Bridging the gap between b schools and industry-b.v.raghunandan

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1. Bridging the Gap between B-Schools and Industry-B.V.Raghunandan, SVS College, BantwalSahyadri College of Engineering & Management, AdyarSeptember 15, 2011 2. Preparing the Students for Business and IndustryExposure through Modules, Group Discussion, Guest Lectures,Case Studies, Project Reports and Industrial VisitsConceptualizing the Industrial PracticesMOU with Industrial UnitsBusiness Schools 3. IndustryFirst GenerationFamily-OwnedProfessionally ManagedSchool Drop-OutsTechnocratsGovt.Owned 4. The GapAd-Hoc ManagementDislocation of WorkBehaviour MismatchLack of TransparencyMistrust towards SchoolsPaucity of TimeMismatch of TimingDisconnected Programmes 5. Industry Institution InteractionConfined to Oral EncouragementAvoided in any concrete form in realityWherever practiced, it is only at an insignificant levelUsed for a specific agenda of the industryThe Indifference is inexcusable as the industry is the biggest beneficiary of education without paying any cost 6. Similar Age Group and Similar ObjectivesMore mature Student CommunityTechno-savvyCan Easily Form a TeamObtaining talent from Different RegionsStudents From Different Functional AreasThe Class can be a Network B-School Advantage 7. Crucial DecisionTo be an Employee or To be an Entrepreneur 8. Why to Become an EntrepreneurRemaining in your own localityAvailability of multiple sources of financeTraining from Guidance from MSMEBooming EconomyBetter Business ConfidenceEncouragement for Graduates entering industryEasy creation of a Team in the CampusEncouragement from Government 9. Campus Agenda of an EntrepreneurObserve all your classmates and measure their potentialThink of a possible Team to try an industrial projectProject Report should be a proposed enterprise to be tried after the completion of studyGuidance and help can be obtained from your B-School 10. Industrial Projects in MangalorePort-Based Projects, shipping, power generation, coal trading, hydro-carbon trading, wind-mill turbines, ship-building, travel and tourism, financing, insurance, gold jewellery, trading in plantation crops, electronics, software, placement agency, clearing and forwarding agency, organic farming, media planning 11. PreparationIdea GenerationPutting together the teamDetermining the viabilityInformal market surveyPreparing an impressive project reportExploring the sources of financeGetting the best form of finance, preferably in the form of equity participation 12. THANK YOU


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