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In this Workshop, you will learn andbe able to use 4 Clean Language (CL)questions that: Focus attention solely on your clients inter-nal perceptual relationships and metaphoricpatterns of thinking. Deepen understanding and open the door-way to mindful awareness without having toexplore emotional issues. Facilitate recognition of how language influ-ences imagery and frames the inner world. Transforms awareness so it naturally and or-ganically designs action.Objectives: 1. You will be able to identify the four primaryCL questions to deepen metaphor and inducetrance.2. You will be able to identify how to use CLquestions to facilitate your clients focus froma problem, to a remedy, to a solution while intrance.3. You will be able to apply CL in assessingtheir clients goals and identifying what yourclient wants to have happen in their session.4. You will understand and be able to identifythe difference between CL and non-CL.What is Clean Language?From my professional perspective, as a practicingclinical psychologist and coach since 1973, Clean Lan-guage and its derivative tools are unsurpassed intheir power. Clean Language creates an immediate deepening ofself-awareness with amazing practical applications.The idea behind Clean Language, developed by DavidGrove (1950-2008), is to remove thetherapist/coachs influence and biases as much aspossible from the process. This is the basis of theterm clean. It refers to a way of working that usesthe client/patient/coachees own words as the basisfor further questioning. Why is this method so effective?With none of your metaphors, assumptions, orpoints-of-view infused into the conversation, CleanLanguage gives your clients full freedom to use theirown words as the basis of healing and change. Thismeans that rather than working with your interpre-tations of their metaphors, your clients only relate toand utilize their own perceptions. After all, it is onlythe clients metaphors that count.One of my clients said, This was, by far, the best therapeutic experience Ive everhad. What would normally have taken two-years of dig-ging around in my subconscious in traditional therapy, weaccomplished in just 15-minutes! Clean Language improves the quality and clarity ofcommunication and understanding in a respectful andinsightful way without the risk of judgments or inter-pretations. Clean Language is a tool that anyone cansafely use. Meeting Registration: 9:30 AM Presentation 9:45 AM - 5:30 PM7 Continuing Education HoursHeld at a private residence in Pacific Palisades, CASCSCH Members: $150 Licensed Professionals/Non-Members $200Students/Intern Members: $100(Advanced Registration prices valid up to two weeks before event)RSVPwww.SCSCH.camp7.org 1-888-32-SCSCH (1-888-327-2724)Visit our Website for DetailAttend Any THREESCSCH Half or Full Day WORKSHOPS!Get 10% DiscountAdvanced WorkshopConversational Hypnosis: Clean Languageto Induce & Deepen Mindfulness in Self & Interpersonal Communications SAVETHE DATE!!REGISTERNOW!!REGISTERNOW!! REGISTERNOW!!Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D.President, SCSCHSun, Dec 4, 2011 (9:30 AM - 5:30 PM)7 CEUs & ASCH Approved HoursEleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D. (License: Psy5297) is aclinical psychologist in private practice since 1974. Shereceived her doctorate from the University of Chicago,Department of Comparative Human Development. Eleanors extensive background and training in clinicalhypnosis dates back to her University of Chicago dayswhere she studied and worked with Erika Fromm.Eleanor uses Clean Communication and EmergentKnowledge extensively in her practice along with otherspecialized multidimensional and interdisciplinary toolsto support her strong interest in expanding conscious-ness. Eleanor integrates conversational hypnosis and CleanTools as a way to deepen self and interpersonal aware-ness. In addition to her extensive Professional member-ships, Eleanor is a certified Clean Coach (Institute OfLeadership & Management), and is the current Presi-dent of SCSCH and an Approved ASCH consultant. Advanced WorkshopConversational Hypnosis: Clean Languageto Induce & Deepen Mindfulness in Self & Interpersonal Communications REGISTERNOW!!_____________________ Name Degree_____________________State &License #_____________________Address_____________________City State Zipcode_____________________Phone e-mailMake check payable to:SCSCH(Southern California Society for Clinical Hypnosis)We also accept credit cards, check Website for cancellation policy.Please visit our website for membership application and more informa-tion at:www.SCSCH.camp7.orgor call: 1-888-32-SCSCH (1-888-327-7274)If you wish to be included in our mailings, please give us your e-mailaddress:Administrator@SCSCH.org. Please forward this if you have acolleague who would be interested.In order to register, or become a member of SCSCH, you must be a li-censed health care professional holding doctoral degrees or masters de-grees (licensed by the state/province in which you practice)* Students enrolled in doctoral or masters level programs must includeproof of enrollment with registration. Licensed professionals must include state and license number.Workshops meet the requirements of the national organization Ameri-can Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH). SCSCHis a component (localchapter) of ASCH.Continuing Education:7 CEU - Approved for Psychologists and MFTs. ASCHApprovedWorkshop - Advanced (Full Day)All workshops are held at a private residence in Pacific Palisades, CAAdvanced WorkshopConversational Hypnosis: Clean Languageto Induce & Deepen Mindfulness in Self & Interpersonal Communications Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D.President, SCSCH Do you want a tool you can use right away thatpowerfully, effectively, and safely facilitates thedepth of self-awareness? Do you want to simply, consistently, and easilyaccess deep-seated metaphors? Do you want a completely non-directive toolthat is free of assumptions? Do you want to facilitate organic transforma-tion while connecting naturally at a heart level?Clean Language (CL) is a conversational hypnotictool. By using the clients own language, you ellicittheir internal metaphoric images and deepen thetrance state. CL builds on the clients inner resources and de-sired outcomes facilitating powerful transforma-tions. CL emphasizes the fundamental intelligence andpurposive nature of internal imagery and func-tioning. It engages the client in a mindful innergoal-directed process from which new meaningsand imagery emerge. ADVANCED WORKSHOP PRICINGDec 4, Sun Meeting: SCSCH Members: $150 Licensed Professionals/Non-Members $200Students/Intern Members: $100(Advanced Registration prices valid up to two weeks before event)PLEASE E-MAIL OR CALL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS www.SCSCH.camp7.org1-888-32-SCSCH (1-888-327-2724)Clinical Hypnosis Continuing Education 2011/2012SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SOCIETY FOR CLINICAL HYPNOSISProgram AdministratorsDyan Haspel-Johnson, Ph.D.Barbara Freedman, PsyD., MFTP.O. Box 485, Culver City, CA90232-0485 GSCHAIRER 2007Address Service RequestedREGISTERNOW!! REGISTERNOW!! REGISTERNOW!! Attend Any THREESCSCH Half or Full Day WORKSHOPS!Get 10% Discount