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The Woman Men Adore and Never Want To Leave by Bob GrantWhat Guys Like. . .How Men View Womenand What They Really NoticeBob Grant, LPC~ Table of Contents ~IntroductionChapter OneFirst: He Notices How You LookChapter TwoSecond: He Notices Your TypeChapter ThreeThird: Your Attitude Affects Your TypeChapter FourFourth: If Women Only Understood this -Men are Hard-Wired to Like Women (they dont need to be perfect)Chapter FiveFifth: What Men Say vs What They Do (in regards to the women they date and marry)Letters & Notes from WomenWho Read This Book~ INTRODUCTION ~Over the years, Ive written four books and a few articles. Inresponse to those writings, my staff and I have receivedcalls from some of the readers who want to speak with meregarding their specific situation. It seems that the majority ofthese women feel the need to convey to me that they are veryattractive or that they look much younger than their age. What is interesting is that often, when someone feels theneed to emphasize something, they are usually a bit uncertain asto their own belief in what they are saying. This phenom enoncan be seen from the man who has to tell everyone how smarthe is, to the teenage boy who feels compelled to brag about histoughness. Now this doesnt mean that those women who are sayingthey are attractive arent. Rather, it tends to indicate that theyfeel their physical appearance has to be close to perfection. Mostof this reasoning stems from the mistaken impression of howmen actually view women and what qualities men actually dofind attractive. In fairness to women in general, its easy to understand whythey would think that men (perhaps all men) feel that the secretto a great relationship is having an ultra-skinny, big-breasted,beautiful woman, who forever looks like shes 27-years old. Itsdifficult to dispute this viewpoint, when some of the mostpopular magazines for men are Scroll through these sites and you will see that the womenthey admire are very nice to look at. Nothing wrong with thatbut what most women dont realize is that men notice moreabout a woman than what you see in those pictures. Certainlyevery man wants to marry someone he is attracted to, the sameas most women, given a choice, would choose a financially stableman over one who is career challenged. The mens preferencedoesnt mean that they hold such high standards for womenregarding their beauty that only a small number of women canever attain it. In fact, Id like to take these next few minutes to show youhow men actually view women in regards to their looks, whatthey think is attractive, and how it differs from some of theinformation you are constantly being bombarded with in allforms of the media and Internet.First: He Notices How You Look ow it would be foolish to say that men dont noticecertain aspects of a woman more than others. Lets gothrough the list of what he sees when hes glancing at you.As mentioned before, men do notice your hair, particularlyits length. A mans biggest preference is almost always Long.Dont just take my word for it. Patti Stanger, CEO and owner ofThe Millionaires Club, says it even more forcefully, Men hateshort hair. I admit, thats a little blunt, but most womenrealize that longer hair (as in shoulder length or longer) is thepreference of most men. This doesnt mean that short hair is aturn off; rather, it just isnt as big of a turn on. Your Weight !!"Yes and !!"NoWill he notice how much you weigh? Yes. Is this all a man wants someone skinny? No. As I mentioned above, men like theshape of a woman, so having curves is actually appealing tomen. In fact, some cultures prefer a more full-figured womanwith extra weight, while others do not. Yes, some men will notlook at any woman who weighs more than 105 pounds, but that~ CHAPTER ONE ~Nis not the norm. What all men appreciate in relation to weightis proportion. The mythical ideal dimensions for a woman are 36-24-36, orso we are told here and there. This is such a rigid measure mentthat its a better guide for the fashion industry using precisenumbers, rather than the average Joe. What would stand out toa man is a major deviation from those numbers. Such as awoman whose measurements are 44-25-39 or 32-27-44. The details I have just mentioned would be lost on mostmen. Truthfully, they dont think about a womans weightnearly as much as women do, unless she has a disproportionateshape. Your Clothes !!" YesThe most obvious item that men notice/prefer is a dress or, morespecifically, a skirt, instead of pants. There are many situationswhere wearing pants may be more appropriate or professional,but you wont get noticed as much. Your Shoes !!" NopeSorry but most men dont notice or care about this popularfemale fetish. The only real thing a man notices in a womansshoes is if she is wearing high heels. Suffice it to say that the look is feminine. A good rule toremember is the wider the bottom of the shoe, the less men likeit. Your comfy flip-flops that are twice the size of your footremind men of their mother cleaning the house. Just a thought. Second: He Notices Your Type n describing your attitude, most women, in a manseyes, fall into one of three categories. From a mansperspective, when evaluating a woman, he will try anddetermine if Shes a Witch - Shes a Pleaser or Shes ExpensiveYes, men are that simplistic when it comes to evaluating aromantic interest. Heres what they mean.! The Witch: Competitive...Over-inflated sense of