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Viega is providing solutions for breweries all over the U.S., including Revolver Brewery, pictured here with Co-owner, Rhett Keisler.













  • Contents 3 Letter from the CEO5 Letter from the COO 6 Old building gets new life on campus8 Tapped In: Solutions for the craft beer craze12 Breaking ground in the U.S. manufacturing industry14 Keeping a legacy alive16 Lively beach-front resort brings Vegas luxury to east coast18 Keeping megayachts afloat a full-time job 20 Behind the scenes22 Making industry education and training accessible24 Tall tale turns into a gem for Tennessee 26 Fit for school28 A gas piping solution for very tight spaces30 Do more with training from Viega 31 TechTalk


    Keeping megayachts afloat


    Tapped in


    Gas piping solution for tight spaces


    Featured on the coverViega is providing solutions

    for breweries all over the U.S., including Revolver

    Brewery, pictured here with Co-owner, Rhett Keisler.

    6Old building gets new life

    In MemoriamThis issue of the Viega Voice is dedicated to the memory of Doug R. Martin, founding partner with Bruce Hornberger of M&H Sales. Doug passed away on October 2, 2015. M&H Sales is a long time independent rep agency and has been an integral part of Viegas growth for the past 20 years in the Philadelphia area. Doug was a respected business partner, a true professional and a great friend to many. Doug touched lives in so many positive ways. His customer relationships and work ethic will be fondly remembered by all who knew him. Our sincere condolences to Dougs business associates, family and friends.

    2 v i e g a v o i c e N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5


    Dave Garlow

    As another year passes, we look and plan ahead. At Viega, we have enjoyed

    many successes over the years that form the foundation of our future; we have

    always built on these successes.

    More Viega product was installed in 2015 than any other year in Viega

    history. This translates into simplifying and improving the work of our

    customers, and provides quality safe piping systems for their clients.

    We had record attendance at the educational facility in Nashua, NH this

    year and we are planning further improvements to our program, including a

    new training facility in Denver, CO. You will hear more about this in future issues

    of the Viega Voice. The core of the Viega training experience wont change,

    though. It has always been about how engineers, contractors, code officials and

    distributors leverage that newfound intelligence in the field to improve quality.

    By modernizing our

    behind-the-scenes processes,

    it builds a stronger staff, even

    better customer service and

    the ability to get our products

    to market faster.

    We have continued

    with heavy investments in

    the supply chain, in both

    manufacturing and logistics. We broke ground at the end of last year in

    McPherson, KS on a facility that will provide additional manufacturing space

    for our metal systems including Viega MegaPress the only carbon steel press

    fittings for gas and hydronic applications.

    The successes of 2015 are the rock on which 2016 is built. All good

    businesses reflect on the past and use it as a road map guiding them to their

    next great milestone.

    We hope 2016 represents your next great milestone, and may your reflection

    at the years end inspire your successes for the New Year. Well be here if you

    need us so dont hesitate to call.

    From our Viega family to yours, we wish you a happy Holiday Season.

    Merry Christmas. All the best for 2016.


    2016 IS BUILT.

    v i e g a v o i c e w w w . v i e g a . u s 3

  • Viega MegaPress Systems

    For hydronic and gas applications

    Viega MegaPress is the only clean, secure and effi cient choice for joining black iron pipe. It is suitable for renovations, repairs or installation of new steel pipe systems. Differentiated by sealing elements, Viega MegaPress for hydronic applications has a black EPDM sealing element and a green dot on the exterior.

    In addition to the factory-installed EPDM sealing element, Viega MegaPress fi ttings are provided with a 304 stainless steel separator ring and a 420 stainless steel grip ring approved for use in hydronic heating, compressed air, fi re protection and cooling water applications.

    All Viega MegaPress fi ttings are constructed with the patented Smart Connect feature, providing installers added confi dence in their ability to ensure the integrity of connections.

    For more information, call 800-976-9819 or visit

    T H E G L O B A L L E A D E R I N P L U M B I N G , H E A T I N G A N D P I P E J O I N I N G S Y S T E M S


    Robert Boots

    As I look out my office window I am reminded of just how great the last year

    has been for the Viega Supply Chain. Earlier this year we broke ground on our

    new Viega MegaPress manufacturing facility in McPherson, KS. With the facility

    soon to be completed, I am reflecting on the past year and all of the actions we

    have taken to get to this point and why.

    For us, service drives everything we do. From the raw materials we source

    to the finished goods we deliver, everything is about providing industry-leading

    service and quality to our valued partners. Its

    why we come to work every day. Its also why

    it is so much fun. As Viega LLC President Dave

    Garlow likes to say, We spend most of our

    waking hours at work so we ought to be able

    to enjoy it. I couldnt agree with him more.

    We live to provide quality, innovative solutions.

    Utilizing our skilled, dedicated employees,

    lean tools, state-of-the-art equipment and

    strategically located distribution centers, we

    take great pride and enjoyment in providing

    you with the products and services

    you deserve.

    Im confident that next year will bring more

    of the same. Our Viega MegaPress facility will

    be completed in early 2016, and production

    will begin soon after. We are already working

    on new and enhanced system solutions and are excited to show you more of

    what Viega LLC has to offer you.

    From all of us at Viega LLC, we wish you and your families a Merry

    Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!





    Viega MegaPress Systems

    For hydronic and gas applications

    Viega MegaPress is the only clean, secure and effi cient choice for joining black iron pipe. It is suitable for renovations, repairs or installation of new steel pipe systems. Differentiated by sealing elements, Viega MegaPress for hydronic applications has a black EPDM sealing element and a green dot on the exterior.

    In addition to the factory-installed EPDM sealing element, Viega MegaPress fi ttings are provided with a 304 stainless steel separator ring and a 420 stainless steel grip ring approved for use in hydronic heating, compressed air, fi re protection and cooling water applications.

    All Viega MegaPress fi ttings are constructed with the patented Smart Connect feature, providing installers added confi dence in their ability to ensure the integrity of connections.

    For more information, call 800-976-9819 or visit

    T H E G L O B A L L E A D E R I N P L U M B I N G , H E A T I N G A N D P I P E J O I N I N G S Y S T E M Sv i e g a v o i c e w w w . v i e g a . u s 5

  • OLD BUILDING GETS NEW LIFE ON CAMPUST he industrial-style Tobey Building on the New Hampshire Hospital campus in Concord, NH, was part of a larger campus renovation. Originally built in

    1930 as a home for male patients, today the building is

    home to the State Depart of Employment Security and

    is considered to have one of the most state-of-the-art

    HVAC systems in the U.S.

    SAM Mechanical Services, LLC, a commercial

    plumbing and HVAC company in New Hampshire,

    helped the facility and Lavalle Brensinger Architects

    design and install the new HVAC system.

    This unique, green cooling system significantly

    reduces cooling costs. Power plants that serve New

    Hampshire must keep their output stable in order to

    provide needed electricity during peak daytime hours,

    but during off-peak hours overnight, the unused

    electricity goes to waste. As a result, local power plants

    provide special pricing during off-peak hours, which is

    metered separately. The off-peak ice storage

    production cooling system uses this reduced-rate

    electricity to greatest advantage.

    The system uses chillers to make and store ice in

    underground tanks overnight. During the day, when

    other buildings of comparable size have chiller systems

    running full bore, the Tobey Building is saving money by

    cooling with a recirculating water loop integrated into the

    underground ice tanks.


    - Steve April, Owner, SAM Mechanical

    6 v i e g a v o i c e N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5

  • SAM Mechanical installed Viega MegaPress fittings

    for the chilled water applications, an additional savings

    factor for the building.

    We had several miles of pipe on each floor, said

    Steve April, owner of SAM Mechanical. It was a green

    design concept where everyone elses bid went

    with geothermal.

    An efficient system all around, the time required

    to transition the Tobey Building to this unique system

    was critical, given the number of components that had

    to come together to make it happen and perform to

    required specifications.

    From our perspective we were able to pipe it up in

    less time and overall less cost using Viega MegaPress

    fittings, April said. It cuts labor in so many ways and

    removes the sometimes-frequent problem of threading

    and cutting equipment thats not working properly.

    The Tobey job, which had thousands of fittings, saved

    at least 50% of piping installation time.

