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Merchant services offered through Bank Card Empire Affiliate #JKT353698


1. A New Twist on Merchant Banking Services Business Financial and Cash Advance Services1 2. Bank Card Empire Affiliate Scole.bankcardempire@gmail.com2 3. Welcome, I would like to give you information about our company, products and services.My name is Sharon Cole and I am an Affiliate with Bank Card Empire, a merchant banker with over 50 years in the industry.Youve heard that old worn out expressionWhy re-invent the wheel. We believe it is in your best interest and ours as a company to not-reinvent the wheel but to make it work more effectively.Introduction3 4. Provide Merchants with Payment Solutions and ServiceBeyond Their ExpectationsProvide Exceptional Customer Services through Merchant Bankers who Give the Right Solution for your Companys NeedsOur Mission4 5. Business Financial and Cash Advance ServicesMerchant Services and ProductsConsumer Financing Solutions Solutions for Internet Businesses, E-Commerce, and Mail Order, and Telephone Order BusinessesWhat Services are Offered?5 6. Qualified clients can obtain thousands of dollars in cash advances well in advance of their actual credit card transactions and repay advances from future sales.This is an exceptional benefit for merchants that realize the occasional shortfall of cash.Business Financial and Cash Advance Services6 7. We offer specialize package solutions to various industries:Quick Serve Restaurants: Point of Sale (POS) credit and debit card systems and terminals utilizing dial up or IP technology. Healthcare Solutions:Credit card processing, claims processing, patient financing, and account recovery systems.Products and Package Solutions7 8. Products and Package SolutionsRetail Solutions: Naturally, provides credit and debit card processing, check conversion with guarantee, gift and loyalty cards, and consumer financing solutions.Fine Dining Solutions: Credit and debit card processing; check conversion with guarantee and gift and loyalty cards all integrating seamlessly into a variety of point of sale systems or terminals.8 9. Products and Package SolutionsGovernment and Purchase Card Solutions: We offer solutions up to Level III, the highest standard for purchase card data available today.Fuel Station Solutions: Whether pay at the pump or via terminal, with a credit card, debit card, or fleet card we offer several solutions for fuel stations.9 10. Wireless Point of Sale Solutions-processtransactions with swipe reader and cellular telephone.Shopping Cart and other Web based solutionsinterfacewith most register systems and e-commerce shopping cartsOther Merchant Solutions10 11. ATM Cash Machinesfor sale or lease VISA and MasterCard Prepaid Debit CardsElectronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)for Welfare programs via point of sale terminalOther Merchant Solutions11 12. Check Guarantee Servicesprovides full coverage for businesses accepting checks. Includes NSF checks, fraudulent checks, stop payment and account closed. Check Conversion Servicesguarantees checks using a check reader or check imager and creates an electronic file that is processed much like credit cards.Check Cashing Services12 13. Client ServicesRecurring Billing and Payment Solutionsenables merchants to set up clients with an automated recurring billing solution via credit card or EFT/ACH transactions.Gift and Loyalty Card Processingoffers a variety of gift and loyalty card solutions using magnetic stripe, smart chip, bar code or keyed transaction solutions.13 14. Affiliate # JKT353698APPLY TODAY: http: you need more information?Do you need service today?Contact our Merchant Banker for Information or to Apply TodayCall: 1-888-298-1888Email: Scole.bankcardempire@gmail.com14