herself...Complains...Blames others when things go wrong, and, oh, didI mention Competitive?Now, you can tell from this list that these traits are very strong.What men sense from this type of woman is that if they makea misstep or do something to offend her, there will be hell topay. This is not the type of woman who easily forgives or takesit lightly if shes being taken for granted. While these character -istics are overall unappealing, there is something of a challengeto this woman. She is hard to conquer. It often takes a supremeeffort of a man to persuade her to go along with what he desires;and, surprisingly, to most women, men actually do enjoy a~ CHAPTER TWO ~Ichallenge. The problem is that the challenge is usually nothingmore than trying to get the woman into bed. Once that has beenaccomplished (perhaps a few times), the challenge is gone andall that is left is the Witchy attitude. Take Susan, for instance. She is tall, slender, and byeveryones measure, very attractive. When she walksinto a room, most men find themselves gazing over ather. She is the essence of value. Men desire to see her,meet her and ultimately seduce her. Yet, with one look at her, most men realize that becauseof her attractive ness, the competition to win her heartwill most likely be fierce. In spite of all these advantages,Susan remains single and unmarried. Yes she datesoften, but while some relationships last years, none endup in a marriage that she desperately wants. Susan, yousee, does not know how to be responsive to a man. Shehas firm boundaries about what she likes to do and isnteasily given to saying yes. If her boyfriend happens tosuggest something that she wants to do, she willhappily go along with it. But if not, she is unmoved.From every boyfriends perspective, she is hard toplease, and yet she doesnt think so. In fact, she feelsshe is quite easy to please so long as he does what shewants. ! The Pleaser: Easily Pleased...Prone toward self-doubt...VeryGiving...Accommodating...Rarely (if ever) complains...Blamesherself when things go wrong.Men view this type of woman with a similar fondness theymight have for their favorite pet. Dependable and availablewhen you need her, but not very exciting. If they are upset, sheis most likely to say shes sorry for causing trouble. If he stopspursuing her, she steps in with phone calls and gestures toexplain how much she cares for him. When he stops giving, shegives even more. You can see the appeal of her. Shes often abetter mother to a man than his own mother was and, yet, itstoo easy. Men want what they cant have and tend to despisewhat comes easily. At least thats what James Dobson said over25 years ago in Love Must Be Tough. Well, actually, we all wantthat, but men, in particular, need to feel this way in regards tothe woman of their choice, especially to a woman like Allyson. Allyson is, by most mens standards, neither striking norugly. At five foot, four inches tall, she has an averagebuild with medium-length hair. If you were to ask anyof her ex-boyfriends or current friends to describe her,you would hear such phrases as: Shes very nice.One of the kindest people I know.She loves people.Anyone who knows her soon realizes that she has a verygiving nature. Whenever she has a disagreement witha boyfriend, she is the one who apologizes, for fear oflosing him. She is the one who bakes him cookies, rubshis back, sends him emails and calls him. In someregards, she is a better boyfriend than her boyfriend,and in time every boyfriend ends up becoming boredwith her. Shes too giving, or put another way shestoo accommodating. While this characteristic is lovely,in time, most men will not find it appealing. Her self -lessness makes her appear less than confident, like shehas to be nice to prove shes desirable.! Expensive Woman: Sets limits with any man...Rarely raisesher voice to any man...Never allows the relationship to proceedtoo quickly...Understands that Sex requires an investment...Displays the Ability to be at Ease...Dresses in a manner that isappealing to men not only women.This woman is the essence of what men find fascinating. Sheseems to have the best attributes of the Witch and the Pleaser.She is rarely, if ever, sarcastic and seems to genuinely like men.She doesnt have her guard up, because she trusts in her abilityto set any limit that is necessary. Thus, she doesnt take herselftoo seriously. She is comfortable with her attributes, as well asher perceived imperfections. When men see her, they oftendescribe her with this phrase, Theres something about her.This phrase accompanies a woman like Becky. In collegeshe smiled at men effortlessly and almost alwaysappeared to be interested when they spoke to her. Infact, she consistently treated both attractive and unat -trac tive men the same with kindness. The result of thisattitude was that nearly every guy on campus wantedto go out with her, and most tried. If you polled most ofthe men on campus as to what it was about Becky, theywould struggle to find a single word. Pretty would bethe most common phrase; but if you com pared her toother women her age, you wouldnt say she was themost attractive. No, there was more to her than simplyher looks. For some reason, Becky actually believed she was fun tobe around, and because of this belief, she was easy toplease. Even small gestures from men seemed to makeher happy. Men, it turned out, believed she was asvaluable as she believed she was. Because of this, if aman ever took