    Viega has the only press system for black iron pipe

    installations that covers hydronic applications with

    MegaPress and Viega MegaPressG

    for gas systems.

    With system-matched tools and

    jaws, connections are made in less

    than seven seconds, making Viega

    MegaPress suitable for virtually

    any type of project. For the Tobey

    Building, where time and quality

    counted, SAM Mechanical trusted

    Viega to get the job done right the

    first time.

    I would encourage anyone

    considering using Viega MegaPress

    to do it, April said. At the end of the day a big job can

    have a substantial savings especially in labor. As far

    as the Tobey Building, with that many fittings, it was

    important to choose a product that wouldnt leak, giving

    me peace of mind that I was helping keep this historical

    building safe and secure for decades to come.

    SAM Mechanical used Viega MegaPress for chilled water in a state-of-the-art HVAC system.

    The Tobey Building has a unique form of cooling that uses chillers to make ice that is stored underground.

    v i e g a v o i c e w w w . v i e g a . u s 7


    I n todays growing craft beer market, there are many things that make a good beer, but for most breweries, its the ingredients that make a great beer.

    Any good chef will tell you that it takes more than

    just a list of ingredients to produce a great dish its

    the people who prepare it that make it unforgettable.

    That idea proves true in this industry where grain,

    hops, yeast and water combine to make beer but

    the passion, personality and do-it-yourself brewers are

    creating nothing short of art.

    In 2014 there were 3,464 U.S. breweries registered

    with the Brewers Association, brewing a combined

    22.2 million barrels twice what was produced in

    2011. While the craft beer market has taken off over the

    last decade, the surge in number breweries hasnt yet

    matched the 4,131 recorded to be in operation during

    Prohibition though current production volume is far

    above 1873s nine million barrels.

    Today breweries across the globe are using Viega

    products to ramp up production even more in this

    fast-growing market. From keeping beer cold, to

    using compressed air lines to run equipment, Viega is

    helping breweries stay on the top of their game. On

    the following pages we feature three such breweries

    that exemplify the success that can come with an

    entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to pour years of

    blood, sweat and tears into a dream.


    - Rhett Keisler, Co-Owner, Revolver Brewery

    8 v i e g a v o i c e N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5

  • R evolver Brewery, a family-owned brewery located on 16 acres in Grandbury, TX, produces well-balanced, full-flavored beers. Co-owners, Rhett

    Keisler and his father Ron say its the combination of

    experience and a unique water source that have made

    the business successful enough to expand.

    I had the thought of starting a brewery, but it was

    kind of a pipe dream. Sometimes in life when things

    dont go quite the way you expect them to, it pushes

    you down another path, Keisler said. If I'd had a

    steady job with a nice paycheck, it might have been

    difficult to take that leap of faith, but it was one of those

    situations where I said; I dont have anything to lose

    here; and I just went for it.

    From the beginning, Keislers team did all the work

    themselves. Every resource

    they had was put to good use,

    including the water. Revolver

    Brewery uses fresh water

    from its own well, fed by the

    Trinity Aquifer, to make

    the beer.

    There are ingredients,

    and theres art, Keisler said.

    What sets us apart right

    off the bat is that our water

    comes from an aquifer

    680 feet underground,

    and that is a very stable

    water source. It is what it

    is. Our water profile has a

    fingerprint of its own.

    Because beer is made mostly of water and as

    Keisler says, our water tastes fantastic, it proves that

    water is a defining factor in what makes Revolvers beer

    unique. But what good is having great water if you cant

    keep the beer cold? Thats where Viega comes in.

    Revolver Brewery used Viega ProPress in 3" copper

    to run the water and glycol mix that keeps the beer

    cold. It required something in a larger diameter that

    they could install themselves and would withstand the

    cold temperatures.

    Its critical for us to keep our beer cold. The

    quickest way to go out of business is to let your beer go

    out of temperature, so Viega is a very important solution

    for us, Keisler said. Viega gave us a solution that was

    quick, easy and affordable, and being able to do it right

    and by ourselves is great.

    The crew at Revolver installed nine new 240-barrel

    fermenting tanks as part of an expansion. Revolver

    produced 14,903 barrels in 2014, and after the

    expansion expect to produce more than 20,000 barrels

    in 2015. To maintain its current production amounts,

    the brewery had to install the tanks and plumbing lines

    while the system was live.

    It was nice that we didnt have to shut the water

    down you can do it under full pressure, said Ricky

    Hicks, Maintenance Supervisor for Revolver. We had

    a valve that was leaking, and we couldn't shut it off.

    We had to put a new valve in.

    We cut it off and put Viega

    ProPress on there under

    pressure, shut it off, and

    we were done.

    Hicks estimated it would

    have taken them twice

    as long to finish if they

    had soldered and Keisler

    is confident that Viega

    products will be used again

    in the future. Revolver is

    building a wastewater

    treatment plant that will

    treat the groundwater

    they use so it can be

    recycled to clean tanks and in

    other processed water applications. Since Texas has

    experienced a severe drought in recent years, Keisler

    understands the importance of this

    precious commodity.

    Thats our lifeblood out here. We want to make

    sure we protect it, Keisler said. Our well will only do

    so much. We want to make sure we're leaving that

    capacity for brewing purposes, so the more we can

    reuse, the better off we are. It's the green thing to do,

    and it's also something we need to do.


    v i e g a v o i c e w w w . v i e g a . u s 9

  • W ith the recent completion of a $45 million expansion, Founders Brewing Co. now encompasses an entire city block in Grand Rapids, MI

    and boasts the production space necessary to keep up

    with the increasing demand for its award-winning beers.

    The goal of the expansion is to continue producing

    great beer and continue to expand Founders

    distribution footprint so our beer is even more available

    to beer enthusiasts, Dave Engbers, Co-Founder and

    President, explained.

    Started by two homebrewers in 1997, Engbers and

    co-founder Mike Stevens said goodbye to their day

    jobs and pursued a shared dream. It was not always

    easy and the two found themselves near bankruptcy

    as they tried to fit into the norm of creating a well-

    balanced beer. With nothing left to lose, they decided

    to go out with a bang by making the kind of beer they

    dreamed of in the first place. The result has undeniably

    been well received.

    Founders brews complex in-your-face ales with

    huge aromatics and tons of flavor, Engbers said.

    Today, Founders is one of the highest recognized

    breweries in the U.S. Their year-round beer repertoire

    includes All Day IPA, Dirty Bastard, Centennial IPA, a

    dry-hopped pale ale, and a porter. They can be found all

    over the U.S. The production levels for these beers and

    others had to remain stable during the expansion. Eric

    Sochor, Industrial Maintenance Technician for Founders,

    knew that in order to meet the project deadline he

    would need to find a

    way to save time.

    Founders is

    renowned for having

    very stringent

    timelines, Sochor

    said. We took on

    a project under full

    production and

    decided to do this

    expansion while

    still maintaining our

    present production

    levels. We only had a few weeks that we were able to

    get in here and do this install.

    Sochor had heard of Viega ProPress for stainless

    and decided to use it in the installation of hot and cold

    process water, compressed air, CO2 and chemical

    disinfecting lines. He estimates 4,000 feet of pipe

    was used, a significant amount for a small-to-medium-

    sized brewery.

    Founders Brewing Company used Viega ProPress for stainless and copper for processed water and compressed air.


    1 0 v i e g a v o i c e N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5

  • I f you believe that small breweries can take on the world of megabrewers then you might also believe that Coppertail is a sea monster that lives in Tampa

    Bay, FL at least according to the young daughter of

    Kent Bailey, founder of Coppertail Brewery.

    Even though they just opened their doors in 2014,

    Coppertail is already building on to their existing space.

    Right around the corner from the brewery is McLain

    Plumbing & Mechanical and owner Tom McLain got

    involved in the remodel thanks to his close proximity

    to the brewery.

    Originally tasked with simply installing new drains

    at the request of the general contractor, McLain

    eventually bid and received the entire HVAC job.


    - Tom McLain, Owner, McLain Plumbing & Mechanical



    "The majority of it was stainless, and it looks really

    good, Sochor said. The time savings was a big factor.

    It takes so much longer to weld pipe when we could

    just get up there and press it

    and be done with it.

