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VCE Music Resources 2011-2016RESOURCESVCE FOOD AND TECHNOLOGY 2011201XVCE MUSIC 20112016RESOURCESVCE MusicResources 20112016 (February 2014)Some of the print resources contained in this list may be out of print. They have been included because they may still be available from libraries, bookshops and private collections.At the time of publication the URLs (website addresses) cited were checked for accuracy and appropriateness of content. However, due to the transient nature of material placed on the web, their continuing accuracy cannot be verified. Teachers are strongly advised to prepare their own indexes of sites that are suitable and applicable to the courses they teach, and to check these addresses prior to allowing student access.BOOKSApel, W 1990, Italian Violin Music of the Seventeenth Century, Indiana University Press.Arrau, C 2001, Arrau on Music and Performance, Amadeus Press.Bachmann, A 1975, An Encyclopedia of the Violin, Da Capo Press.Berklee Workshop Series, Jazz Improvisation Workshop Series (2 titles with DVD), Hal Leonard, USA.Brown, R 2003, The Early Flute: A Practical Guide, Cambridge University Press.Bruser, M 1997, The Art of Practicing: A guide to making music from the heart, Bell Tower, New York.Burton, A (ed.) 2002, A Performers Guide to Music of the Baroque Period, Bk/CD, ABRSM.Burton, A (ed.) 2002, A Performers Guide to Music of the Classical Period, Bk/CD, ABRSM.Burton, A (ed.) 2002, A Performers Guide to Music of the Romantic Period, Bk/CD, ABRSM.Caballero, C (ed. Whittall, A) 2004, Faure and French Musical Aesthetics, Cambridge University Press.Cassell, BW 1989, Music Structure & Performance, Prentice-Hall, New Jersey.Charlton, D (ed.) 2003, Cambridge Companion to Grand Opera, Cambridge University Press.Charlton, K 2006, Rock Music Styles, McGraw-Hill Education.Cooke, JF 1999, Great Pianists on Playing Piano, Dover.Cunningham, M 1999, Live and Kicking the Rock Concert Industry in the Nineties, Sanctuary Music Library.Damschroder, D 2001, Foundations of Music and Musicianship, [inc. CD-ROM], Schirmer Books, New York.Dreyfus, K 1999, Sweethearts of rhythm: the story of Australia's all-girls bands and orchestras to the end of the Second World War, Currency Press.Evans, A 1994, The secrets of musical confidence: how to maximise your performance potential, Thorsons, London.Everett, W 2007, Expression in Pop-rock Music: A Collection of Critical and Analytical Essays (Studies in Contemporary Music and Culture), 2nd edn, Routledge.Frith, S 2007, Taking Popular Music Seriously, Ashgate.Gilliam, B (ed.) 2005, Music and Performance During the Weimar Republic, (Cambridge Studies in Performance Practice, No. 3), Cambridge University Press,Goosens, E 1993, Oboe, Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides, 3rd edn, Kahn and Averill.Green, B & Gallwey, WT 2003, The Inner Game of Music, 7th edn, Pan Macmillan.Greene, D 2001, Performance Success: Performing your best under pressure, 1st edn, Routledge.Havas, K 1973, Stage Fright, Its causes and cures, Bosworth (with special reference to violin playing).Hellaby, J 2009, Reading Musical Interpretation Case Studies in Solo Piano Performance, Ashgate.Hemsley, T 1998, Singing and Imagination, Oxford University Press.Jones, K 2000, Keeping your Nerve, Faber Press.Kamien, R (ed.) 1990, The Norton Scores: An Anthology for Listening, Vols 1 and 2, WW Norton & Co, New York.Kerry, G 2008, New classical music: composing Australia, University of New South Wales Press.Kolneder, G 1970, Performance Practices in Vivaldi, Amadeus.Lieberman, JL 1991, You are your instrument: the definitive musician's guide to practice and performance, Huiksi Music, New York.Mach, E 1991, Great Contemporary Pianists Speak for Themselves, 2 vols, Dover.Maisel, E 2005, Performance Anxiety, 1st edn, Back Stage Books.Manen, L 1987, Bel Canto, Oxford.Martin, N 2006, Giants of Blues, SMT-Sanctuary Publications.