her for granted, he lost his chance withher, as another man simply stepped in to take his place.While no individual encompasses just one of these types, everywoman has a predominate type, one that dominates the othertwo. It takes courage to become the Expensive woman but it iswell worth the effort. The Woman Men Adoreand NeverWant to Leave is a road map toward being Expensive forever.Third: Your AttitudeAffects Your Typeave you ever wondered why office romances are sopowerful? So powerful, in fact, that many companieshave specific guidelines regarding romantic relationshipsbetween fellow employees. From a mans perspective, the powerderives from the fact that often a woman he has noticed isntexactly what he would have chosen if given a choice. Yet whatoften happens is a man begins to experience a female coworkeras he interacts with her. Perhaps she laughs at his jokes or seemsimpressed with his ideas. She most likely dresses in outfits thatcompliment her shape. In time, the idea of a relationship withher begins to grow on him and he initiates a relationship thathas great professional risks to him. This is not to say that insome instances a man does finds one of his coworkers extremelyattractive and wants to date her. It is to point out that that samewoman, who is gorgeous, can become repugnant in the samemans eyes if she is a witch (or substitute another word). Yes,your attitude does have more of an effect on a man than menwill let on. ~ CHAPTER THREE ~HWhat characteristics in your demeanor do men findso attractive?The answer is that the ability to be at ease is what men find mostattractive in a woman. In the classic book, A New Look on Love,Elaine and G. William Walster reveal that when a woman is ableto act in such a manner that she would normally act around aman she has no interest in whatsoever, this attitude is alluring.This is one of the reasons the men you are not inter ested in areso attracted to you. You dont care and it makes you appealing. In fact, this aspect is one of the characteristics I describe inmy book, The Woman Men Adoreand Never Want to Leave.Its the quality that some women have and some dont, with thegood news being that it is attainable for every woman. What are other attitudes that stand out?Well one that every man perceives as negative is how much awoman complains. For many women, they feel that they aresimply processing or expressing themselves, but men oftenfind it nothing more than being negative. Men tend to viewcomplaining in this manner, Talking about something negative,which you can control, and then not doing anything to remedythe situation. Please notice that the solution to this statement isnt forwomen to simply be positive. Instead, if they are going to com -plain about something, then they should do something aboutit. Most men understand situations that are beyond yourcontrol, such as the death of a loved one or a medical illness.What is difficult for men is to be immersed in painful oruncomfortable feelings and trying to cure them, since men dontfind as much emotional relief in discussing their feelings as dowomen. When a woman is discussing her feelings and makes ita point not to overwhelm a man with emotions, she is instantlymore attractive in his eyes. Its as though she understands menand genuinely likes them, which is charming in most menseyes.The effect of your attitude cannot be overstated. What manywomen do not realize is that there is no such thing as innerbeauty or outer beautythere is only beauty. The thoughts youthink and the attitudes you embrace will always have an effecton your physical appearance. It manifests in your skin, yourposture, and how often you smile. Medical doctors, who performGastric Bypass Surgery, require the potential patient to undergoa psychological assessment to determine if that person is anacceptable candidate for having their stomach reduced. Whatthey know is that, often, those who are obese have a psycho -logical reason for their excessive weight gain, even if there is aphysical contributor. Yes, men do notice how much you like yourself. They cantalways describe it, but they can tell the difference after your firstsentence is uttered and this cant be faked. The quality I amdescribing originates from your heart, not from memorizingcertain phrases. I have told many clients this phrase:A man cant believe anything about you that you dont believeyourself. If you think you arent pretty, then he wont be able toconvince you otherwise and, in time, hell stop trying.Fourth: If Women OnlyUnderstood this Men are Hard-Wired to Like Women(they dont need to be perfect)any women feel men are so picky that unless they haveperfect bodies, flawless skin and, of course, hugebreasts, then a man isnt going to find them attractive. In allfairness, considering what is displayed in magazines, ontelevision and on the Internet, its easy to see why so manywomen especially those over 40 have this perception. Thetruth is that men like women in general, not just the perfectones. Men have a natural predisposition toward the shape andcurves of a woman. This same characteristic is also what tendsto drive women crazy at times, All he does is look at mybreasts. If you need proof, the next time you are at an airport andhave to wait for your flight (that shouldnt be too hard) noticeout of the corner of your eye the men near you. If you look longenough, you will see that they are gazing at women. Not just~ CHAPTER FOUR ~Mthe ones most would say are stunning, but