Useful Home and Garden Makeover Ideas

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    Gardening experts give practical and useful home and garden tips online or on TV shows whichare very instructive. Incorporate their ideas and suggestions to give your garden a face-lift. Severalfactors go into creating a beautiful garden. While the size is not very important, proper placementof plants, pathways and garden furniture all combine to create a beautiful garden.

    Remember to follow these simple instructions

    Prepare the soil before you bring in plants and vegetable seedlings. Clean out the garden and uselawn clippings, branches and leaves by renting a shredder and re-use this as fertilizer for yourlawn. Make a compost pile in one sunny corner of your yard. Make sure to place a layer of soilover your leaf and waste products. Check out how much sun or shade is required for a plant byreading instructions on tags when they are bought. Select the right spot and make your soil bed.Remember, it is not necessary to dig too deep as this can choke a plant or create root rot. If a treeis to be planted, remember to leave a clear area all around for the future.

    Care for your plants with the right fertilizers

    A useful home and garden tip is to plant the best of the lot from a vantage point so that when onelooks from a particular window in the living or dining room, they have a lovely view of the garden.A vegetable patch could grow in the backyard while a beautiful Japanese maple could lend anaura of beauty when viewed from the patio or the dining room. Create a pathway from theentrance of your home to the driveway and plant shrubs and flowering trees on both sides.

    Create a landscape with a collection of a few plants and rocks and place an ornamental statue tohighlight a particular area. Protect your plants from deer and rabbits that can destroy your garden.Plant nectar-fresh flowers to attract pretty butterflies and hummingbirds. Hang a few feedersoutside your solarium if you have one and watch the birds feed.

    Points to consider when creating a garden

    Think ahead. Do not plant trees and shrubs that will outgrow your garden space and look crowded.Make sure you buy plants and flowers that are seasonal and are contained in the space providedfor them. Use these useful home and garden tips to advantage and sit back and watch that gardengrow!

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