image is from the Internet Archive via Open ClipArt

  • W is for wall; wallpaper; warriors; waves; weird; western; wheel; wiccan; wildlife;

    wind; wings; winter; witch; wizard; woodblock; woodcut;

    woods; words

    Wikipedia does an amazing job of documenting the rights of images used there. > This work is in the public domain because it was published in the United States between 1923 and 1963 and although there may or may not have been a copyright notice, the copyright was not renewed. Main illustration for the story "The Triangle of Terror" from Weird Tales May 1950 42(4):50.

  • X is for x-rayXmasXtian

    As long as Im able, Ill continue to create free coloring pages. You are welcome to download them and print as many as you like, as often as you wish, for personal (not commercial), and especially charitable, use S.Mac: Free X-ray Art Drawings to Print & Color

  • Y is for yakuza


    Historic information sites can also be useful sources of public domain images. > 1895; Lorenz Frlich ; (1820-1908)in Den ldre Eddas Gudesange, by Karl Gjellerup

  • Z is for zebrazen


    Orangeroof Zoo, by Mary Ogle, is a remarkable coloring book in which the images combine to tell a story, interactively with the audience of colorists. Incredible concept, great free samples, and the samples are PDF and resizable.

  • Toofers!

    Dont Eat the Paste: Amiens Cathedral inspired printable box Amiens Cathedral floor labyrinth coloring page