nearly every woman.They may stare longer at one woman than they do at another,but they stare, and its because they are visually stimulated. Thetruth is that men are simply fascinated with a womans body.They will do extraordinary things to gain access to it, some ofwhich are unsavory (as in telling whatever lie is necessary toseduce a woman). This is one reason why some men who are married tobeautiful women have affairs, and sometimes with womenwho are arguably not as attractive as their own spouse. Remember Hugh Grant cheating on Elizabeth Hurley?Dont forget Jude Law cheating on Sienna Miller.While these are but two examples, they reinforce the conceptthat being a woman, alone, is more powerful and appealing tomen than most women realize. Men have a naturalpredisposition toward the shapeand curves of a woman.Fifth: What Men Sayvs What They Do(in regards to the women they date and marry)he best evidence for all that you have read actuallycomes from men themselves. For all the talk that mendo regarding what they think is pretty, it is important toconsider the individual man as opposed to all men. Some menare so superficial that only a perfect woman is consideredpretty. These men are often considered narcissistic and shallow,and their opinion isnt an accurate reflection of men in general.If youve ever dated a man like this, you will know it by thefact that when he is enthralled with you, his love seems over -whelming. There appears to be no limit to the things he iswilling to do for you and his feelings seem so certain and strong.Beware, though, because when he is not motivated, he becomesdetached and moody. He suddenly starts to notice any imper -fection and the slightest annoyance causes him to lose interestin you. This type of man is the wrong one for any woman totake too seriously.~ CHAPTER FIVE ~TThe men I am referring to are those who are not fragile andself-centered. They may have their issues, but, in general, theydont think women are perfect and they dont expect perfectionin their appearance. They enjoy how a woman looks and believethat every woman can be beautiful. They really do just dontask them to say it. What is most notable about these men is thedifference between who they date and who they marry. Whilethey may pursue the woman who is thinner, blonder, or withsome other characteristic, in time they learn that when choosinga life partner, pretty is more than what they see. As one man put it, I dated this girl who was really pretty.We were going out with some friends and I prayed that shewouldnt open her mouth. It goes without saying that within aweek he ended the relationship. The more time he spent withher and her negative attitude, the less attractive she became tohim. Does all that youve read sound simple? Probably, but thatcertainly wont make it easy. In fact, it is quite simple and veryeasy to implement all of these insights. Some you might haveknown, others may have been a surprise. In my book, The Woman Men Adoreand Never Wantto Leave, I give readers an exercise that offers specificinstructions on how to practice becoming Expensivewomen. Its fun, simple and, best of all, it will remindyou of how you should see yourself.In Addition to learning how tobecome Expensive, The Woman Men Adoreand Never Want toLeave also offers several additionalinsights:" How to Listen to Your Heart" Your Secret Guide" What You Call Your partner, They Will Become" Why Working Harder Isn't the Answer" Why Men Dont Listen" The Only Reason Men Marry" Why Men Need to Experience Pain" The Stages of Forgiveness" What Men Crave the Most and How to Give Itto Them.If youd like to discover all of theseinsights, get your copy of The Woman Men Adoreand Never Want to Leave**** CLICK HERE ****Letters & Notes fromWomen Who Read This BookThank you so much!!!! I reallyenjoyed reading your book. I have beenseparated for 7 months from a veryangry man. We were married for 12 years.I really want to do it better this time.I was searching for answers on howto do it the right way and you have givenme the answers in your book. I cannottell you how much I appreciate you.Thank you, I cannot tell you thatenough. I have just met someone and Iam so excited to try out my newtechniques. I plan to really read yourbook over and over until I have it deepinside me and do it right. I will let youknow ... thanks again.... God Bless you... YvonneI came across the information about yourbook when I was looking for something quiteopposite, namely advice on how to end therelationship, because I did not know theother way to deal with the situation. After Iread it the first time I realized that I'dfinally found the gold key and have got backmy peace which I once had a long time agobut lost somewhere. Like a good student Idecided to act exactly the way youteach...Everything completely turnedaround after the first attempt! I feel satisfiedand happy. LaurenI must admit, it wasnt as easy as I had hopedit would be. My situation seemed hopeless, so Ifigured I had nothing to lose and boy am I glad Igave your book a try. Its kind of scary beingvulnerable, but now I am seeing the results withmy boyfriend that I never dreamed werepossible. AmandaI wanted to thank you for writing such anenlightening book. I've just finished reading itlast night and have been using all of themethods. I feel so much more comfortable in myrelationship now and am not constantlythinking of breaking up with him. I'm almostas relaxed as I was in the beginning. LisetteI cant