You Know Your Business Cash Advocate Knows Cash

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  • 1. CASH ADVOCATEYou know your business. We know cash.
    • Specializing in reducing costs and impact of cash transactions for over 3 decades.
  • Solution-neutral.
  • Reduce related costs as much as 50%.

Cash Advocate is an independent adviser specializing in cash-related services and technology. 2. Services Offered

  • Technology evaluation.
  • Process re-engineering.
  • Armored car & bank servicesfee negotiations.
  • Cash inventorycontrol & management.
  • Project management & implementation.

3. Technology evaluation

  • Subject matter expertise with cash & coin, management & control systems.
  • Bundled smart-safe specialists.
  • Named on 6 patents related to this technology.

To a hammer,the whole world looks like a nail! Rather than sell you what we have, we find you what you need. Solution-neutral! 4. Implementing Bundled Smart-Safes

  • Reduce cash-related expenses by as much as 50%
    • Increase managers available timeby 20%
      • Lower turnover
      • Sales uplift
  • Cash-counting safes read and secure currency, often within the transaction, eliminating any further counting or handling at the location.
  • Critical information is transmitted daily to support sales audit and cash management.
  • Armored car services are built into the solution, either reducing your present frequency, or making the service affordable.
  • Numerous banks give you provisional credit for your cash, before it leaves the store!

5. Process re-engineering : Based onpayment mix ,is your cost per cash-transaction gettingout of balance?

  • Youve changed the way customers pay, but not the way you handle cash.
  • Cash Advocate will help you,
  • Leverage your investmentin alternate payment technologies
  • Find incremental savings,probably without spending any money!
  • Well look at policies regarding skims and balancing, and how often you bank. Chances are its a good time to review your change funds, too.
  • New, cash-counting safes may enable you to obtain

6. Reducing expenses to bank your cash: Cash Advocate works with banks and armored carriers to reduce the overall cost of banking your cash. By looking at your stores as part of a larger process, well find ways to reduce vendors costs . . .and your fees . From this, To this! Your Locations Local Banks PrimaryBank Your Locations Virtual Vault PrimaryBank 7. Cash Inventory management:

  • Change funds +
  • Un-credited cash in the store
  • =pure expense!

Cash has no value unless it is in your main bank account. Well reduce cost and lower unproductive cash balances by looking at how much change you truly need to run the business, plus the quantities and form in which change is ordered. 8. Project management & implementation: Keep your staff focused on yourREAL business! We dont just recommend We implement! Cash Advocate can manage your projectso you focus on activities that truly add value. 9. What people are saying . . .

  • The personal relationship we made was as important as the business relationship John built with us. It has been over 10 years and we are still currently using that companys products for our cash management needs.(CLIENT)
  • His expertise, his passion for what he does and his loyalty (both to his clients and his employer) all blended together providing John with the unique ability to get things done across multiple organizations with conflicting priorities. John is an asset to any organization interested in improving its processes through technology deployment.(ASSOCIATE)
  • I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with John at Brinks where he played an important role in conceiving and developing the CompuSafe product for Brinks. His knowledge and contributions to the technical development of this product and the larger cash processing business has been critical to the success ful evolution of this industry.(EXECUTIVE)


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