    Sochor also saw savings

    in other forms, including

    being able to utilize in-house

    employees rather than hiring

    out welding work, and he

    appreciated knowing that

    Viegas sealing element in the

    304 stainless could withstand

    the cleaning process.

    Viega offers an FKM

    sealing element that can be

    cleaned with the chemicals

    that we use, Sochor said. If

    we did get something in one of

    our lines, we could go back through and clean it and

    not worry about the seal.

    Even after 18 years, the core of Engber and

    Stevens's business remains the same.

    It's not about how big you are going to get,

    Stevens said. It's about a group of individuals who

    would not take no for an answer.

    McLain used Viega ProPress for 304 Stainless

    for filtered heating and cooling water, CO2 and

    compressed air.

    The brewmaster said he wanted to use stainless

    steel, and he was thinking of welding and I said you

    dont need to weld all that. Well press it, McLain

    said. So we showed him all about press and we went

    from there. Its a very clean job, and you dont have to

    worry about any leaks, which is what I like.

    Coppertail doesnt filter its beer, they use whole

    leaf hops and natural carbonation; only the natural

    carbonation takes longer, but as the saying goes:

    good things come to those who wait.

    V iega is proud to have offered unique solutions for the growing number of craft beer enthusiasts. Revolver, Founders and Coppertail

    wouldnt be where they are today without the

    right combination of ingredients: passion, quality

    and patience.

    As Revolvers Ron Keisler said, Its about making

    sure we leave the right legacy, if there is such a thing.

    I would like people to look at us and say thats one of

    the best darn breweries out there. There are a lot of

    breweries out there, but I want to make sure we always

    have our mind focused on the beer because thats

    what were in business to do. We want people to know

    that we take the extra steps to make sure things are

    done the right way.


    Viegas EPDM elastomer

    is now certified FDA-

    compliant, an essential

    metric for suppliers in

    the food and beverage

    industry.In addition,

    ourEPDM elastomer

    passed a major brewerys

    taste verification process.

    v i e g a v o i c e w w w . v i e g a . u s 1 1

  • BREAKING GROUND IN THE U.S. MANUFACTURING INDUSTRYT exas Refinery Corporation (TRC) accomplished something that hasnt been done in the U.S. in the last 25 years it built a lubrication plant.

    Established in 1922, the family-owned business

    produces specialty lubricants and protective coatings

    such as oils, grease, gear lubricants, cleaners and

    sealants. TRC products are used to help protect

    equipment as well as a companys capital investments

    in industries including manufacturing, agriculture, waste

    management, drilling, mining and steel mills. When the

    company was ready for expansion, it built an entirely

    new facility in Mansfield, TX.

    In the early planning stages, TRC knew this

    plant needed to be special, said Dennis Parks,

    Executive Vice President at TRC. We wanted a plant

    so special that other companies would model their

    future production facilities after this state-of-the-art

    manufacturing facility.

    The facility represents TRCs investment in the

    future, and attention to every detail was important. TRC

    spent 2015 working with A&G Piping, a mechanical

    contractor out of Fort Worth, TX, to build the facility

    from the ground up. A&G Piping has worked with

    Viegas systems for more than a decade and knew it

    was the right solution for

    the refinery.

    Ive used all the

    Viega products, said

    Tracy Auen, owner of

    A&G Piping. They save

    a lot of labor time. You

    can cut in on a line

    where a valve is not

    holding and not worry

    about sweating it.

    Its a much simpler

    installation process.

    Auen installed Viega MegaPress in " to 2" for

    compressed air and Viega ProPress for copper in "

    to 1" for potable water and estimates he saved 30%

    installation time over soldering. One of the best features

    of Viega fittings, according to Auen, is the quality of

    the fittings.

    When we know we're getting Viega fittings,

    regardless whether it's the stainless, copper, or in the

    case of the refinery carbon steel, we rarely have any

    issues with the quality of workmanship, Auen said.

    Auen was introduced to Viega ProPress for stainless

    in 2003 during a project at a local brewery and

    recommends it to his colleagues. Change is not easy.

    Even I'm a creature of habit, he said. Even if you've

    never done it before, just give it a shot.

    The involvement of three companies known for

    devotion to providing customers with the best products


    - Dennis Parks, Executive Vice President, TRC

    1 2 v i e g a v o i c e N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5

  • two of the three breaking new ground in the U.S.

    makes the trios partnership seem almost serendipitous.

    It is important for TRC that its customers, who

    are valued friends, know they are getting the best

    products for the best protection and performance, at

    the best value, Parks said. This world-class facility is a

    commitment to our customers.

    Viega is also showing its commitment to

    customers by breaking new ground in the U.S. with

    the construction of a metals manufacturing facility in

    McPherson, KS. The approximately 80,000-square-

    foot facility, scheduled to open in early 2016, will

    manufacture the very Viega MegaPress line that was

    used throughout TRCs new facility. As A&G Piping

    continues its work at the refinery, knowing that Viega

    is invested in its U.S. manufacturing operations makes

    him confident that the product he is using will continue

    to help him do his job.

    The cost savings on labor is huge with Viega

    MegaPress, Auen said. Being able to install it even if

    the line is live is a big benefit. Its a simple product to

    install. It doesnt take years of training. It simplifies the

    skill level to install, but you dont sacrifice on the

    final quality.


    Viega ProPress Systems are taking business to the next level at Minnesota Petroleum, where the 40-year-old company is integrating Viega ProPress in projects every chance it gets.

    Bret Swanowner of the complete fuel and related services companywas first introduced 10 years ago and his company now proudly utilizes Viega ProPress systems in various materials throughout its operations.

    In Minnesota Petroleums showcase product, Aviation Refueling Cabinets, Product Designer Tracey Deutsch praised Viega ProPress for 304 stainless for the consistency, the efficiency of assembly and testing as well as the clean look and great function with no leaks in the finished unit.

    The safety of using the system is one thing, but the speed and reliability is what our customers really like, Swan said. It looks like the next product to be integrated into our company is Viega MegaPress and MegaPressG.


    Viega MegaPress helped Texas Refinery Corporation save 30% on installation time at a new lubrication plant.

    v i e g a v o i c e w w w . v i e g a . u s 1 3

  • G asping at the top of a hill in Southern California, Marine Chad James could only think about

    his grandfather. Disappointing Harold

    James was not an option. So he kept

    moving. He gave four years to the

    Marine Corps. He made it back alive.

    Then, he accepted the reins of his

    family's business, in memory of

    his grandfather.

    In the city of cowboys, Chad

    and his father David are carrying on

    the legacy of one of the city's most

    well-known and respected plumbing

    companies. Harold James, Inc. is a

    full-service, medium-sized plumbing

    company based in Fort Worth, TX.

    According to David, Harold was a hard-

    headed, strictly business kind of man

    with a knack for remembering even the

    small details, even model numbers

    for parts.

    Focusing on primarily commercial

    projects, the reputation Harold James

    built up has led to not only great

    referrals, but attracts the top plumbing

    apprentices in the area. The business

    has employed several graduates of

    the five-year program at Fort Worth

    Local Plumbers and Pipe Fitters

    Apprenticeship Training at Local 146.

    Its the work ethic and the skills that

    Harold James embodied and passed

    down to his son and grandson that

    made the business the highly regarded

    institution it is today.

    All the younger guys were in awe of him, Chad

    said. It wasn't just me we were all in awe of him,

    Chad said. You knew if something went south on a job,

    that he would be there to bail you out.

    While some struggle with what they want to be when

    they grow up, Chad knew from the time he was in

    second or third grade. He wanted

    to work alongside his dad

    and granddad.

    I worked up here a few times in high

    school over the summer, Chad said. But my granddad

    said I dont really want you coming to work here. Go

    to work for another contractor or go into the military or

    whatever you want to do.


    Above: David and Chad James in their front office with a portrait of the businesss namesake, Harold James. Right: From left to right David James, Harold James, Chad James and his brother Dyer James, at Chads wedding in 1996.

    1 4 v i e g a v o i c e N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5


    - Harold James, Former Owner, Harold James, Inc.

    Harold James served in the U.S. Navy from 1946

    to 1948, and when he returned home, he worked for a

    couple of different plumbing companies before heading

    out on his own in 1961. He operated the business out of

    his home until he purchased the current location in 1977.

