What is Stewardship? Christian stewardship is a way of living.

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What is Stewardship? Christian stewardship is a way of living in which we recognize that everything belongs to God. God gave humans dominion, which is a partnership with the Earth. All resources must be used for His glory and the common good. Source:


What is Stewardship? Christian stewardship is a way of living in which we recognize that everything belongs to God. God gave humans dominion, which is a partnership with the Earth. All resources must be used for His glory and the common good. Source: Goodness Is about the capacity of the human creature to be what God wants him/her to be. Human beings are directed toward the good by their nature and vocation. Is the result of being connected with God. Sin Is the breach of the relationship that God established with creation. Bringing a fault or disorder into creation, damaging the work of God. We experience it as a power that entices or tempts us to act against good order. Which man is more good? Howard Drew Since becoming a blood donor in the 1940s, Drew has donated over 130 litres of blood, enough to save the lives of countless numbers of people. Drews own life was saved after a blood transfusion. Li Ka-Shing One of the most generous philanthropists in the world, Li Ka-Shing has given over $140 million to educational causes in East Asia and millions more to help victims of the tsunami in ***Philanthropist someone who makes an effort to help charitable causes, by volunteering their time, or donating money. Two different accounts Said to be written by two different people Genesis 1:1 to 2:3Genesis 2:4-25 God creates different things on each day of creation, there is an order In the beginning there were no plants, because there was no rain Creation occurred in six days, 7 th day God rested No day to day report Man and woman created on 6 th dayMan was created first No mention of how man was created, only that man is made in the image of God (26) God made man from the ground (7) Created animals, sun, moon, stars, plants, etc. before man Made man first, then created animals and trees and then created woman (Eve) Creator is referred to as GodCreator is referred to as Lord God The earth is mentioned on the 3 rd day (9-10) Story begins with the condition of the earth Focuses on all six days of creationLooks into the details of the 6 th day of creation and the origin of the human race All are stewards of the earth's resources. This concept of stewardship dates from the beginning of time, when God entrusted the earth to Adam and Eve and their offspring (Gen. 1:26-28). Genesis 1:26-28 provides the essential foundation for understanding what Christian stewardship means. As Catholics, and Christians, we are called to be stewards of the earth. There are some principles to consider in our relationship with the ecological system: 1) The ecological disharmony, according to the Book of Genesis, is a repercussion of human disharmony with God. After the first sin, God reminds Adam and Eve that things would be hard. Peace with God is peace with nature. People are responsible of everything they do consciously the more we know about good, the more good that we do. We are responsible for our own environment. 2) The earth belongs to the Lord, and each person, is its steward. We each contribute to the well-being of society. Through prayer, work, and discovery, each person allows others to grow in knowledge and holiness. Thus, no one person rules the earth. Rather, collectively together, we are stewards of the earth. Fact: People have gone to war in effort of trying to claim domination over land and people Think Avatar: 3) We are called to assume a God- centered perspective. We must understand the earth as Gods creation and respect it as such We must value and honour all of Gods creations A love of animals is profoundly human We cannot torture or treat animals with cruelty Fact: Animals are abused daily through: 1. Blood Sports (Hunting) 2. Animal Experimentation or Vivisection (cosmetics, medical research) 3. Factory Farming (raising livestock under intensive methods under strictly controlled conditions) 4) God has given the earth as our common home. We live in this home with all its diversity, which we must protect and respect. We must help protect our fellow creatures animals We must care for our natural beauty, resources and living space 5) The goods of this earth belong to all. The goods must be shared equitably. The earth is abundant in its gifts. We should not deprive people of its wealth. We should live in harmony and be shepherd's of the earth Steward of the Earth aims to get one tree into the hands of every young person across Canada. By planting and nurturing individual trees, school children across the country will learn the benefits of trees and become environmental leaders in their own communities. Fact: We do not care for our common home People are discriminated against daily, people pollute our world, green space is torn down, etc The earth is abundant in food and water, yet there is not equal distribution so people are starving daily Within our group of friends? What Makes Us Good Individually? In our family? In our school? In our city/country? In our world?


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