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WARDs Certification Program on HR, Compliance & Welfare Management [HRCWM] Role Play Group Discussion Interactive Session Problem Solving Hands-on Learning value Customers need 42 hours in 4 months 9 am to 12.30 pm [Friday Only] Venue: Uttara Early Bird : 26 Sep, 16 Early Bird : BDT 8,000 Regular : 04 Oct, 16 Regular : BDT 12,000 OUR UNIQUENESS TRAINING OVERVIEW Compliance is the gate way for business especially for RMG sector. Considering the necessity of Application and practices of HR, Compliances & Welfare Management in the Garments & Sweater manufacturing companies, the management is also giving the highest priority to ensure Compliance in the premises. But the industry is facing huge trouble for the lacking of qualified human resources in this sector. In this connection World Academy for Research & Development [WARD] introduces this practical oriented course in HR, Compliance & Welfare Management in RMG sector. HRCWM qualified person from WARD will be able to ensure and monitor compliance & welfare activities of the factory as per the requirements of different buyers & local laws. Objective of the Course: After successful completion of the Course, the participants will be able To make the factory HR & Compliance personnel acquainted with basic requirement regarding HR, Compliance & Welfare To make them able to ensure proper documentation regarding HR, Compliance & welfare To ensure the practice of HR & Compliance in the factory To make the factory ready for facing any Compliance audit To ensure cost effective approach for utilization of resources To make them conversant for preparing different MIS report Outcome of the course: After completion of the course, the participants are expected to be well conversant on: HR & Compliance Applications & Practices Designing the compliance Management model for the factory Make the factory ready for any Audit Face the Audit Smartly Assist Management to have tense less business operations #Duration Class Schedule # Venue # Reg Deadline #Fees[excluding VAT & Tax] Starting: 7 October 2016 Target Participants 1. HR Personnel 2. Compliance Personnel 3. Welfare Personnel 4. Floor Management Personnel Training Methodology: Interactive Lecture PowerPoint Presentation Role Playing Practical and real life examples Case Study Group Exercise First Part: HRM Session-1: HRM Practices in RMG Professional etiquette/Manner & Corporate communication etc. HRM: Basic / Introduction Scope of HR in Garments Factory Session-2: Core Functions of HRM in RMG Functions of HR Recruitment & Selection Process & tools for Garments Industry Maintain Personnel File, service book & other documentation Holiday & Leave Management in Garments Industry Maternity benefit management Session-3: Core Functions of HRM in RMG Attendance & Payroll Management along with OT Disciplinary action Transfer, promotion, increment etc Training & Development: Scope, importance & practices in Garments Industry Session-4: Bangladesh labor law and its application in HR Application of Bangladesh Labor Law & its amendments in different functions of HR Second Part: Compliance Application Session-5: Concept & Practices of Compliance in RMG Compliance: Basic and practices in Garments Industry Area of Compliance Practices in Garments Industry Checklist for whole compliant factory Terminology regarding Compliance Job Description of a Compliance Officer/Manager/GM Compliance Report: Its preparation & analyze Topics to be covered Session-6: Compliance in HR Functions Compliance in Recruitment & Selection Compliance in Payroll & Benefit packages including over time Compliance in working hours, Leave & Holidays Compliance in employee rights Compliance in Grievance Handling & Separation Session-7: Workplace Compliance Compliance in Health & Safety Uses of PPE Compliance in the premises Compliance in Documentation & Registrar How to do workstation Risk Assessment/ Risk analysis & report making Session-8: Buyers Compliance Major Buyer & their Code of Conduct Difference in Compliance Practices as per buyer Session-9: Social Compliance Audit & its preparation Different Types of Audits & Its preparation Checklist for Audit Preparation Strategies and tips for dealing with Auditor How to prepare audit CAP Third Part: Welfare Management Session-10: Concept & Practice of Welfare Management in RMG Sector History of welfare in RMG Scope of welfare activities in RMG Best Practices of Welfare Management in RMG sector Session-11: Line and Cross Functions of an Welfare Officer Responsibility of Welfare Officer Job Description of Welfare Officer Training & Development activities Counseling & Motivation of worker Encourage to maintain Floor Compliance PC Committee & Safety Committee: Formation and practice Maintain different register & format Ensure Health & Safety activities in the workplace Session-12: Review, Problem Solving, Certificate Awarding Mr. Akhund Shamsul Alam Sr. Management Councilor BIM Lt.Col.Monowar Head of HRD Opex and Sinha Group Mr. Abul Hasem DGM-HR & Admin Epyllion Group Mr. R M Nasrullah Zaidi Head of HRD Prime Finance & Investment Ltd. Mr.Md. Rahat Khan Country Compliance Manager, Indochine Bangladesh Ltd Md. Mahbubar Alam Lead Auditor ABS Quality Evaluations INC Ms.Sabina Yasmin (Shurovi)| Manager (Compliance & HR) SNOWTEX OUTERWEAR LTD. Admission Procedure: 1. Collect the Admission Form from WARD office / Registration through online 2. Submit the filled form through email to training.ward@gmail.com 3. Mode of Payment: Cheque/ Bkash/ Bank Deposit 4. Payment Option: Must pay at least 50% before starting the program. The rest 50% can be paid within 5 classes of the program Registration Process : For Registration , visit --- www.wardbd.com Hotline: 01753 88 11 77 Seats are limited Fees include snacks, and training materials. Certificate will be awarded Resource Pool: Contact : Hotline: 01753 88 11 77 Mail: training.ward@gmail.com Payment Process: A/C Payee cheque in favor of World Academy for Research & Development or deposit directly to any branch of DBBL and send us the deposit slip through mail OR- bKash to 01753 88 11 77


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