    Jamess service in the military is what motivated

    Chad to join the U.S. Marines. Knowing he would

    someday take over the family business, Chad worked

    in water purification, purifying the drinking water for

    the troops. But his real expertise came from his time

    in Korea. He was part of the First Marine Division Rifle

    Pistol Team while in Korea and taught marksmanship

    his last two years in the service, having served from

    1994 to 1998.

    Even today, what keeps me going is the thought

    of disappointing my grandfather, Chad said. I stayed

    out of trouble when I was a kid because the thought of

    letting him down would hurt me. When I was going to

    boot camp, I was thinking this sucks. There are some

    serious hills out in southern California. You go up those

    with a 60-pound pack, and you don't stop halfway up to

    rest. You go to the top. You're slobbering, snot coming

    out and everything, and I used to think, man, I can't go

    back and face him and tell him I couldn't do this. That's

    what would keep me going.

    Upon returning from the military, not wanting to be

    labeled as the boss's son, Chad went to work for various

    HVAC companies including Johnson Controls, Texas

    Air, and Trane. In the meantime, Chads father David

    and his wife Mary purchased the

    company from Harold

    and took over the

    business in 1998. Mary

    handled the inside staff,

    and David took care of

    the crews onsite. Harold

    James passed away in

    2004. David asked Chad

    to come to work for him in

    2013, the same year Mary

    passed away. For the last

    two years, father and son

    have worked together, finding

    strength in the lessons Harold

    James taught them. Both agree that Harold James never

    cut them any slack on the job just because they were

    related. In fact, they were pushed harder than most.

    Ive always told him I went through the same thing.

    He had it hard, but not as hard as me, David said. I

    started out sweeping floors in high school. Every job

    that was difficult, like digging a ditch, well Im the one

    who did it. It didnt hurt me. He did it to make a better

    person out of me.

    Ironically enough, Chad earned his master

    plumbing license at the same time his dad received his

    journeyman license, although according to Chad, My

    dad could out-plumb me any day. The two have a solid

    relationship, so much so that the business is about to

    become a third generation plumbing company. Chad will

    soon take the reins of the business, bringing with him

    the knowledge, passion and good customer base built

    up by his father and grandfather.

    There is no such thing as it wont work. Its our job

    to make it work. If we cant make it work they dont need

    us, Chad remembers his grandfather saying.

    If Harold James were still with us today, peeking into

    the office where his portrait now hangs proudly, David

    and Chad know he would be proud of how far theyve

    come and how they keep his legacy alive.

    Hed be on cloud nine, David said. I was always

    afraid, especially after he passed away, I would ask

    myself, Am I going to be able to keep this thing going?

    But everything just fell into place. I always have it in the

    back of my head that I dont want anything to happen to

    this place.

    Chad chimes in, I am my worst critic, but deep

    down I know I can do it. Ive had some pretty good

    challenges in my life and Ive come out on top.

    v i e g a v o i c e w w w . v i e g a . u s 1 5

  • A fter a decade of anticipation, the approaching completion of Opal Sands Resort is revitalizing a site that was previously home to a Clearwater Beach,

    FL landmark.

    Before being demolished in 2005, the Adams Mark

    Hotel stood at the spot where a lively beach resort will

    soon open its doors. The Adams Mark hotel chain

    which at its peak included more than 20 luxury hotels

    adorned the coast of the Gulf Shore for nearly

    30 years.

    Developed by Ocean Properties, one of the largest

    hotel chains with brands that include Marriott, Hilton,

    Sheraton, Holiday Inn and Westin, Opal Sands Resort

    will bring Vegas luxury to the east coast in 2016. The

    crescent-shaped, 15-story resort features ocean views

    from the balconies of each of its 230 rooms.

    From the warm, sandy beach to the full-service

    spa, guests can expect nothing less than perfection.

    Thats why

    hotels all across

    the world are

    now choosing

    Viegas complete


    solution. Guests

    at luxury hotels

    know when they

    turn on the tap,

    there will be

    no wait for the

    water to get hot,

    and contractors know they are saving time and money

    by doing it right the first time.

    Dan Mantione, Superintendent at Ackerman

    Plumbing in Sarasota, FL, is using a hybrid system for

    Opal Sands Resort. Ackerman Plumbing installed Viega

    ProPress for copper in " to 4" for potable water that

    transitioned into Viega PEX Press fittings with ViegaPEX

    Ultra tubing and Viega manifolds to feed the hot and

    cold lines to each fixture. Manitone said hes saved up to

    50% in labor compared to soldering. Tiki torches outside

    and the gas lines to the all eight of the resorts kitchens

    use Viega MegaPressG in " to 1".

    The system is fantastic. Its really working out well,

    said Manitone. Time-wise the system is very user-

    friendly especially having the different-colored pipe, you

    can visually identify them very quickly to see if theres

    any mistakes or crossed lines.

    A Viega representative provided training that walked

    workers in each department through the ins-and-outs

    of installation. They explained what to do, what not

    to do, and showed tricks of the trade. Feedback from

    employees has been positive and they quickly became

    familiar and confident with the process, Manitone said.

    The press tool makes it really easy and really fast,

    he explained. They like the fact that they dont have

    to carry around additional safety equipment a fire

    extinguisher or fire watch guy.

    Manitone added that support throughout the project

    has been outstanding. When a press gun broke near the

    end of a work day, Manitone was impressed with the fast

    response from his sales representative.

    I called him at 4:30 p.m., and he had a gun in my

    hand the next day, Manitone said.

    On this fast-paced project, Manitone emphasized

    the impact Viega products are making in other aspects

    as well. Viega MegaPressG for diesel lines is being used

    for the emergency generator and Viega ProPress for

    stainless for biofuel.

    The product saved a lot of time, a lot of training,

    said Manitone. It takes a full day of training for every

    guy I hire, so that aspect definitely saves me time. I can

    use the same guys because theyre already trained on

    the system. Its just different piping.

    The ease of training, safety and man-hours saved by

    using Viega products have added to the excitement in

    being part of creating a luxury, Vegas-style hotel on the

    shore of the Gulf Coast.

    I wouldnt go with another product, said Manitone.

    With the service and the training Viega supplied, its a

    definite saver, and Id recommend it to everyone.


    1 6 v i e g a v o i c e N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5

  • A large-scale condo project has Bears Plumbing in Naples, FL making the switch from Viega crimp fittings to Viega PEX Press.

    Boasting a location in downtown Naples, FL and multiple floor plan options that feature open-concept design and open-air terraces, Naples Squares condominiums are being constructed with luxury in mind. The inclusion of Viega PEX Press Systems and Viega MegaPressG from " to 1" is a seamless addition to the Naples Square development, where quality design and private amenities have set the bar high.

    Naples Square will be constructed in four phases, with phase one expected to reach completion soon. The condominium community will consist of 300 units, priced from around $600,000 on up.

    This was the first time Chris Stephens, Project Manager with Bears Plumbing, Naples, FL, had used the Viega PEX Press system in a full-scale application before the Naples Square project.

    So far were very pleased with the installation, Stephens said. The ViegaPEX tubing and PEX Press fittings are very easy to work with.

    Stephens was converted from hand crimping to Viega PEX Press fittings due to the size of the job and he estimates he saved 20% in labor by making the switch.

    There's nothing wrong with crimp. But it does take longer, and there's more room for error, Stephens said. Press is the new standard.



    Brass2Copper Mechanical, Inc. in Las Vegas, NV, is a residential plumbing contractor with a 25-year history of excellence. The contractor has been installing two-pipe ViegaPEX tubing systems and manifolds since the early 2000s and recently made the switch to Viega PEX Press fittings instead of crimp.

    Its user friendly, said Rob Blazek, owner of Brass2Copper Mechanical. The crews in the field can install it easily. Weve had no issues with any kind of defects, whether its the tubing or the fittings. The tools are easy to maintain. And there are no torches on the jobsite.

    Brass2Copper Mechanical does work for 15 different builders, including Pulte Homes, a national leader in energy-efficient homebuilding.

