Top 15 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website or Blog

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Top 15 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website or BlogNearly all people who own websites have this one problem: How do I get more traf f ic to my website? Well,in this article I am going to give you 15 examples and ways on how to increase the traf f ic to your blog.1. Index your website into search engines.This way is possibly one of the most common ways. You can pretty much index your website into about anysearch engine there is.2. Tell your friends about your website.Simply by telling your f riends about your website can bring in a small amount of traf f ic.3. Handing out business cards.This is another very easy way to bring in traf f ic to your website. If you are of f ering a service, or selling aproduct, you can make or order business cards and pass them out to people.4. Put your website link in your email signature.By doing this, whenever you send an email to person, you can add your website link to the signature and bychances they will click on the link and view your website.5. Use SEO on your website.By adding SEO tags to your website, search engines will have an easier time detecting your website anddisplaying them in search results.6. Guest Blogging.If you guest blog, it is very well possible that you can increase your audience and the amount of traf f ic youreceive.7. Pay for traffic.I highly dont recommend this way, but it is possible in paying f or traf f ic. How it is done is rather simple, youpay a company and they send traf f ic onto your website.8. Use YouTube! I have personally heard that this way is possible to build up a large audience. Millions of people go ontoYouTube each year. That is a lot of possible customers, and to gain an audience, you simply need to postvideos about your product, service or your website.9. Pay for advertisements.Most popular websites have ad space that people can rent f or their business. Most advertisement spaceplans vary f rom website to website. Depending on the popularity of the website, you can gain a decentamount of traf f ic f rom this option.10. If you are a blog, blog regularly!This way is one of the best ways to gain traf f ic if you are hosting a blog. When users come to yourwebsite this shows that you are active and not a dead host. You dont have to blog every single day of theweek, but try posting an article every other day. For example: one article on Monday and another on Friday.11. If you are a blogger, become friends with other bloggers in your niche.If you bef riend a blogger that writes similar content, chances are they will begin to talk about your websitewhich can bring traf f ic to your blog.12. Take the ads off your websiteAds are a big turn of f f or new users. Simply by taking the advertisements of f of your website, chances arevisitors will stay and read your blog.13. Comment on other websites.By commenting on other websites related to your niche, it is possible that people will begin visiting yourwebsite. I advise to spam comments on blogs, if you do that you will receive negative reviews.14. Create and share Infographics.Inf ographics are an excellent candidate f or gaining traf f ic. Inf ographics are one of the most shared piecesof content.15. Dont give up!Most websites that start of f f ail, due to one thing: Little to no traf f ic. It is always hard to gain traf f ic, sonever give up and just keep trying. Eventually, you will succeed.