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This slide is for show and tell on blackboard mobile learn.


  • 1. Access Blackboard Mobile Learn via Mobile Devices
    Presented by Sally Loan

2. What is Blackboard Mobile Learn?

  • Blackboard Mobile Learn takes interactive teaching and learning to the mobile device, giving students and teachers instant access to their courses anywhere.

  • Blackboard Mobile Learn for

4. iPhone and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store 5. iPad on the iTunes App Store 6. Android Market 7. BlackBerry App World Bb Mobile Learn Apps
8. 3 Steps to locate GeNIEus Blackboard:
Launch the Blackboard Mobile Learn Apps
Search for National Institute of Education
Login using your Portal username and password
9. How
To log in to GeNIEus
10. How
To access course site
11. How
To post Announcements
12. How ...
To add thread to Discussion Forum
13. How ...
To attach image file to Discussion Thread
14. How ...
To reply to Discussion Thread
15. How
To log out from GeNIEus
16. Features in Blackboard Mobile Learn
Here are some:
Course Information
Course Document
Discussion Forum
Check out more from
17. Demo videos
Blackboard Mobile Learn for iPhone
Blackboard Mobile Learn for the iPad
Blackboard Mobile Learn for Android
Blackboard Mobile Learn for BlackBerry
18. Help Support
If you encounter problems login to Blackboard Mobile Learn with your Portal account, email Service Desk or call 6790 3033 for an immediate follow up
For any other enquires, email Blackboard Team


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