    With ViegaPEX, the biggest benefit for us is how easy it is to install, Blazek said. You have very few joints because the ViegaPEX has an 18-inch radius turn. That cuts down on a lot of joints when you compare it to copper. Its just easy.


    v i e g a v o i c e w w w . v i e g a . u s 1 7

  • F or some people finding their passion in life comes naturally. That was the case for Nate Goodwin, owner of All Points Boats in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, who

    spent his summers on the water at his grandfathers

    camp on Catalina Island. The time spent swimming,

    fishing and sailing led Goodwin to lifelong love of

    the water.

    In Goodwins case, the boating

    industry he loves so much is part of the

    nations trend toward luxury items that

    advertise privacy and exclusivity. So far

    this year, 300 superyachts have been

    sold according to www.boatinternational.

    com. The bigger the yachts get, the more

    complicated they are to fix, which is where

    Goodwin comes in.

    All Points Boats, Inc., has been

    working on megayachts in South Floridas

    Lauderdale Marine Center (LMC) for

    close to 20 years. What began as a small

    operation now boasts a waterfront office,

    stockroom, machine shop, fiberglass molding shop

    and wood shop. For Goodwin, repairing yachts is an

    increasingly complex job that requires highly trained and

    motivated people willing to get their hands dirty.

    All Points Boats is one of the few repair companies

    knowledgeable about specialty reinforcements and other

    advanced materials. These processes are increasingly

    commonplace in modern boat shops and Goodwin has

    developed a reputation for his companys expertise in

    composite repair.

    I was raised on the water, Goodwin said. And I

    know the kind of quality work that even the pickiest of

    boat owners look for when his yacht needs repairs.

    Goodwin uses Viega SeaPress, a copper-nickel

    system designed specifically to hold up to the harsh

    environments of the sea. Goodwin uses Viega SeaPress

    for air conditioning, raw water intake cooling systems

    and fire protection main. He uses Viega ProPress for

    stainless in fresh water cooling applications as well as

    fuel lines.

    We do a lot of water systems in the copper-nickel

    system because of the longevity of the product. It lasts a

    lot longer than other materials, Goodwin said. And its


    All Points Boats have been working with Viega SeaPress, a copper-nickel system, on megayachts all over Florida.

    1 8 v i e g a v o i c e N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5

  • easier for us to go into a boat and make a repair or add

    a piece of equipment without having to do any welding.

    It definitely saves a lot of aggravation.

    Working on boats of this caliber requires a staff

    of highly trained and specialized employees, many of

    which have been with Goodwin since the beginning.

    All Points Boats team of 45 includes pipefitters who

    have built a stellar, world-wide reputation for inspecting,

    removing, fabricating and installing pipe and fitting

    systems to strict Lloyds and ABS standards. Viega

    SeaPress carries type approvals for Lloyds Register,

    ABS, U.S. Coast Guard, DNV, and many others.

    With the approvals and Viega being able to answer

    questions and get us parts in a quick turnaround, we are

    able to present quotes that are comparable to a welding

    job in the same amount of time really effectively,

    Goodwin said. And its a cleaner package when we

    deliver to the boat. They know what they are getting a

    warranty, all their paperwork for the class society and

    the big kicker is they dont have a bunch of welders and

    hot work going on in these multi-billion dollar interiors

    and engine rooms.

    In fact, All Points Boats is one of the few authorized

    installers for all class society boats that adhere to

    those standards. Goodwin said they have such a great

    relationship with Viega and the class societies that when

    they propose to use Viega products, they dont have to

    go through the rigorous scrutiny.

    They put us on the fast track, Goodwin said. They

    have confidence in it, and they know the people behind

    the scene that can get them the paperwork. It works out

    real well.

    Goodwin has used other press technology fittings

    in the past, but its the support he gets from the sales

    representatives that sold him on using Viega systems.

    We steered away from other press systems due

    to the difficulty in getting parts, the tools, product

    support, and our biggest concern is are they going to

    keep making them in five years so we can get parts,

    Goodwin said. With Viega if we have to go make a

    repair I know we can get parts and get in there and get

    it done.


    - Nate Goodwin, Owner, All Points Boats

    v i e g a v o i c e w w w . v i e g a . u s 1 9

  • T here is no secret to navigating the sea of codes and standards. There have been millions of additions

    and modifications to plumbing

    specifications and regulations since

    Herbert C. Hoover and Roy B. Hunter, the fathers of

    modern plumbing codes, came into the picture in the

    1920s. These regulations affect every product that hits

    the market, so its important for companies like Viega

    to have a role in the development and implementation

    of todays codes and standards. But to understand all

    the work Viega has done, one must understand how the

    rules are made.


    N ational model codes are published on a three-year cycle, but the code development work goes on for two-to-three-years prior to the publishing year. There

    are two major code bodies in the U.S., but they both are

    developed in the same general format.

    In the years leading up to a publication, there are

    specific steps to complete, including deadlines for

    the following:

    1. Code change/additions submittals. Anyone can submit a code change proposal.

    2. Publication of proposed submittals for public review.3. Technical Committee Hearings are held where

    anyone can attend and participate/testify. The

    committee decides on actions and reasons for

    actions, which are then published. The committee will

    decide by simple majority vote if a proposal can be

    approved as submitted, approved with modifications,

    or disapproved.

    4. Publication of committee actions. Public comments are sought on all approved and

    disapproved proposals. Anyone is allowed

    to submit comments.

    5. Publication of public comments. The public comments are published, generally including any

    preceding versions of the proposal, actions taken,

    reasons and supporting documentation.

    6. Public comment hearings. Public comment hearings are held, which anyone can attend and

    testify for or against a proposed code change.

    Alternatively, there may be hearings in front

    of a technical committee.

    7. Final vote. After all hearings are concluded and arguments have been received, the respective code

    body official voting members make the final decision

    whether or not a proposal will be accepted. Results

    are posted and new edition published.









    Codes define where a product may be

    used and references applicable standards.

    The Listings outline the test parameters

    by passing of which a manufacturer

    shows compliance to a standard.

    Standards define the requirements a

    product must meet in order to be used

    in an application.

    Code compliance is a legal requirement.



    By Martin Knieps, Director of Technical Marketing, Viega LLC

    2 0 v i e g a v o i c e N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5

  • Once the new national model code is published,

    each regional or local jurisdiction has the option to

    accept all the code, portions of the code, or to keep the

    existing code as it is. Many jurisdictions choose to work

    with a code publication several years behind the most

    recent model code. Depending on the state, and even

    municipalities within a state, the choice of which code

    a jurisdiction will follow can differ greatly.

    The code development processes make bringing

    new products to the market a challenge as code

    proposals must be clear and not subjective in nature.

    Interpretations of code language can vary from region

    to region, so code development language must be

    carefully drafted to avoid loose interpretations of the

    code section.

    For this reason, Viega LLC addresses regional and

    local codes through the Technical Management group,

    whose members are spread

    throughout the U.S. Often

    times challenges that are

    presented in a regional

    jurisdiction eventually find

    their way into the national

    model codes therefore the

    role of Viegas Technical

    Manager group is significant

    in communicating these

    regional matters to

    the model codes

    development group.


    T he Codes and Standards group at Viega LLC is composed of two Managers, Frank Shingleton and Nate Buzzard, and two Industry Liaisons, Gary Morgan

    and Mark Fasel, with nearly 100 years of combined

    industry experience. This team formally represents the

    company towards all code bodies, standards, testing

    agencies and industry organizations related to the

    applications of their products. Each member serves on

    several committees and associations, including ASTM,

    CSA, ASSE, NSF International, PPFA and AWWA.

    Viega Codes and Standards separate between

    regulatory, standards committee and code work.

    Regulatory work encompasses all activities related to

    listings and certifications for new or existing products,

    compliance audits and certification testing. In the last

    two years they have put a lot more focus on standards

    and codes work. Viega products are used in a lot of

    different applications, also beyond the borders of the

    U.S., and they must be prepared to address all of them.

    As part of the Technical Marketing department,

    the group also provides internal support on matters

    of product compliance or requirement, such as

    product development.

    Most recently Viega has been actively participating

    in the 2018 International Code (ICC) development

    cycle for what is known as the A group of codes

    consisting of commercial and residential plumbing and

    mechanical codes, as well as the fuel gas and general

    building codes. In total, Viega prepared and submitted

    approximately 20 code proposals, either directly

    or indirectly.