*Markevitch, D 1974, The Solo Cello, Fallen Leaf Press.Menn, J (ed.) 1992, Secrets from the Masters-Conversations with Forty Great Guitar Players, GPI Books.Monson, I 1997, Saying Something, University of Chicago Press, Chicago.Neumann, F 1993, Performance Practices of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, Schirmer Books, New York.Palmer, K (ed.) 2001, Ornamentation According to CPE Bach and JJ Quantz, 1st Books Library.Phillips, L 1995, Lieder Line by Line, Oxford University Press.Rowland, D (ed.) 1999, Cambridge Companion to the Piano, Cambridge University Press.Salmon, PG & Meyer, RG 1998, Notes for the Green Room: Coping with Stress and Anxiety in Musical Performance, John Urle & Sons, Canada.Sandor, G 1995, On Piano Playing, Schirmer Books, New York.Sataloff, R 1991, Professional Voice: the Science and the Art of Clinical Care, Raven Press, New York.Skinnner, G 2007, Peter Sculthorpe, the making of an Australian Composer, University of New South Wales Press.Sutro, D 2006, Jazz for Dummies, 2nd edn, John Wiley & Sons.Werner, K 1996, Effortless Mastery: Liberating the Master Musician Within, bk/CD, Aebersold Publishing.Williamson, A 2004, Musical Excellence: Strategies and Techniques to Enhance Performance, Oxford University Press.Wills, G 1998, Pressure sensitive: popular musicians under stress, Sage Publications.Wilson, FR 1986, Tone deaf and all thumbs? An invitation to music making for late bloomers and non-prodigies, Viking, New York.PEFORMANCE TECHNIQUEAsper, L 1999, A Physical Approach to Playing Trumpet, 1st edn, Wavesong Press.Bonnetti, R 2002, Confident Music Performance, Words and Music Press.Brandman, M, Contemporary Piano Method Series, Music, JT 1995, Expressive Singing, Prentice-Hall, New Jersey.Challis, N 1994, The Singers Rachmaninoff, Pellion.Clayton, S 2006, 100 Tips for Bass Guitar, Sanctuary Publishing.Cooke, B & Brauer, J (ed.) 1996, Great Singers on the Art of Singing, Dover.Dickson, J (ed.) 2009, The Highland Bagpipe, Ashgate.Dutton, J 2003, 100 Tips for Keyboards, Sanctuary Publishing.Easton, T 2004, Musical Drumming Bk.3/CD, Allans Publishing.Farkas, P 1989, Art of Brass Playing, Wind Music Inc.Ferris, J 2002, Music the Art of Listening, 6th edn with CD-Rom, McGraw-Hill.Gerle, R, 1991, Art of Bowing Practice, Stainer & Bell.Gerle, R, 1983, Art of Practising the Violin, Stainer & Bell.Humphries, J 2003, Giants of Rock, Bk & CD, Sanctuary Publishing.Humphries, J 2002, Giants of Metal, Bk & CD, Sanctuary Publishing.Ingham, J 2001, Cambridge Companion to Saxophone, Cambridge University Press.Jones, K 2000, Keeping your Nerve, Faber Press.Kamien, R (ed.) 1990, The Norton Scores: An Anthology for Listening, Vols 1 and 2, WW Norton & Co, New York, USA.Kuzmich, J, The World of String Technology.www.virtvirt.comLawson, C 1996, Cambridge Companion to the Clarinet, Cambridge University Press.Leimer K & Gieseking W 1972, Piano Technique, Dover.Lind, E 1987, Exercises for Musicians: How to Control and Prevent Postural Stress, Plucked String, Arlington.Mark, T et al. 2004, What Every Pianist Needs to Know About the Body, GIA Publications.Marten, N 2006, Giants of Blues, Bk & CD, Sanctuary Publishing.Mash, S 1998, Musicians and the Internet: The Ultimate Beginner Technology Start Series, with interactive CD-Rom, Alfred Music Publishing.Mead, D 2006, 100 Tips for Acoustic Guitar, Sanctuary Publishing.Mozart, L et al. 1985, Treatise on Fundamentals of Violin Playing, Oxford University Press.Music for Dummies Series, Hal Leonard.Neuhaus, H, 1993, Art of Piano Playing, Kahn and Averill.Norris, RN. 1993, The musicians survival manual: a guide to preventing and treating injuries in instrumentalists, International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians.Pearl, D 2008, Piano Exercises for Dummies, Wiley Publishing.Potter, J 2000, Cambridge Companion to Singing, Cambridge University Press.Pusz, RJ 2000, Percussion: a comprehensive approach, Australian Music Centre.Quantz, JJ 2001, On Playing the Flute, (2nd edn), Northeastern.Raskin, M 1972, Isometrics for drummers: for students and professionals, New York, exclusively distributed by Cherry Lane Music Co.Roland, D 1997, The confident performer, Currency Press.Rockschool Series, Technical Exercises for Male/Female Singers, Level 3; Bk/CD Also available for Contemporary Piano, Contemporary Guitar, Bass Guitar. Guides Series, World Music The Rough Guide, 2002, (vol. 1. Africa, Europe and Middle East); vol.2. Latin, North America, Caribbean, India, Asia and the Pacific) Penguin.Rowland, D (ed.) 1999, Cambridge Companion to the Piano, Cambridge University Press.Rubenstein, A & Carreno, T 2003, The Art of Piano Pedaling: 2 Classic Guides, Dover.Sataloff, R 2005, Professional Voice: the Science and the Art of Clinical Care, 3rd edn, Plural Publishing Inc.Scholl, M 1997, Flexing in the groove: how fitness can help your drumming, Modern Drummer.Schneider, J 1985, The Contemporary Guitar, Book Syrge.Schuller, G 1992, Horn Technique, 2nd edn, Oxford University Press, Oxford.Severson, P & McDunn, M 1983, Brass Wind Artistry, Accura Music, Ohio.Spence, G, The Only No Mystery Guide to Trumpet Mastery, Bk/CD, Mystery to Mastery Publishing. www.mysterytomastery.comStevens, RS & Zwissler, RN 1970, Artistic Flute Playing: Technique and Study, Highland Music, Hollywood, California.Stone, G 1995, You Can Sing, Amsco Publishing, Sydney.Stowell, R 1997, Cambridge Companion to the Violin, Cambridge University Press.Stowell, R 1999, Cambridge Companion to the Cello, Cambridge University Press.Stowell, R 2003, Cambridge Companion to the String Quartet, Oxford University Press.Strange, A & Strange, P 2001, Contemporary Violin Extended Performance Technique, Scarecrow.Severson, P & McDunn, M 1983, Brass Wind Artistry, Accura Music, Ohio.Shuker, R 2002, Key Concepts in Popular Music (AZ), Routledge.Stevens, RS & Zwissler, RN 1967, Artistic Flute Playing: Technique and Study, Highland Music, Hollywood, California.Stone, R 1974, Handbook of African Music, The Garland Publishers.Stowell, R 1997, Cambridge Companion to the Violin, Cambridge University Press.Stowell, R 1999, Cambridge Companion to the Cello, Cambridge University Press.Stowell, R 2003, Cambridge Companion to the String Quartet, Oxford University Press.Strange, A & Strange, P 2001, Contemporary Violin Extended Performance Technique, Scarecrow.Wall, J 1989, International Phonetic Alphabet for Singers, Caldwell Publishing.Wilson, P 1997, The Singing Voice, Currency Press.Youens, S 1999, Schuberts Poets and the Making of Lieder, Cambridge University Press.AURAL TRAINING AND MUSICIANSHIPAppleby, A 1995, You can Read Music, Amsco Publishing.Bennett, R 1990, Music Dictionary, Cambridge University Press.Brown, A 2007, Computers in Music Education: Amplifying Musicality, Routledge, New York.Ceresoli, M 2011, VCE Music Performance Musicianship Essentials Series, Aural & theory books and CDs for the 2011 Study Design, Units 1 and 2 Student Workbook with 1 CD, Units 3 and 4 Student Workbook, with 2 CDs, Units 1 & 2 Teacher Edition with 1 CD, Units 3 and 4 Teacher Edition, with 2 CDs.Damschroder, D 2005, Foundations of Music and Musicianship, inc. CD-ROM, 3rd edn, Schirmer Books, New York.Ferris, J 2002, Music the Art of Listening, 4th edn, Browne and Benchmark.Gauld, C & Novelli, M 2001, VCE Music Performance Aural Examination Practice Rhythmic Transcription Exercise,, L 2008, Music, Informal Learning and the School: A New Classroom Pedagogy, Ashgate.Griffin, M 2009, Modern Harmony Method, 2nd edn, online publication., P 2008, Improve your sight-reading, Faber Music.Hopkins, A 1993 Understanding Music, Oxford University Press.Kostka, S & Payne, D 2008, Tonal Harmony Workbook, 6th edn, McGraw-Hill Education.Leong, S 2003, Musicianship in the 21st century: