5 ways to make your brand story stand out

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Five ways to make your brand story stand out in a crowded marketplace.


<ul><li> 1. ways to make your brand story stand out<br />5<br />B2Hmarketing.com<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. It was once easy to stand out as a good storyteller <br />B2Hmarketing.com<br /> 3. The difference today lies in the mass quantities of information and stories competing for our attention.<br />B2Hmarketing.com<br /> 4. We need to filter out most of it in order to understand any of it.<br />B2Hmarketing.com<br /> 5. Thats made us better judges of authenticity. Weve all got pretty good B.S. detectors these days.<br />B2Hmarketing.com<br /> 6. So how do you make your story stand out?<br />B2Hmarketing.com<br /> 7. Stand for something. And stand there.<br />1<br />Its very tempting as a marketer to glob onto the next big cool thing. Or to instigate change. Thats how were wired. Its part of what makes us good at what we do. Drawing a line in the sand and saying this is what you stand for and not wavering makes your stories resonate. It makes your stories matter.<br />B2Hmarketing.com<br /> 8. Involve your customers.<br />2<br />Stories are much more powerful when told by those who live the experience.<br />B2Hmarketing.com<br /> 9. Tell your story from their point of view.<br />3<br />Too often, we marketers cast our company and product as the hero of the story. After all, its our story, so shouldnt we be in the starring role? Actually, by putting your audience member as the main character, youve given them a stake in the game. Of course, your product is what makes them live happily ever after. But its a story about them, not you.<br />B2Hmarketing.com<br /> 10. Show more. Tell less.<br />4<br />Think of your story as a childrens bookthere are more pictures than words. Engage both sides of your audiences brain.<br />B2Hmarketing.com<br /> 11. And, most of all, you must be authentic.<br />5<br />Tell a story, dont make up a story. Telling the story is about designing marketing communications to deliver on the promise all the while being clever, savvy, authentic, and true to the brand. Its about treating consumers as being interesting and interested.<br />B2Hmarketing.com<br /></p>