    Often manufacturers, such as Viega, submit their

    code proposals through trade organizations representing

    an entire industry, which of course lend them added

    credibility, said Morgan. The Plastic Pipe and Fittings

    Association (PPFA) is one of the trade organizations we

    are a part of, for this reason amongst others.

    Most of the proposals made through PPFA were

    successful on the first round of hearings by gaining the

    approval of the technical committees. One particular

    code proposal, which was important to the PEX industry,

    was to gain code acceptance for using compressed air

    to pressure test PEX hydronic systems during and after

    a concrete pour. For more information on this proposal


    Viega also addresses code proposals which need

    to be opposed as they could hurt the industry as a

    whole as well as Viegas own interests if approved and

    adopted into the new model code. Morgan estimates

    that approximately three-fourths of the proposals

    Viega tracks fall into this category. While some of

    these proposals could obviously restrict competition or

    promote a single manufacturers product, most are well-

    meaning and with good justification, but it is important

    there are no unintended consequences.

    If you are not actively participating in the code

    development process sooner or later there will be code

    language adopted which could eliminate or greatly

    hinder the use of your companys products,

    Morgan said. The best approach to successful

    code development is to make sure you are

    actively participating and have done your

    homework ahead of time gaining as much

    support from industry peers as possible.

    The code development process can be

    highly political at times and

    as such its paramount to

    maintain the highest degree of

    professionalism at all times to

    maintain credibility in

    the industry.

    Should you require assistance

    gaining approvals forViega LLC

    products due to State or local

    adopted code language, please

    contact your local District

    Manager who can direct you

    to any necessary technical data

    or work within the State or

    local code development

    process to update the codes

    to recognize new and

    innovative construction

    technology advances of the

    Viega product lines.

    For the

    full story, get the

    Viega Voice App. Available

    for iPad, Android and

    Amazon Kindle Fire tablets.

    v i e g a v o i c e w w w . v i e g a . u s 2 1

  • N ot many people would define professional development as fun. Not the eager intern who

    is told on day one that they will be

    relegated to a room for two weeks of

    on-boarding. Not the manager who is

    asked to stay an extra hour after work

    for training on the companys software upgrade. Not

    even the CEO who received an invitation to the latest-

    greatest leadership conference.

    The reality, however, is that education and training are

    necessary to doing a job within the prescripts of the role,

    ideals of the company, qualifications of the discipline,

    and regulations for the industry.

    The last part of that statement regulations is

    one reason that has brought education and training

    to the forefront of conversation in

    our industry.

    In my short time in the

    plumbing, heating and cooling

    industries, two major legislative

    actions have impacted the

    contractors, engineers and

    manufacturers that I interact with

    on a daily basis: the Reduction of

    Lead in Drinking Water Act, and

    the National Appliance Energy

    Conservation Act. The first act

    mentioned was enacted in 2014, and the latter just

    one year later in 2015. The way in which some of the

    professionals I have spoken to have described dealing

    with such legislative changes is like being on a treadmill

    that does not have a stop/pause button. They are

    constantly playing catch-up.

    And, it does not seem like the game will be over soon.

    The growing social interest in efficiency is permeating the

    legislative world. As a result, in coming years there could

    be a rapid-fire of new regulations, codes, and standards.

    Call that the bad news. The good news is that our

    industry has already begun developing ways to make

    education and training more accessible.

    I have been invited to and attended various education

    and training events in our industry. Many of these events

    have taken place at national conferences or companies

    headquarters. However, in the past year, I have

    been exposed to less traditional education and

    training opportunities.

    Just last month, I attended Viegas Pathogen Control

    by Design seminar in Houston, TX. The seminar was

    part of the companys 2015 U.S. seminar series. Since

    2004, Viega has been conducting seminars at various

    locations to meet customers needs to access learning at

    a destination within their region instead of having to use

    more time, and in some instances more money, to travel

    across the country.

    Our training efforts continue to change based

    upon how our industry is evolving, explained Jason

    McKinnon, Director of Technical Services and Training

    at Viega LLC. We recognize that our customers needs

    change too, and we want to make sure that our training

    always adds value for them.

    In 2006, Viega opened its Educational Facility in

    Nashua, NH where industry professionals can come

    for in-depth training. And, most recently, the company

    began hosting webinars and webcasts for introductory

    and overview levels of education and training.

    Many manufacturers offer training, and some do it

    very well, McKinnon said. What we are learning is that

    we must continue to move away from product-focused

    training and educate industry segments more on the

    systems and solutions that are needed and the best

    practices for installations.

    This month, on Nov. 3, Viega hosted its Energy and

    Comfort Performance of Radiant Systems seminar in San

    MAKING INDUSTRY EDUCATION AND TRAINING ACCESSIBLEBy Ashlei Cooper, Editorial Director, PHC News, Plumbing Engineer

    Viega offers training on the jobsite and at its Educational Facility in Nashua, NH.

    2 2 v i e g a v o i c e N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5

  • Francisco, CA. The seminar offered an overview of the

    advantages of integrating radiant heating and cooling

    systems into building design. Currently, Viega is making

    plans for both of the seminars to run again, across the

    country, in 2016.

    Integrated systems are a hot topic in our industry;

    pun intended. Mark Eatherton, Executive Director of the

    Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA), said that getting

    professionals out of their heating and cooling bubbles

    has been a hard battle to fight when it comes to

    education and training.

    Everybody in our industry needs to be brought into

    this integrated design approach so that they can know

    what is necessary in order to be able to deliver good

    comfort, Eatherton said.

    Eatherton went on to explain that the RPA is

    dedicated to not only educating the industry on

    integrated systems, but also getting them invested in

    the changes that will come based around the notion

    of comfort. A large part of the RPAs education and

    training currently takes place online in partnership with

    HeatSpring, a platform that provides professionals with

    real-world skills through interactive, expert-led courses.

    We want to make this as convenient for the installers

    and designers as possible, with the minimum amount

    of interruption to their normal business practices,

    Eatherton said.

    Some of the online classes that the alliance hosts

    are self-paced and free. This allows for prospective

    attendees to participate in a trial before making an

    investment. Two of the classes currently being offered

    are: Integrating Solar and Hydronic Heat, by Vaughan

    Woodruff, owner of Insource Renewables, a solar

    consulting firm in Pittsfield, Maine; and Mastering the

    Outdoor Reset Curve, by Dave Yates, former owner of

    F.W. Behler, Inc., a third-generation PHVAC firm.

    Online education and training, similar to what the RPA

    has been doing, was always the first example that came

    to mind when I thought of convenience. That was until I

    saw Northeast Gas Specialists Mobile Training Center at

    the 2015 National Association of Oil and Energy Service

    Professionals (OESP) Convention, in May. The 30-foot

    trailer features live-fire heating and hot water equipment.

    Carl Krause, owner and operator of Northeast Gas,

    currently coordinates private classes for companies in

    the metropolitan New York and New Jersey areas.

    The creativity, resources and opportunities are there.

    Our industry just has to tap into them.

    It requires initiative on their part to think outside of

    the box, Eatherton concluded. You can charge more

    money for delivering comfort. Which means more profit

    margins, working less, and making more.

    You heard it. The money is there, too.

    Ashlei Cooper is a multimedia storyteller with nearly

    a decade of experience creating content for publications

    and organizations. She received her B.A. in English from

    Spelman College and M.S. in Journalism from The Medill

    School of Northwestern University. In 2013, Ashlei joined

    TMB Publishing as the Assistant Editor and Social Media

    Coordinator. Currently, she serves as Editorial Director of

    PHC News and Plumbing Engineer magazines.

    Viega had more than 4,000 attendees from around the world visit its Educational Facility in Nashua, NH this year. So why not throw a party? Viega hosted an open house in August to do just that. The event hosted well over 150 attendees, coming from as far away as upstate New York and New Jersey. Guests had the opportunity to win many prizes ranging from training sessions and tool sets to jaws and sporting event tickets.

    This event has really exceeded our expectations, Jason McKinnon, Director or Technical Services said. The feedback we received

    from our customers confirms that they want to learn more about our products and services. They are already asking about next years event.

    The Nashua Training Center is coordinating the 2016 Open House and cordially invites you to attend. Please be on the lookout for details in future issues of the Viega Voice or online at


    More than 150 attendees visited Viegas Educational Facility Open House in August.


    v i e g a v o i c e w w w . v i e g a . u s 2 3


    Big fish stories, or tall tales, have been around since

    before American folklore began in the 16th century. For

    most Americans, adventures of Johnny Appleseed and

    Paul Bunyan come to mind, but in Memphis, TN, theres

    another big fish story to be told.

