Why Competition Is Good For Your Business

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Are you afraid of having lots of competition? Would you like to start with a business that has no or less competition? Than youre thinking is absolutely wrong, cause what you are now going to read, will change your thinking about competition for ever, i promise! http://www.viktoria-karafotias.com/why-competition-is-good-for-your-business/


Why Competition Is Good For Your BusinessViktoria Karafotias / May 28, 2015 / Tags: Why competition is positiveShare this post and help spread the love!Share on Google+Tweet about this on Twitter3190dbf13beaf51d8852bdd9bc4cdf891425305349Are you afraid of having lots of competition?Would you like to start with a business that has no or less competition?Than youre thinking is absolutely wrong, cause what you are now going to read, will change your thinking about competition for ever, i promise!There has been times that I was thinking just like you.I didnt liked competition, I actually hated it.I wanted to start a business with zero competition cause I thought I might have the best chances to sell my products and I was looking for something that anyone need whats not on the market by now.It was hard, really hard to find something, and I still havent found it.Then I started to inform myself about competition and I was really shocked.Competition is good for your business?!? Excuse me? How is that even possible?Let me explain..Imagine you have a product which many people sell aswell. This shows the good or even perfect quality of the product. People love having it.From whom would you buy? If its an info product, like in network marketing, would you care who is going to sell you the product or wouldnt you?If you need help with reaching your goals after you bought this product, I think you woul care from whom you are going to buy.Cause if this person has no clue how to work with this product or hasent got any idea how to lose weight, make money with it or whatever, I dont think you would really buy from that person. Neither would I.What is now the good part for the seller?Actually its quite obvious.That person needs to be unique.1That person should be an expert.This can be done with spreading value, posting content on social media platforms, presenting themselves in public, or social media, give people the chance to identify, making great offers, giving away free gifts or whatever you can imagine.You can get advices of your competition, you can actually work together, you know why?Because there enough buyers out there for anyone! You dont need to be scared that you wont sell anything. If you are creative and work for your success, you will sell for sure!Imagine that there wouldnt be any competiton.. You wouldnt grow, because there is no reason to be creative and create something new, cause people only know your way and thats fine. You would stay where you are, and I dont say thats bad, of course this is easy for you and you only have to work once to get your products online, but after that? People might get bored. They want to see something new, want to learn more and if you just stay where you are, they wont buy anymore from you. Do you get my point?You have the opportunity to build a team with your competition and you can help each other out and tell what works and what doesnt. Sure you shouldnt copy EXACTLY what they did, this can be very annoying and people will stop helping you out. Find your own variation of there advice and make it fit to you.This is a good way to learn something new, what you can teach your audience right away! Again perfect for you!Here are some Competition is good quotes:I have been up against tough cometition all my life. I wouldnt know how to get along without it.- Walt DisneyYou have competition every day because you set such high standard for yourself that you have to go out every day and live up to that.-Michael Jordan2Competition is a sin.-John D. RockefellerThe more the division of labor and the application of machinery extend, the more dies competition extend among the workers, the more do their wages shrink together.- Karl MarxAll right. Have you changed your mind now? If so and if you liked that post, make sure to COMMENT below, LIKE and SHARE on facebook, google+, twitter or wherever you like!3