What do you do after school?

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What do you do after school?. Then, h ow about Japanese kids?. Let s ask Japanese kids!. I read comics and watch animations. I love. Ruffy. Naruto. Mamecchi. Doraemon. I listen to music. I like . AKB48. Arashi. I often play video games. Especially l like. Pokemon. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


1What do you do after school?1Then, how about Japanese kids?2Lets ask Japanese kids! 3I read comics and watch animations. I love4MamecchiDoraemonNarutoRuffy5I listen to music.I like6ArashiAKB487I often play video games.Especially l like8Pokemon9I play with my friends outside!My favorite game is10Daruma-san ga koronda!11How to play Daruma-san ga koronda121) Play rock-paper-scissorsand decide oni.We call this game janken13OniOther players2) The oni faces away from the other players with his eyes shut.3) The other players make a line and take big one step.144) Oni says "Daruma-san ga koronda" quickly, and then turns around as quickly as possible, opening his eyes. 5) While oni is saying the phrase, the other players move closer to him. Just before oni" turns around, the players must freeze.156) If oni sees a player moving, that player must hold hands with oni.167) If a player successfully reaches oni" without getting caught, he or she slaps oni" on the back, then everyone except oni" runs away. However, if oni" is holding hands with one or more captured players, the attacker tries to break their hands apart with the side of his hand. Then everyone except oni" runs away.178) When oni" shouts "Tomare!"("Stop!"), everybody must freeze.9) If oni" tags one of them by taking no more than ten steps, the two switch places.18Lets play Daruma-san ga koronda!19


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