How to Start Earning More Money

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Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET#CreditChat How to Start Earning More MoneyJoin our #CreditChat every Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET. This week, we talked about ways to earn more money.Check Out All the Tweets and is it a good idea to have multiplestreams of income?Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET A second income allows you to either bump up your savings #CreditChat Tweet by @DeeOnMoneyZA or chop your debt down faster. A side job gives you a fallback when your primary income is jeopardy. Tweet by @Annuity_Org#CreditChat Side gigs keep you involved in multiple industries. Tweet by @MagicMor Side hustles let you experiment with new skillets. Keep on learning. Tweet by @MelSmithJones Income from a side job can be your fun money. Tweet by @Rod_GriffinLets you do things without dipping into savings or going into debt. #CreditChatNever put all your eggs in one basket (or income)! #CreditChatIts important to have a fall back plan. Tweet by @AdvantageCCSHaving only one income stream is like investing in only one thing and hoping it wont tank. Tweet by @MoneyCrashers #CreditChatOne mistake people make is thinking that side income means they can spend more. Same with promotions and raises.#CreditChat Tweet by @MelSmithJones#CreditChatWhat are some great side jobsto consider doing?Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ETWe have a friend who buys clothing at Goodwill and resells on eBay. She makes a great living!#CreditChat Tweet by @MarkandLaurenG My husband is becoming a @Uber driver as a side hustle. Tweet by @MelSmithJones#CreditChatShowcase your marketing and artistic skills while making cash on Fiverr. Tweet by @LeslieHTayneEsqIts best to find something that you love doing in your free time and figuring out ways to make money from that!#CreditChat Tweet by @QuizzleIf you have a hobby or craft, consider selling your creations on Etsy. Tweet by @LeslieHTayneEsq#CreditChat We are truly spoiled with opportunities - you just have to seek them out. Tweet by @MoneyCrashers Tweet by @DeeOnMoneyZAYou need a little creativity. I have a friend who is a photographer after hours. #CreditChatMy friend started a side gig creating meal preps to give his friends Tweet by @Quizzle#CreditChatthat dont want to pack a lunch every day. #CreditChatWhere can you find some legitimateside jobs online?Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ETMechanical Turk is a marketplace where you can bid Tweet by @expgstocktonon a variety of transactional jobs. Tweet by @Quizzleyou can check out for side work. Its reliable and easy. If youre a student, your university will usually have a job database @designcrowd and @99designs For designers, try crowdsource sites like @crowdspring #CreditChat Tweet by @MelSmithJonesfreelancing and marketing your skills. #CreditChat Tweet by @MoneyWisdomsSome side hustle jobs online are ebay, virtual assistance, Tweet by @LeslieHTayneEsqCheck out the companys website and Glassdoor page. Whenever looking at side job listings online, always do your research. Look for legitimate part-time or work-at-home jobs on Its a great job search engine. Tweet by @mikedelgado Avoid commission-based gigs and dont rely on this income. Tweet by @Annuity_OrgAvoid a job that requires you to pay a fee to get jobs. Tweet by @MsMadamMoney#CreditChat#CreditChatHow do you manage your time whenworking multiple jobs and have a family?Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ETSet up a family calendar that everyone has access to on Google calendar so you know whats going on. Tweet by @AdvantageCCS Staying organized is key! Do your best to keep a schedule and leave a spot open everyday for a little R&R. Tweet by @LeslieHTayneEsq #CreditChat#CreditChatWhat are ways to start earning moremoney in your career?Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ETTake initiative. Show your boss and colleagues Tweet by @LeslieHTayneEsqyoure capable of handling the work that pays more. Take on more work without having to be asked. Be proactive and ask how else you can add value to your company. Tweet by @KaliHawlk #CreditChatTake initiative on a small project. By leading something on your own you can demonstrate value to your company.#CreditChat Tweet by @Annuity_OrgRead on @SheNegotiates: Showing your boss you can do more doesnt translate into more. Asking for more does. Tweet by @MelSmithJones #CreditChat Tweet by @moneytalk1Follow Sandbergs advice. Lean In. Take on more responsibilities & do them well. #CreditChatWednesdays | 3 p.m. ETCheck out all the resources and tips | 3 p.m. ETJoin Us Every Wednesday at 3 p.m. & Check Out: