Wolf An endagered animal. Sorts of wolf Gray wolf Gray wolf Black wolf Black wolf Brown wolf Brown wolf Polar wolf Polar wolf.

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Wolf An endagered animalSorts of wolfGray wolfBlack wolfBrown wolfPolar wolf Characters of wolf.. Duration: 160 cmHeight: 80 cm Weight: 80 kgColor: grey, black, brown and whiteDistribution The wolf was the most prevalent beast in the world but it isnt any more. People destroited almost all sorts of them. Now they are endagered animals.Environment..The wolfs live in all kinds of environment. Even on the Arctic. FeedingPredatorMain food: rabbits, foxes, mice, birdsWhat can we do to protect wolfs? We shouldnt destroy their environmentsHelp them to find foodThank you for your atention By: Mihaela Ivani. 7.b