    A few years back, Bass Pro Shops owner Johnny

    Morris was fishing with legendary angler Bill Dance on

    the Mississippi outside of Memphis, TN, and they made

    a bet. If either of them caught a catfish weighing at least

    30 pounds, Morris would bring his outdoor emporium to

    the Memphis Pyramid, a 32-story steel-clad edifice on

    the Mississippi shoreline that had been vacant for the

    last decade. That day they caught a 34-pounder, so the

    story goes, and in July 2015 the doors opened to Bass

    Pro Shops Outdoor World Memphis Pyramid.

    That story is told on the website for Big Cypress

    Lodge, a 103-suite hotel that encompasses half of the

    second and third floors of the store. The first floor and

    part of the second floor are retail space, and include

    unique features such as the Cypress Swamp, with

    100-foot-tall cypress trees and an 84,000-gallon alligator

    habitat and underwater aquarium with more than

    1,800 fish.

    Viega ProPress for copper was used to help pipe

    the 600,000 gallons of water that feeds into a heat

    exchanger line inside the swamp. Viega ProPress for

    copper was also used in the hot water lines throughout

    the entire structure.

    We feed the system that actually feeds the

    swamp, said Eric Gipson, Project Manager for Gipson

    Mechanical. Another contractor did the piping for

    the swamp, and his equipment is fed by our piping,

    which allows them to heat and cool the swamp. Our

    systems never touch each other, but each system goes

    through a set of tubes that are intertwined. My pipe

    takes the heat out of the water coming out of the swamp

    and ours goes in cold and come out hot.

    Gipson has had experience with this type of heat

    exchange in other projects, including a zoo in Memphis,

    where they use the same idea to heat and cool the

    rocks that animals can rest on. But there was no rest for

    Gipson on this job. What should have been a 36-month

    job was completed in 16 months. Having used Viega

    products in the past, Gipson said he was happy the

    design engineer, Haltom Engineering, allowed them to

    use it for this project.

    We use Viega ProPress every chance we get,

    Gipson said. For this project it was a perfect

    opportunity to use it, and it was just a point of getting

    approval from the design engineer and he is open-

    minded and saw the benefit and he allowed us

    to use and we moved forward with it.

    Haltom Engineering had never

    used Viega products before,

    The tallest, freestanding elevator in America showcases the grand pyramid.

    2 4 v i e g a v o i c e N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5

  • but knew it was a great alternative to traditional methods

    given the quick turnaround time.

    They wanted to open retail while working above them

    on the hotel piping, Jeff Haltom, P.E. said. It turned out

    they completed all at the same time, but the schedules

    were hyper-fast track and this method allowed them to

    complete the project faster. It saves time and money

    versus traditional methods.

    With Viega, Gipson estimates he saved between 40%

    and 50% on the labor. When factoring in the cost of the

    fittings versus the labor it takes to solder, Gipson said it

    just makes sense to use Viega.

    With Viega ProPress I dont have to have a driver

    picking up torches, oxygen bottles to make solder joints

    so you eliminate that time all together, Gipson said.

    Gipson, a certified minority-owned business, has

    been working in Memphis since 1983. Hes watched the

    rise and fall of the pyramid since it originally opened in

    1991 as a 20,142 seat arena. It served as the home of

    the Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA and the University of

    Memphis basketball program until 2004 when the FedEx

    Forum was built after it was determined the pyramid did

    not meet NBA standards. To add to its woes, on opening

    night the entire arena began to flood, requiring stage

    hands to sandbag the entire perimeter to preserve the

    electrical runs under the stage. After all this, Gipson said

    hes happy he was a part of this special project.

    The job itself is nothing but positive. The arena stayed

    dormant for several years, but just the name in itself is a

    positive for the city. When Bass Pro comes, they bring

    so much to the city. There are several opportunities for

    growth. Its a magnet, Gipson said. To put a project of

    that magnitude in the time frame that weve done is

    one that were proud to put on our resume.


    On the plateau overlooking Eagle Mountain Lake sits a contemporary home designed with efficiency in mind. Created by award-winning Architect Norman Ward, the homes potable water runs through Viega FostaPEX, which was specified by Ward himself and installed by Hargis Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.

    The Eagle Mountain job was the first time owner Eddie Hargis had used Viega FostaPEX, but today thats all he uses in addition to copper.

    We use this under the slab and you can make a nice-looking manifold because it holds its shape, Hargis said. If you were using another product it would be difficult to bend it and keep its shape and still make it stable.

    For the Eagle Mountain home, Hargis used Viega FostaPEX with " and " Viega PEX press 90 elbows in bronze and was satisfied with the look and quality of the finished project.


    - Eric Gipson, Project Manager, Gipson Mechanical

    v i e g a v o i c e w w w . v i e g a . u s 2 5

  • W hen the new Southeast High School opens for the 2016 school year, it will be the final project completed as part of a $370 million bond issue

    implemented by the USD 259 school district in

    Wichita, KS.

    Passed in 2008, the bond issue touched all 90

    schools in the district, with Southeast being one of

    nine brand new schools. It is also the largest and most

    expensive project funded by the bond issue. With

    a $60 million price tag, the new Southeast High will

    accommodate 1,800 students and feature a 900-seat

    auditorium and fine arts suite, a gymnasium with a

    walking track, swimming pool, storm shelters and

    much more.

    While not all the finishing touches will be completed,

    the construction is scheduled to end in January 2016, a

    mere 16-months after they broke ground on September

    29, 2014. It was the tight construction schedule that led

    Brad Ward, Vice President of Midwest Engineering, to

    specify Viega products for the school.

    For the Southeast high job, the selling point to using

    Viega products was the construction schedule, Ward

    said. They have a 16-month build period on a roughly

    300,000 square foot building with a lot of piping on the

    hydronic and plumbing side so their guys can get it in

    a lot faster.

    It was Ward and his support of Viega products that

    has led USD 259 to use Viega products universally

    across the district for repairs and new builds. In the

    case of Southeast High, Ward specified the use of Viega

    ProPress for copper on all the hot and cold domestic

    water lines 2" and smaller and Viega MegaPressG on

    heating and air 2" and down. Kruse Corporation, who

    worked closely with the general contractor, Dondlinger

    Construction, performed all the mechanical work.

    The reason we like it so much is that it saves labor,

    said Rusty Williams, the Plumbing Foreman for Kruse.

    When youre doing connections on live systems then

    you dont have to worry about putting bread in or drain

    the system down to solder. You can just cut it, put your

    no-stop couplings on and slide them in place, press

    them and youre done. It makes it a lot easier.

    Kent Kruse, owner of Kruse Corporation, said it

    makes his job easier when hes able to facilitate help

    for his employees and save money on labor as well. On

    Southeast High, Kent estimates he saved about 20% on

    labor by using Viega products.

    Its not rocket science a job like this most all of our

    costs are labor, so anything we can do to save labor will

    save us all time and money, Kruse said. And hopefully,

    with the savings, we can go out and get another job.


    2 6 v i e g a v o i c e N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5

  • Kruse has about 200 employees, with approximately

    40 employees on the Southeast jobsite, 24 of those

    being plumbers. To date, the Southeast High job is

    the largest in company history, having diversified

    into plumbing six years ago after being solely a

    HVAC contractor. Kruse and Williams agreed that the

    innovation behind of Viegas press system and its quality

    has contributed to the labor savings.

    When you go to flush a system and if youve

    soldered, you have all kinds of debris in the line and

    well have strainers on them filled with solder and flux.

    Well with Viega ProPress you dont have near the

    debris so you really save a lot of time and headache,

    Williams said.

    With the mechanical work scheduled for completion

    shortly, Kruse said he is grateful for Viegas Smart

    Connect feature, which provides installers added

    confidence in their ability to ensure the integrity

    of connections.

    During a remodel on another large-scale industrial

    building we discovered an older fitting that started

    leaking because it had never been soldered,

    Kruse said.

    Its situations like these which

    make Kruse and his team grateful

    for the multiple savings provided by

    Viega, from the time on the job to

    the final product.

