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Reporting and Validating Special Education Data Submissions. They Are Who We Say They Are. October 1 Child Count Due October 31 June 30 Child Count Due June 30. The Reports:. NSSRS Validation Site Error Review Verification Reports Student Lookups System Lookups. The data checkers. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Validation ReportsThey Are Who We Say They AreReporting and Validating Special Education Data SubmissionsThe Reports:October 1 Child Count Due October 31June 30 Child Count Due June 30The data checkersNSSRS Validation SiteError ReviewVerification ReportsStudent LookupsSystem LookupsNSSRS Validations: Where to findNSSRS Validations: ErrorsNSSRS Validations: ErrorsNSSRS Verification ReportsNSSRS Verification ReportsNSSRS Verification ReportsOther uses for the data:Federal Reporting on SPP and APRFederal Data Report TablesDistrict Performance Reports and Public ReportingDistrict DeterminationsWhere the data are used: FederalWhere the data are used: DeterminationsExamplevilleBellaWhere the data are used: public reportingWrong information: CorrectingDouble Check the Submitted DataCall the NDE Help Desk to Unlock the CollectionApprove the Collection Once Corrections are MadeDue DatesYoull let us submit lateDue DatesData Collection/FormDue DateReview Period Ending date FIINAL NO CHANGESNon Certificated Staff31-Oct15-NovCarl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act Report10-Aug15-NovSummer School Supplement31-Aug15-NovElementary Class Size15-Oct15-NovSummer School Student Unit15-Oct15-NovElementary Site Allowance15-Oct15-NovAssessed Valuation and Levies15-Oct15-NovTwo-Year New School Adjustment Application15-Oct15-NovStudent Growth Adjustment15-Oct15-NovInstructional Time15-Oct15-NovPK Instructional Program Hours/K Program15-Oct15-NovNSSRS Staff Data31-Oct15-NovMembership (last Friday in September)31-Oct15-NovSPED Child Count31-Oct15-NovEC Program Participation31-Oct15-NovNonpublic Membership31-Oct15-NovSAMPLEDue Dates: FailI forgot to submit Part II of the Calendar. . . Ha! Thatll freak somebody out someday.