issues, trends and possibilities, Australian Music Centre.Miller, M 2002, The Complete Idiots Guide to Music Theory (CD included), Penguin.Peterson, N 2008, An Introduction to the Concepts of Music, McGraw-Hill.Pilhofer, M & Day, H 2007, Music Theory for Dummies (inc aural CD), Wiley Publishing.Smith, D 2006, Musicianship & Aural Training for the Secondary School, Group Performance 2nd edn, Student and Teacher editions and CDs for Dictations,, D 2010, Musicianship & Aural Training for the Secondary School, Student and Teacher editions and CDs for Dictations,, D 2010, Musicianship & Aural Training for the Secondary School, Melodic & Rhythmic Transcriptions for VCE, Teachers book and CD,, D 2011, Musicianship & Aural Training for the Secondary School, Practice Examinations, Teachers book and CD,, T & Hillman, J 2001, The Performing Ear (compatible with Auralia), Box Hill College of TAFE.Spillman, R 1990, Sight Reading at the Keyboard, Schirmer Books, New York.White, G 1991, The Harmonic Dimension (Theory and Aural), WC Brown.Williamson, A (ed.) 2004, Musical Excellence: Strategies and Techniques to Enhance Performance, Oxford University Press.RESEARCH/INVESTIGATION (see also resources under Performance, some of these resources are also appropriate for use in the Performance area of study)Attinello, P, Halfyard, JK and Knights, V (eds) 2009, Music Sound and Silence in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ashgate.Barron, S & Dalton P 2004, The Rough Guide to Reggae The Definitive Guide to Jamaican Music from SKA through Roots to Bashment, 3rd edn, Rough Guides Publishing.Bayer, G (ed.) 2009, Heavy Metal Music in Britain, Ashgate.Bennett, R 1996, Fortissimo, book, CD, teacher resource, Cambridge University Press.Bird, J 1999, Percy Grainger, Oxford University Press.Bishop, D 1992, The musician as athlete: alternative approaches to healthy performance, Kava Publications, Calgary.Black, J, Rock and Pop Timeline from 1950s to 21st Century, Quantam.Blaukoph, H & Blaukoph, K (ed.) 2000, Mahler: His Life, Work and World, revised edition, Thames & Hudson.Burkholder, JP, Grout, DJ & Palisca, CV 2001, Norton Anthology of Western Music Parts 16, 8th edn, WW Norton & Co.Carrigan, J, Australian Solo Piano Works of the last 25 years, Australian Music Centre, 2006Collins, K 2008, From PacMan to Pop Music: Interactive Audio in Games and New Media, Ashgate.Cook, 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self-efficacy, state anxiety and musical performance quality, Western Michigan University.Marvin, M 1977, A Postmodern Music and Thought, Cypress.Milne, L 2007, A way back / music by Lachlan Davidson, Australian Music Centre music resource kit.Moore, AF (ed.) 2003, Analyzing Popular Music, Cambridge University Press. (ebook available for download)Mordden, E 2002, Open a New Window The Broadway Musical in the 1960s, Palgrave Macmillan.Mordden, E 2003, One More Kiss, The Broadway Musical in the 1970s, Palgrave Macmillan.Mordden, E 1998, Coming up Roses The Broadway Musical in the 1950s, Oxford University Press.Moylan, W 1992, The Art of Recording (The Creative Resources of Music Production and Audio), Van Nostrand Reinhold.Music for Dummies Series, Hungry Minds Inc.Neuhaus, H, 1993, Art of Piano Playing, Kahn and Averill.Nolan, F, Hammerstein, O & Rodgers, R 2002, The Sound of their Music The story of Rogers and Hammerstein, Applause.OBrien, L 1996, The Definitive History of Women in Rock, Pop and Soul, Sanctuary Publishing.Phillips, L 1984, Lieder Line by Line, Oxford University Press.Pickering, D, 1995, Brewers 20th Century Music, Nicolson Illustrated, Weidenfeld.Racy, AJ 2004, Making Music in the Arab World: The Culture and Artistry of Tarab, Cambridge University Press.Rahn, J 1995, Perspectives 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Composition and Orchestration, University of Chicago.Schachter, A 2002, Harmony and Voice Leading, 3rd