    We press everything now,

    Kruse said. Our personal belief

    is you save money by pressing.

    Theres more savings on the labor

    than the actual addition of the fitting

    cost. The labor is a huge pool of

    money. If you start doing the math,

    its pretty easy math usually.Kruse Corporation installed Viega ProPress for the domestic hot and cold water lines in Southeast High School, saving an estimated 20% in labor over soldering.


    - Kent Kruse, Owner, Kruse Corporation

    Illustration courtesy of Schaefer, Johnson, Cox and Frey Architecture

    v i e g a v o i c e w w w . v i e g a . u s 2 7

  • Founded in 2008, Forbes Mechanical Inc. in

    Edmonton, Alberta, may be a relative newcomer to

    the market, but with its high customer service ratings,

    zero-claim record, and a history of completely satisfied

    clients, its a company poised for continuing success.

    Forbes Mechanical is a premier service provider and

    commercial project vendor, licensed, bonded, and

    certified in plumbing, gas fitting, HVAC, and

    septic systems.

    Andrew Long, Commercial Foreman for Forbes

    Mechanical, took the reins on a piping installation at

    the Excel Societys Grand Manor in Edmonton. The

    Excel Society is a non-profit company that supports

    and advocates for people with mental, physical, and

    developmental disabilities in Alberta. Grand Manor is a

    one-of-a-kind facility, which allows Excel Society clients

    to build a life in a community.

    The Excel Society planned to add a new 64-suite

    addition to its existing 56-suite facility. The biggest

    complication: Grand Manors new addition didnt have

    a boiler room. Forbes Mechanical would have to run

    eight or nine different piping lines through a 55-foot

    underground chase from the old building to the new one.

    I had to run a 2" gas main down that chase, Long

    said. The free area youve got to work with in that chase

    was about three-and-a-half feet of headroom with about

    18" side to side. Its very, very tight.

    In a workspace that cramped, Long realized there

    was no possible way to tighten a 2" gas line. Forbes

    Mechanical thought of several different methods to

    install the gas line, including pre-fabbing the line and

    sliding it into the chase. But the concern for possible

    leaks prevented that option. Thats when Long

    discovered Viega MegaPressG.

    I was kind of leery of it at first, Long said. I

    knew of Viega ProPress, but Id never seen the Viega

    MegaPress until I saw a blurb about it at a wholesaler.

    A Viega District Manager met with Long and

    presented the black iron pipe solution for gas lines,

    loaning Long an available pressing tool.

    It was looking to be hugely labor intensive,

    spending days down there, Long said. But with Viega

    MegaPress, I had two guys down there for six hours,

    and it was done. It was a huge benefit.

    An additional project connected to Grand Manor was

    a large parkade, a multistory parking garage. Forbes

    Mechanical also used the loaned pressing tool on that

    project, where they installed all the heating mains. Long

    estimated that it would have taken a three-man crew a

    week-and-a-half to complete the project using traditional

    soldering for copper and welding for black iron.


    Installers had to install gas piping in an area with about three-and-a-half feet of headroom and 18" wide.


    - Andrew Long, Commercial Foreman, Forbes Mechanical

    2 8 v i e g a v o i c e N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5

  • I put all my pipe up, Long said, and

    then by myself in 10 hours, I made all the

    connections. We saved probably 80 manhours

    on the parkade alone.

    Forbes Mechanical was so impressed with

    the time savings and security they experienced, the

    company decided to start pressing as many projects

    as possible.

    We already had the pressing tool from another

    company we bought out, but we always soldered,

    Long said. So it was just sitting on the shelf. After

    seeing how fast we went through that parkade, it was

    a no-brainer. All we had to do was buy the jaws for

    Viega MegaPress.

    Long also appreciated the security of the

    connections. Since this project marked his first

    experience with Viega systems, Long fully

    expected leaks.

    I was ready for them, he said. I had three bottles

    of leak detector. I expected I would have to go through

    and test all these joints and find all the leaks, but there

    was nothing. I was very impressed. I still have three full

    bottles of leak detector left.

    Long stated that he could solder a joint quickly but

    that it would probably leak. But with Viega, you get a

    faster installation and a more reliable connection.

    From now on, Ill do next-to-no soldering,

    Long said. As much as I possibly can, Ill only be

    using press.

    v i e g a v o i c e w w w . v i e g a . u s 2 9

  • Viegas training opportunities are

    nontraditional they go beyond the scope of

    its products into creating solutions that enhance

    lives. Customers who have attended Viegas

    training seminars walk away with the knowledge

    and experience that will improve their business.

    From learning about how press technology can

    save them time and money, to sharing its vast

    knowledge of water quality, Viega is committed to

    providing the best training in the industry.

    No matter the topic or the location Viega

    is available to get you the answers you need to

    get the job done right the first time. So whether

    you attend a training seminar, or call your local

    District Manager, youll see how accommodating

    Viega is to the needs of its customers.


    Register for classes at

    3 0 v i e g a v o i c e N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5

  • TECHTALKViega Tech Talk Experts Jason Allison, Jacob Demars and David Melendy

    I have an older Viega brass manifold in my

    home that is leaking. Can these be repaired,

    or should I replace it?

    The choice is yours. Viega offers a large variety

    of replacement parts for both our brass and

    stainless steel manifolds. Most of the parts

    needed to repair brass manifolds and the

    transition parts to convert to the newer stainless

    steel manifolds can be found in the spare parts

    section of our April 2015 catalog. In addition

    to valve seats and other wet connection

    replacement parts for our older brass manifolds,

    we also offer adaptor rings to connect new power

    heads to our older brass manifolds.

    Can I install my finished floor directly on top

    of the Viega Climate Panel?

    There are four common types of finished

    floor options when dealing with residential

    construction: wood floor, tile, vinyl/linoleum and

    carpet. The floor surface temperature should be

    no higher than 85F in any of these applications.

    1. When installing hardwood floors, you can

    install the flooring directly onto the Viega

    Climate Panel. The floor should be installed

    perpendicular to the climate panels and be

    in accordance with the flooring

    manufacturers instructions.

    2. When installing tile with Viega Climate Panel,

    there needs to be a " to " concrete

    fiberboard glued and screwed on top of the

    panel followed by thin set and then the tiles.

    3. With a linoleum or vinyl finished floor, you

    will need to install either a sheet of " to

    " finished plywood or concrete fiberboard.

    The linoleum or vinyl floor can then be glued

    directly to the subfloor.

    4. Carpet is the final option for a finished floor

    over Viega Climate Panel and this application

    requires careful planning. Install the carpet

    pad and carpet with nailing strips directly on

    the climate panels. When installing carpet

    with radiant heat you must be careful not

    to exceed a total of 2.5 for R-Value. Please

    remember both the carpet pad and carpet

    are insulators thus restricting the heat from

    getting into the room, so keeping the R-Value

    low is a must.

    What is the recommend maximum velocity

    for domestic water distribution design with a

    PEX plumbing system?

    Traditionally, model plumbing codes adopted

    a maximum velocity of five feet per second for

    hot water piping and a maximum of eight feet

    per second for cold water piping. These velocity

    recommendations were adopted in order to help

    minimize the effects of erosion corrosion and

    other issues that water can cause in metallic

    piping used in plumbing systems. The maximum

    recommended velocity for hot water is less than

    cold because heat can speed up a chemical

    reaction which makes hot water more aggressive

    than cold water.

    Now that PEX plumbing systems have

    become more popular and widely accepted by

    major plumbing codes, designers realize some

    of the restrictions may not apply to PEX piping

    systems, such as velocity limitation.

    Most recently the 2015 edition of the Uniform

    Plumbing Code has adopted an IAPMO standard

    for the installation of PEX tubing systems. This

    IAPMO standard makes these higher velocity

    recommendations. One of the benefits of

    designing at higher velocities using PEX tubing is

    that there may be less of a need for larger sized

    piping as would be required for metallic piping.

    This will lead to a much more efficient plumbing

    installation. Viega has always supported model

    plumbing codes in promoting safe and innovative

    piping systems, which is why Viega agrees with

    the new velocity recommendations of eight feet

    per second for hot water and 10 feet per second

    for cold water when using PEX tubing.

    v i e g a v o i c e w w w . v i e g a . u s 3 1

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