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Web 2.0 Tools to learn english. Sal Daz Lugo Ingl 3102 M-W 10:30 12:20. Web 2.0 . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Slide 1Web 2.0 Tools to learn englishSal Daz LugoIngl 3102M-W 10:30 12:20Web 2.0 is the representation of the evolution of traditional applications to web applications focused on the end user. Web 2.0 is an attitude and not just a technology. It is co-generating applications and services that replace desktop applications. It is a stage that has defined new projects on the Internet and is concerned to provide best solution to the user.Web 2.0 WiZiQ is a web-based platform for anyone and everyone who wants to teach and learn english and other languages, online. In http://english.wiziq.com/ enter your log in essentials (email address, password) and name to get started with an account on WiZiQ. ABOUT Wiziq... Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Few producers of content and many readers of these. Static. The updating of web sites are not made regularly. Their technology was associated with HTML, gif, Java Script 1.0. Users become producers of content. All the surfers have the ability to access the web page you want.Pages renew easily find your content. Their technology is related to Java Script 2.0, XHTML, Google, and others.Differents toolsWiZiQ has thousands of English Languages teachers from across the globe who create high quality interactive multimedia content for the benefit of learners across the world. The goal of this community is to provide a platform where you find a list of all the educational resources for Learning English Language, and also a medium for members of this community to discuss about Learning English Language. As a learner, you can find the best online teachers, free and economically priced online classes, free practice tests and free educational tutorials to review. Why use to learn English24x7 Availability : Access high quality classes, tests and documents anytime and anywhere.Student-centric approach : Learn at your own pace and benchmark with peers, subscribe to RSS feeds and email alerts as per your preference.Wide Exposure : Learn with students and teachers from across the world.TIPS AND MOREMore Connectivity : Network with students in and outside the online classes.Technology Focus : Hands-on experience in using latest technology automatically.Cost-effective : Online classes, assessments and documents are significantly cheaper than others.Free Content Access : Access number of public sessions, tests, documents on a variety of topics and contact teachers - free of cost.Online Learning Advantage : You can stay anonymous, request 1-to-1 classes, find a buddy and benchmark with peers.When we decided with a little effort and motivation to excel in learning this important language and use appropriate strategies, we can achieve our objectives and be effective communicators in english.ConclusionThanks for your attention!!