Welcome to New York. Statue of Liberty You can ride ferry ship. You can go Statue of Liberty in island. You can take many pictures. You can ride ferry.

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Visiting New York CityWelcome to New YorkStatue of LibertyStatue of LibertyYou can ride ferry ship.You can go Statue of Liberty in island. You can take many pictures.You can ride ferry ship every day free.You can see islands view top of ship Brooklyn bridge-You can walk this bridge.-You can see Manhattens view and Brooklyns view-You can take many pictures in this bridge.-You can ride a bike and ride a bodeUnited NationsUnited NationsYou can see many UN things.You can take many pictures in UN.You can heard guides voice at earphone.You can see conference hall but you didnt take picture.Empire state building-You can go top of Empire state building.-You can see many tall building in top of building.-You can buy empire state toy and another things.Metropolitan museum-You can see many statue and many pictures.-You can eat anything in museum but you didnt eat food in museum.-You can see art all of the world.-You can see movie star and talent because they sometimes came here.-If you saw movie about this museum you know this museum-You can see Dinosaur and many statues and -You can eat foods but big foods were not.-This museum opened at 10:00 AM so if you go early here you will wait in front of the door.


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