believe it happened just like yousaid. You told me not to give up and he justproposed last weekend! I knew somethingwas up but this caught me completely bysurprise! Robin I didnt believe that it was possible tochange my man. Even though I wasskeptical I decided to give it a try andam I ever glad I did. It happened justlike you said it would. Cathy"I have told my friends that I know someonewho is a "Miracle Worker." I tell them thatI know someone who relates well to people. Iwish I had read your book before I went throughmy divorce." TracyI read your book and for the first time ever I feltlike I knew the answer! Understanding Men hasnever been so easy! It's like something inside mecame alive. Michelle Armed with your guidance and insight, this is allso much better and less painful than in the past.Thank you so much for what you wrote - it hasboosted my confidence so much. JulieThe Woman Men Adoreand Never Want to Leave The Woman Men Adore: Preview of the Book THE WOMAN MEN ADORE AND NEVER WANT TO LEAVE By Bob Grant, L.P.C. Welcome to a preview for the e-book, The Woman Men Adoreand Never Want to Leave. This book is the product of over 20 years of working with both single and marred women of all types. Rather than continuing to work with women one at a time; I wanted to share these insights with as many individuals has possible. My clients have told me what works and what does not. While these insights have proven effective time after time, it is more than simply a book of insights. It is a manual to practice. In time, what you read can change your life. I know because every week I receive feedback from a client who tells me how different her life is and how surprised she is that these insights have been helpful. So sit back, relax and enjoy the first few pages of The Woman Men Adoreand Never Want to Leave. A Message from Bob Grant: Have you ever looked at your relationships and wondered what was missing? Perhaps you are like many of my single clients and have an active social life. You date often and wonder why you cant seem to find that special someone. I also work with married women who have found their life partner but realize they are in a marriage where love seems to be lost. Well, I have great news for you. If you would like to enhance your dating life, get married or spark the fire within your marriage, this book was written for you. During the past 20 years I have talked with thousands of women. Some of these are excellent in interacting with men. They seem to have certain characteristics that enable them to effortlessly cast a spell over the men in their life. From the outside it appears to be magic. In the following pages I will describe to you what it is they know and how you can act and think the same way as these women. Some suggestions will be very practical while others will be more abstract. Before you begin I have one request, as you begin applying these skills and insights to your life, please be patient. It is going to take some time for you to feel comfortable with implementing these new skills. In fact some of them will be totally different than what you have previously believed about men and relationships. This book will present several PRINCIPLES which can apply to both single and married people, and which can be used separately or in conjunction with one another. In other words, you dont have to view the advice in this book as an all-or-nothing type of plan. Simply read what I have to say, and when you find a suggestion that seems to apply to your situation, try it. Let me begin by stating something which will become very obvious as you read this book; this book is for women. The suggestions, insights and the changes to be made (at least at first) will need to be made by the women in the relationships. This is by no means because I, as a man, believe that women are at fault for all relationship problems. Nor do I feel that it should be the responsibility of the woman to always fix the problems in a relationship. Its just that in my years of practice as a therapist, I have noticed that women tend to be the ones who are primarily interested in the development and improvement of their relationships. It is far more common for me to see a woman in my office, asking for advice as to how she should handle a particular relationship issue, than to see a man, or even a couple. Women are simply more interested in the entire concept of relationship development. Most men view the relationship as, Fine, until there is a blow up. In a relationship, the woman is typically the primary one who wants to improve, develop and constantly grow closer. She is continually seeking new ways to achieve this end, whether or not her chosen mate participates in her quest. A man, on the other hand, often views a relationship as a race rather than as a journey. For the typical male, a relationship has a beginning and an end, and marriage is typically the end, or finish line. For men, the motto is, just get me the girl, and Ill take it from there. Once marriage is achieved, your average Joe will sit back and relax, assuming that he has won the race, earned his keep, and achieved his goal. It will seldom, if ever, occur to him that he still has to work, or that he might be expected to continue growing. For him, the hard part is over, and its time to kick back and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Left to his own devices, the typical man will never initiate couples counseling, because the