edn, Wadsworth Publishing.Schachter, S 1989, Counterpoint in Composition, Columbia University.Shuker, R 2005, Key Concepts in Popular Music (AZ), 2nd edn, Routledge.Vella, R 2000, Musical environments: a manual for listening, improvising and composing, Currency Press.COPYRIGHT INFORMATIONMusic Copyright for SchoolsA Guide to the AMCOS, AMCOS/ARIA and APRA school I, Paine R and Watts D 1991, Music copyright for schools: teachers copying rights under the AMCOS Agreement Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society,[1].pdf Music Industry piracy investigationsMusic for Church practical Copyright Guide to the Use of Print Music in Australia 2nd edn (especially useful for private music teachers)Amcos licence for photocopying in AND MASTERCLASSESRae Howell, Symphony Leekwww.stephenleek.comSee also OrganisationsJOURNALS AND PERIODICALSThe Australian Music Teacherwww.musicteachermag.comCounterpoint NewsAssociation of Music Educators (aMuse)Tel: (03) 9349 Guitar PlayerEd Sengstack Miller Freeman Publication, USAwww.guitarplayer.comMusic in Music Reviewjournals@ashgatepublishing.comResonateAustralian Music Stone Australia MagazineRolling Stone, Redfern, NSWWorld New Music Magazine, 2010, No. 20 Australia, International Society for Contemporary Music.Victorian Journal of Music EducationASME, MelbourneWEBSITESAustralian Broadcasting (accessed May 2011)Graham Abbott Keys to Music, ABC Jazz, ABC Country, Music News, DIG Music, Triple J, Radio National Music Podcasts, ABC Classic FM program details, etc.Australian Independent Record Labels Association (accessed May 2011)Aussie Bands Music Page (accessed May 2011)Australian Music library catalogue, shop, repertoire finder, downloadable resources such as mp3 files and scores and other material Bruser, M, Art of (accessed 21 March 2010)Humberstone, Jwww.composerhome.comresources on the topics of composition, music education, music technology and experimental music (accessed 20 March 2010)Melbourne Symphony (accessed 21 March 20, 2010)Music Pagewww.themusicpage.comlive streaming and other resources including forums (accessed 20 March 2010)Technology Institute for Music, resources and guidelines for using technology in music education (accessed 20 March 2010) (accessed 20 March 2010)Michalkow, M, Drumming Systemwww.drummingsystem.comdownloadable practice routine generatorVIDEO AND DVD cataloguesAustralian Broadcasting Corporation, Commercial DVD Catalogue, published annually.Contemporary Arts (accessed May 2011), In Concert Series (43 performances), jazz, vocal and classical concertsMarcom Projects, Musicals and Theatre Broadcasting Service, DVD Catalogue, published annually, Marcom of Music Educators (aMuse) National Association of Teachers of Singing (ANATS) Society of Music Education (ASME) Strings Association (AUSTA)www.austa.asn.auKodaly Music Education Institute of Australia (KMEIA) Library of Film and Sound and Saxophone Society (CLASAX)www.clasax.orgVictorian Flute Guildwww.victorianfluteguild.orgVictorian Orff Schulwerk Associationwww.vosa.orgVictorian Music Teachers Music Centre, Music Teacher Pack, published annually.Campbell, R, Humberstone, J & Ricketson, D 2008, Stepping Stones, Australian Music Centre & Sibelius.SOFTWAREAvid, Pro Tools-Audio Recordingwww.avid.comDatasonics, Mastering Music, (Performing, Composing, Publishing & Musicianship exercises and lessons) Music Inc, Band In A Box (version 12)www.pgmusic.comRising Software Pty Ltd, Auralia, and Musition (Aural and Theory Programs) Corporation Finale Music (Notation), Sydney.Roland Corporation, Cakewalk/Generator Music Creation (Music Composition), Sonar/ Homestudiowww.cakewalk.comSibelius, Sibelius 6, (Notation and sequencing)www.sibelius.comSony, Soundforge7 (audio editing), Acid Music Studio 7 (composition), Cubase, 1999 (composition)www.steinberg.netVCAA December 201018VCAA, February 201412


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