Mobile Microfinance: A Tool for Financial Inclusion & Economic Growth

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Presentation made during the Mobile Money Transfer Asia Pacific Conference (MMT APAC) held in Manila from January 17-20, 2011.


1.Mobile Microfinance: A Tool for Financial Inclusion & Economic GrowthJohn V OwensMMT APAC January 17-20, 20112. What is the MABS Program?The Microenterprise Accessto Banking Services (MABS) Program is an RBAP program supported by USAID that provides technical assistance and training to rural banks in microfinance best practices. The program is designed to develop the capability of rural banks to profitably provide financial services (loans, deposits, insurance, and money transfers) for microenterprise clients.3. GCASH& SMART PadalaLaunch4. Challenges for Banks to reach Rural ClientsE-Money Creating Opportunities to meet the ChallengeHigh Transaction CostsTransportation CostTravel timeLoss of businessopportunitySecurity riskUse of E-Money Reduces Transaction CostsNo transportation cost 5. Reduce time 6. Fast and convenient 7. Secure no cash in transitE-MoneyE-Money8. Today, Rural Banks Can Offer the Following Mobile Phone Banking Services9. Rural Bank M-Banking & M-CommerceEcosystem via GCashPText-a-Payment / Intl & Domestic RemcosP2P(Domestic Remittance)GCash2Load(Airtime Credit Purchase)Text-A-Sweldo(Salary Disbursement)Text-A-Withdrawal(Withdrawal from Bank Account to GCashWallet)RURAL BANKSRural BankText-A-RemittanceCash-in/Cash-out(Face-to-Face Wallet Funding)Text-A-Credit(Loan / CreditDisbursement)Text-A-Deposit (Deposit to Bank Account)P2P(Purchase of Goods/Services)Text-a-BillPay(Bills Payment)10. Mobile Phone Banking Accredited Rural Banks68 accreditedRural Banks979 branches & otherbanking offices Nationwide coverage


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