Their Eyes were watching God chapter 2

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Hajir Sailors AP English Summer Reading Log Their Eyes Were Watching God-Chapter 2 This chapter starts out where chapter one left off; Janie talking to Phoeby about her life. Janie starts off by telling Phoeby that she never saw her Papa and that she was brought up by her grandma. She assimilated herself into white society so well that she didnt even realize she was black until she turned six and saw herself in a picture with her white children friends and she didnt recognize herself. This is a huge point in the fact that this shows us Janie never fully realizes she is black, and every time she comes around to remembering that she is black she is brought down to earth. Some of the examples of this are shown further along in the chapter when she says, Us lived dere havin fun till de chillum at school got to teasin me bout livin in de white folks back yard (Neale-Hurston, 9). Janie goes on to describe a girl named Mayrella that used to pick on her. She describes to Phoeby how it was not only the factthat she was living in a white persons back yard but the scandal between her two parents, how people still brought that up to the day. Janie didnt find this fair at all, but she made sure it never crumpled her feathers. Janie goes on in a description of her love, she turns her love into a metaphorical pear tree that is blossoming. Her example of this pear tree is Johnny Taylor, the boy she kisses when Nanny wakes up in the middle of the night. When the Nanny sees this she loses her head and starts hitting Janie, but finally tells Janie why she is doing that, it is because she wants Janie to live a better life than Janies mother did. Nanny is Janies Grandmother and she tells Janie she cares and loves her and wants to marry her to someone who will care and love her just as much, because she is not going to be living much longer. The grandma goes into a full narrative changing the pace of the chapter, she explains to Janie how she had her mother, and how she had to run off right as the civil war was ending because if she had not she would have been beaten to death. She finishes off the chapter by telling Janie of her mothers life and how she had protected Janies mother for a long time but one day her mother was taken by the school teacher and raped, just at the age of seventeen. The Grandma goes on to explain that thisis why shes so protective of Janie, so Janie needs to understand that.. She finishes off the chapter asking for sympathy from Janie, telling her Put me down easy Janie. Ahm a cracked plate. (20) The grandma has basically now been foreshadowed to die in the near future and she says she has been used so many times that she ks now broken, and just ike a plate that is cracked, it holds things, but not as well as it could, and it definitely is not pretty.


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