typical man rarely considers the need for it. Even if he does notice a NEED in the relationship, he will probably be unable (or unwilling) to recognize what that need might be. Most of my clients are women but every once in awhile a man comes into my office for relationship help. When guys ask for help in relationships, they usually mean one of two things: either I end up talking to a single guy who wants to meet someone (like joining a dating service), or Im dealing with a husband/boyfriend who has made some poor (dumb) choices and needs to know the magic words that will make everything okay again. Yes, ladies, Ive actually had male clients come to me for that very reasonnot therapy or counseling (many dont realize that there can be deeper issues)but some sort of catch phrase that will make a woman melt. If youve seen the movie Roxanne, youll know exactly what Im talking about. Believe it or not, that type of guy is far closer to the norm than you may think. The fact is, I find that women have a greater interest and ability to influence men than vice versa. My own clients back me in this belief, because more than half of my married clients are women who come to me alone. So, before you read any further, please be aware. As the woman in the relationship, by following the ideas and suggestions in this book, you will be asked to initiate the changes in your relationship. Whether your goal is to get out of a rut, to repair a broken relationship or to simply find someone to share your life with, you will find helpful advice in the following pages. After years of experience this book is the net result of one thing, doing what works. By improving yourself, you will be able to influence your mate or draw one into your life. This is about positive changes you can make in yourself that will ultimately result in positive changes in your relationship. These changes will lead to better communication, more intimacy, and a better understanding of why problems arise in the first place. That being said, lets begin! HERE ARE SOME ADDITIONAL INSIGHTS YOU'LL LEARN If the man is the head, then the woman is the heart Listening to Your Heart. Your secret guide. What you call your partner, they will become. Why working harder isn't the answer. Why men dont listen. Men marry for one reason, SHE MAKES HIM FEEL GOOD. Why men need to experience pain. Why receiving is for women and giving is for men. The stages of forgiveness. What men crave the most and how to give it to them. Order your copy of The Woman Men Adoreand Never Want to Leave by clicking here Next: Letters from Women who read this book "Thank you so much!!!! I really enjoyed reading your book. I have been separated for 7 months from a very angry man. We were married for 12 years. I really want to do it better this time. I was searching for answers on how to do it the right way and you have given me the answers in your book. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you. Thank you, I cannot tell you that enough. I have just met someone and I am so excited to try out my new techniques. I plan to really read your book over and over until I have it deep inside me and do it right. I will let you know ... thanks again.... God Bless you..." Yvonne "I came across the information about your book when I was looking for something quite opposite, namely advices "how to end the relationship", because I did not know the other way to deal with the situation. After I read it first time I've realized that I'd finally found the gold key and have got back my peace which I once had a long time ago but lost somewhere. Like a good student I decided to act exactly the way you "teach"...Everything completely turned around after the first attempt! I feel satisfied and happy." Lauren I must admit, it wasnt as easy as I had hoped it would be. My situation seemed hopeless, so I figured I had nothing to lose and boy am I glad I gave your book a try. Its kind of scary being vulnerable, but now I am seeing the results with my boyfriend that I never dreamed were possible. Amanda "I wanted to thank you for writing such an enlightening book. I've just finished reading it last night and have been using all of the methods. I feel so much more comfortable in my relationship now and am not constantly thinking of breaking up with him. I'm almost as relaxed as I was in the beginning." Lisette "I didn't believe that it was possible to change my man. Even though I was skeptical I decided to give it a try and am I ever glad I did. It happened just like you said it would." Cathy "I can't believe it happened just like you said. You told me not to give up and he just proposed last weekend! I knew something was up but this caught me completely by surprise!" - Robin "I have told my friends that I know someone who is a "Miracle Worker." I tell them that I know someone who relates well to people. I wish I had read your book before I went through my divorce." -Tracy "I read your book and for the first time ever I felt like I knew the answer! Understanding Men has never been so easy! It's like something inside me came alive." -Michelle "Armed with your guidance and insight, this is all so much better and less painful than in the past. Thank you so much for what you wrote- it has boosted my confidence so much." -Julie You Too Can Learn The Secrets to Captivating A Mans Hear By Obtaining The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave


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