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Slide 1 TOUCHCAST TCEA 2015 Slide 2 PREVIEW A TOUCHCAST TCEA 2015 Touchcast Slide 3 OBJECTIVES Introduce TouchCast Learn the Benefits and Equipment Needs View created TouchCasts Learn how to Create Slide 4 WHAT IS TOUCHCAST? Slide 5 BENEFITS Interactive Learning Increase Student Engagement Addresses Multiple Learning Styles Learning is more Meaningful and Immersive Variety of sources all in one location Web Poll Photos Questions More Slide 6 HELP TEACHERS Provides Additional Support Multiple platforms in one Flipped Classroom Students Actively Engaged Lesson Slide 7 EQUIPMENT iPad iPad Stand Headphones Green Screen (optional) Slide 8 OUR EQUIPMENT Green Screen Tripod Slide 9 PRE-PRODUCTION Checklist Planning Research Script vApp Today we are going to look into the Economic and Domestic accomplishments of George Washington Picture We will look at 3 topics in this category: Judiciary Act, Whiskey Tax, and Policy for repaying national debt. List Click on the vApp with the web page and read about the Judiciary Act. Web Page Check for understanding: Question The Constitution is the guide which I will never abandon. Pull Quote Slide 10 REGISTER Create a log-in Web- App- Tap Cast Side on Left of screen Tap the person icon located on bottom right corner Free Account Upload up to one hour of non-commercial content Slide 11 PREFERRED VAPPS Slide 12 NEW TOUCHCAST Select a theme Add a title Add vApps Record Slide 13 CREATE A TOUCHCAST OF YOUR DREAM VACATION DESTINATION ScriptvAppNotes My dream vacation destination is ___________________. To learn more about ______________, tap on the vApp to view the website. Web Address for website ________________ is located near __________ Some of the things that I would like to do are: When at __________________, I may see some of these Slide 14 RESOURCES TouchCast Educator Guide TouchCast Tutorials


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