Accident - Creating Stick eLearning Lesson

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A snippet on how to convert an simple page to related to learners.


1. Lets Start theJam Session/Webinar Creating Sticky Lesson Pages 2. GOAL:How do you relate this image to a learner, assuming you are teaching safety in driving? 3. Clue:Allow the story to speak for itself. 4. Creating Sticky Lesson Pages How the Jam Session Works 4 Weeks before the Webinar we will start our online discussions and working on an actual exercises. The webinar day, we will synthesize and share highlights of the Jam Sessions. 5. How to join the Jam session. Join the discussion room Post your answers to the questions and exercises. Challenge others; learn from others. Have fun! Access the discussion.Click Here Housekeeping:complete your profile in 3MinuteWorlds; join the group; and click subscribe to real-time email. Creating Sticky Lesson Pages 6. As an option, see the reference 3MinuteIdeas Creating Sticky Lesson Pages Click here to see slideshow. Creating Sticky Lesson Pages