Trip ila Dubai - Issue 3 - Dubai Metro

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Trip ila Dubai, in this issue is about Dubai Metro, find out more . enjoy


<p>ISSUE: 03</p> <p>DATED: 27</p> <p>TH</p> <p>JUNE 2011 POINTS2DELIVER, DELIVER UPDTODATE AND RIGHT TO THE POINT INFORMATION ABOUT DUBAI AND UAE IN GENERAL. WE EMPOWER YOU TO SAVE MONEY AND TIME. CLICK HERE 2 GET MORE INFO.</p> <p>Trip ila</p> <p>DubaiEditors NoteDubai Metro: Officially inaugurated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on 09/09/09 time 09:09:09pm, I can say that indeed it is very cool opening date and time, rare and unique as the Dubai Metro itself. There are two main lines in operation, Red line and Green line. But most of the tourist attractions are located along the red line. Purple, blue and yellow lines are proposed future network of Dubai Metro. Each station is unique fully air conditioned with state of the art design in the shape of shell and decoration with friendly staff. Dubai Metro is excellent addition in promoting the city as number one destination. Enjoy, Hasan</p> <p>2</p> <p>e-NewsletterDubai Featured Photo</p> <p>LEARN MORE TO WORK AND LIVE IN UAE HERE</p> <p>POINTS2DELIVER EMPOWER YOU WITH DIRECT TO THE SOURCE INFO. ABOUT DUBAI Note: This is E-Newsletter: Means thats wherever you see a line under the words that is a link to explore more online about that subject.</p> <p>Some of Dubai Metro FACTS</p> <p>Photo Credit: points2deliver</p> <p>Fully Automated rapid transit Metro.</p> <p>First urban train network in the Gulf.</p> <p>70 km (43 mi) of lines, and 47 stations (including nine underground stations)</p> <p>Maximum speed of the trains is about 90 km/h.</p> <p>Operated by Serco under contract to the Dubai Roads &amp; Transport Authority</p> <p>Dubai Metro Signs along Sheikh Zayed Road</p> <p>Road and Transport Authority regulate all kind of transportation in Dubai including Dubai Metro. is official website, but you search for the term Dubai Metro, you will find other sites, We believe sometimes its better to get more info right from the source. You can use Dubai Metro to save transportation fees and visit more than 7 attractions and more than 5 shopping malls. We can assist and give more ideas how to use Wojhati to the fullest Journey planner from RTA.</p> <p>Points to remember at all time when in Dubai - UAE:</p> <p>Interchange Stations, Both are underground: Khalid bin Al Waleed near Burj Juman Centre and Union Stations. Connection Green line. Dont miss to visit Khalid Bin Waleed station, Amazing.</p> <p>Dubai useful LinksMORE INFO DUBAI METRO: RTA WEBSITE : NOL Ticketing WOJHATI</p> <p>In Ramadan, never eat, drink or smoke in public during daylight hours. Do not take photographs of military installations or national women. Never drink alcohol in public. Never show affection to your partner in public kissing. Dogs not allowed in most places. Dont forget your camera enjoy to the fullest.</p> <p>Follow me on Twitter</p> <p>Points2deliver, P O Box 38171, Abu Dhabi UAE. WWW.DUBAI-TRAVEL-UAE-GUIDE.COM</p> <p>Send your feedback or If you seek more Info: Click 2 mail:</p>


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