What do I enjoy? What have I done? What do I want to do? Hobbies Interests Activities From A-Z Mr. Solomon tells all…

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  • What do I enjoy? What have I done? What do I want to do? Hobbies Interests Activities From A-Z Mr. Solomon tells all
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  • Hi, my name is Mr. Solomon and I will be your teacher this year. Over the course of our school year together, we will be doing lots of fun activities. During that time, I look forward to getting to learn more about you. As we embark on our new school year, not only would I like to learn about you, but I am going to tell you about myself, maybe we have a lot in common.
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  • A Airboat Rides Airboats seem like they would be lots of fun! Taking a ride through the Florida Everglades on an airboat is something that I have always wanted to do.
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  • B Bungee Jumping I have never been bungee jumping, but it remains a life-long dream of mine to do it at least once.
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  • C Cooking Whether it is in the kitchen or on the barbecue, I love to cook! Entertaining friends with home cooked meals is lots of fun to me. I can make cuisines from Indian to Italian and everything in between.
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  • D Dodgeball Dodgeball is a favorite of kids and adults of all ages. In the summer of 2009, my dodgeball team took first place in a camp-wide tournament, I was voted the MVP.
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  • E Electric Guitar Playing guitar is an activity that I find to be fun and relaxing. I have two guitars, an acoustic and an electric. I especially like to play my electric guitar. Do you play any instruments?
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  • F Family and Friends Family and friends are the most prized possessions anybody in the world can have. To me, there is nothing more important.
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  • G Golf When the weather is nice outside, I love to play golf. Having lived in Florida for four years, I used to play every weekend. Dont be fooled though, I am just okay.
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  • H Hiking Staying fit and active is very important. One way that I do this, while having fun, is through hiking. Have you ever gone hiking?
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  • I Ice cream Yum, ice cream. Its not easy to say no to a bowl of ice cream, and I very rarely do. Often times, I will make my own. Above is the most recent batch, chocolate with marshmallows. Who wants some?
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  • J J-E-T-S!!! JETS! JETS! JETS! Who likes football? I love the New York Jets and believe that they are the greatest team on earth!
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  • K Kickball There is no rule that states kickball is only for kids. Adults like to play too.
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  • L Legos It doesnt matter how old you are, Legos are always fun to play with.
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  • M Mountain Biking & Motorcycling In the summers, I love to get on a bike. Sometimes my bike has a motor, other times it doesnt. Regardless, I love to be on a bike when the weather is nice. Do you ride a bike?
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  • N Niece & Nephew s Coming from such a big family, I am very lucky to have four nephews and a niece. They call me Uncle Josh, and love to climb all over me!
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  • O Open Water Diver (Scuba) Do you like swimming in the ocean? Imagine swimming on the ocean floor that is 90 feet down. I am a certified open water diver and get to do just that. What kind of sea creatures do you think I have seen?
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  • P Parasailing At the age of twelve, I got to go parasailing in St. Thomas. Flying high above the water and seeing all of the people on the beach was a thrill. I had a great time!
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  • Q Quiche is a type of pie made with egg, cheese, and other fillings. During the holidays my mother makes quiche. Typically, I go back for seconds, especially when there is a quiche with mushrooms. Quiche
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  • R Rollercoasters Up, down, upside down and all around, that is the thrill you get when riding a rollercoaster. I love to go to theme parks for a day of rollercoaster riding with friends. Whats your favorite ride?
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  • S Soccer & Skydiving There are so many great things I love to do that begin with the letter S. My two favorites are soccer and skydiving. The pictures above show my first time skydiving, as well as me playing goalie in a soccer game against Mexico. The game took place in St. Louis, Missouri.
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  • T Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum My brother David and I have often been referred to as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. We love the two Disney characters and had the opportunity to take a picture with them.
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  • U Unicycle Riding Do you like bike riding? What if that bike only had one wheel? Unicycle riding involves great balance and concentration. I have always wanted to learn how to ride one.
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  • V Volleyball Bump, set, and spike. Volleyball is a favorite activity of mine. At age 16, I entered in a professional beach volleyball tournament. Unfortunately, my teammate and I didnt do very well.
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  • W White Water Rafting I am always seeking a new adventure. One of the greatest things that I have ever done is to take on the white waters of the Colorado River.
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  • X Every summer and winter, ESPN holds a professional extreme sport competition called the X-Games. I love watching it on television and one day, I hope to see them take place live and in person.
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  • Y Yachting Beautiful summer days spent on yachts are great! When I lived in Florida, I often times got to spend days on yachts like this one. Hopefully one day I will have a yacht of my own.
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  • Z Zip Lining My adventures never stop. Zip lining through the canopies of the St. Maarten rain forest was just another of my exciting journeys. What is one of yours?


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