Vocational Organisation Commission: A Synopsis of the Recommendations

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    Vocational Organisation Commission: A Synopsis of the RecommendationsReview by: M. C.The Irish Monthly, Vol. 74, No. 873 (Mar., 1946), p. 136Published by: Irish Jesuit ProvinceStable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/20515498 .Accessed: 11/06/2014 01:39

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    Cook Reviews leisten Here, Lads. By Edward J. Delaney. Kerry man. 6/-.

    66 A few stations from home Timmy got in. At once I recognised him as another of the species. His blue serge suit reeked of the local tailor's

    tobacco, and shrieked of his incompetence. His brand new yellow boots were too big, and had protectors. He wore his 15 by 2 stiff collar as if

    his neck were in splints. His hair-cut, administered with a horse-machine, was trace high. A curly line of oiled fringe showed beneath the peak of his grey cap. There was not another rig-out like that in the whole train, except mine. I made contact with him immediately.

    . . ."

    That, in a characteristic O'Henryesque paragraph, is Mr. JDelaney's memory of the day he set out for training college. Since those days, as a

    teacher in the south of Ireland, he has missed little of the fun and humour in the passing scene. Red Cross meetings and L.D.F. rallies, schooldays

    and holidays, school-rooms and bar-rooms : Mr. Delaney surveys them all

    with quizzical eye and raised eyebrow. His humour is neatly pointed, racy,

    kindly, and seldom forced. He is very definitely a new humorist to watch ??nd to read.


    Vocational Organisation Commission: A Synopsis of the Recommendations. With a foreword by the Rev. Dr. McKevitt. Published by Catholic

    Societies Vocational Organisation Conference, 1945. Price, 6d. 67 pp.

    The cover-flap of this excellent booklet notes, with a little touch of irony, that

    " hundreds of thousands have heard of the Vocational Report, tens

    of thousands have read about it, thousands have bought it, hundreds perhaps have studied the Report thoroughly ". It is true. The Report of the Commission on Vocational Organisation is a monumental work, even in

    point of size. To obtain a grasp of its contents much time, considerable

    patience and industry, and a spare seven-and-sixpence

    are required. Many,

    who lack these requisites, are nevertheless eager to learn what exactly the

    Report recommends. And some, who hope in time to master the Report itself, would welcome a short and readable introduction to smooth their

    approach to it. To both classes we can warmly commend the present little work. It is excellently produced, and contains, in addition to a

    summary of the Commission's recommendations, a useful Introduction and

    an appendix giving the personnel of the Commission and its terms of refer ence. Extremely good value for 6d. MC

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    Article Contentsp. 136

    Issue Table of ContentsThe Irish Monthly, Vol. 74, No. 873 (Mar., 1946), pp. 93-136The Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima: An Eye-Witness Account [pp. 93-104]The Noblest Thing in Nature [pp. 105-114]A Man's Work. I [pp. 115-122]Sitting at the PlayReview: Theatre for the People: Our Neighbours and Ourselves (Concluded) [pp. 123-128]

    St. Peter Canisius and Ireland [pp. 129-135]Book ReviewsReview: untitled [p. 136-136]Review: untitled [p. 136-136]


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