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Bazaartrend premium demo

by bazaartrend



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Bazaartrend premium demo
Download Bazaartrend premium demo


  • 1.
    • Logon to
    • Click Premium Charts Login
    • Enter Login ID
    • Enter Password
    • Select W/B or B/B
      • W/B = White background
      • B/B = Black background
    • Click Login Now
  • 2.
    • This Tool will Help you in analyzing the trend of Broad Market and Nifty Spot Index at Current Point of Time While Day Trading also check Graphical view for Better Analysis.
      • B. Market Stands for Broad market.
      • Few Examples are Provided with images in next slide.
  • 3.
      • Bullish Pattern Bias (example).
      • Bearish Pattern Bias (example).
  • 4.
      • Sideways Bullish Pattern Bias (example).
      • Sideways Bearish Pattern Bias (example).
  • 5.
    • Action watch is the window where you can watch the Stocks Price hitting Day High * or Day low * from its previous made high or low of the day by watching this you can have a knowleadge of what the broad market activity is on at that point of time and will help you to take better decisions while trading.
    • Day High : Day high is the Stocks Higest Price it Traded for the day.
    • Day Low : Day low is the Stocks Lowest Price it Traded for the day.
  • 6.
      • Action Watch EQUITY (example).
      • See Stock hitting day high & low in the Image below.
  • 7.
      • Action Watch FUTURES (example).
      • See Stock Futures hitting day high & low in the Image below.
  • 8.
    • A List of Stocks will be Provided which are filtered by Bazaartrend Algorithm which are likely to move up / down. Try to Select a Stock which has a good volume and also check if stock is hitting day high or day low (this will add strength to the stock) .
    • Find the example Image with in the silde.
  • 9.
    • Days Average Volume of a stock is compared with the last 5 min volume and if there is a big change in the volume activity in last 5 min the stock will be on the top of table.
    • % Volume will let you know the comparative volume change in the last 5 min against days average volume.
  • 10.
    • Points: Every 5 min bar is given a score of +2 or -1 depending on the character of that bar.
      • +2 for New Day high or low & -1 for non performers 5 min bars.
    • Cumulative total of the score is displayed on the table. Stocks with higher points is trending strongly either up or down.
    • 10 D Volume %: Previous 10 day Average volume is compared with total traded volume of the day & displayed in percentage terms. If any stocks volume exceeds 10 day's Average volume in the early hours of trade, probabilities are high that the stock will trend through out the day.
    • Trend : Last 30 min trend is show with graphical arrows.
      • Try to select the stock which is favoring your trend.
  • 11.
    • Strength Meter (example).
      • * Represents Open = High or Open = Low .
      • # Represents the stock presence in daily Homework by Bazaartrend .
      • Our pick in the above would be PNB with better 10 Day vol % and uptrend.
      • Our pick in the above would be PNB with better 10 Day vol % and uptrend
  • 12.
    • Strength Meter (example).
        • Our Pick in the image below for SELL would be SAIL which has * # with also a decent 10 day Volume % and nice trend added with it.
      • Our pick in the above would be PNB with better 10 Day vol % and uptrend
  • 13.
    • Strength Meter (example).
        • Identify the Stock in the image below.
        • My selected Stock would be TITAN.
      • Our pick in the above would be PNB with better 10 Day vol % and uptrend
  • 14.
    • SYSTEM Readymade Calls
      • Value & Quantity
      • Stop- Loss
      • Pyramid System (Low Base Price)
      • Position Checked every 5min
      • No Greed & fear
      • All Stocks Square off @ 3.30
      • Previous Performance calls history is also Provided.
  • 15.
    • Nifty-50 Index Management Watch is designed to know which stocks are moving the Nifty in an direction. the high band is the stocks highest point of the day and the low band is stocks lowest point of the day. You will have 50 candles in this watch and ever candle width represents its weightage on Nifty-50.
      • for example RELIANCE stock having more weightage the width of RELIANCE candle will be more than any other stock have less weightage.
    • Black color represents the current price of the stock and virtual difference from its Day High and Day Low.
    • Reading the Nifty-50 Index goes easy.
      • for example as more stocks with heavy weightage near to High Band the more chances for Index is to go up from current Levels and if more stocks with heavy weightage near to Low Band chances of Index going down will be more from current Levels.
      • Nifty-50 is combine weightage of 50 stocks each stock has its own aggregated weightage (index weight). Now here by watch.
  • 16.
    • Bullish Nifty-50 Index Management (example).
  • 17.
    • Bearish Nifty-50 Index Management (example).
  • 18.
    • Sideways Nifty-50 Index Management (example).
  • 19.
    • Trend Selection (Check following)
      • Check B.Market Bias
      • Nifty Bias
      • Action Watch
      • Nifty – 50 Management Watch
    • Stock Selection (Check following)
      • Check for best stock strength Meter
      • Check if same Stock is in Activity Meter and also hitting day high or day low
    • There is no Holy Gray strategy but just trading responsibly would lead to winning trades.
            • Thanking you
            • NVS. Praadeep Kumar
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