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The Knowledge Movement: Trends and Opportunities Thank you for joining us. We will begin promptly at 1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT. To hear the audio, you will need to use WebEx audio receive a call back or dial-in options available. All lines are muted. Please use the Chat panel for questions. This presentation is part of the CX Super Heroes Webinar Series Welcome Thank you for joining today! Submit questions via the WebEx Chat panel & Twitter - @MoxieSoft & @ekolsky Session will be recorded and sent to attendees with presentation Speakers Randy Nasson Director, Product Mgmt Moxie Software Esteban Kolsky Founder and Principal, ThinkJar the knowledge movement - trends and opportunities how the new world is changing the way we do knowledge management in the enterprise knowledge workers spend 60 percent of their time looking for information to do their work product services corporate partners suppliers organizations provide the information they need or do they? three trends, endless possibilities three trends in enterprise technology today social networks and collaboration cloud computing analytics and big data How do they affect knowledge? tribes of knowledge workers 72% of organizations leveraging tribal knowledge reported cost reductions, higher customer satisfaction, effective interactions example: italian soccer club, managed by tribal knowledge, expertise provided as needed, all for one common goal: win finding the right answer or resource for each interaction more communities are searching, targeting, finding, embracing, and leveraging SME traditional 90-9-1 model for community contributions has shifted to 70-20-10 peoples needs to contribute, belong, be recognized leveraging SMEs for community buildup customer has an idea co-create to build new product, service SME creates knowledge company leverages knowledge created, maintains together consumer knows fix for problem company rewards contributions communities business quickly disappearing membrane elimination of the inside-outside membrane feedback and suggestions ideas for new products and services answers, SME and knowledge reviews, opinions and recommendations advocacy and champions dont go that far, lets stick to usefulness using communities as knowledge repositories partner k k k k k k k k k k k k m m m m partner supplier k knowledge repository m km system company federated knowledge management helps save social and cloud have simplified the creation and maintenance of federated knowledge SME willing to support federated across different knowledgebases and communities help as well still, not a simple turn-key solution when investing in a federated knowledgebase, more advanced issues emerge quickly federated knowledgebases must we well planned knowledge base document repository island data ontology taxonomy business rules content rules partner knowledge crm inventory shipping ecommerce financing communities internal users deploying a knowledge platform extends investment organization must be committed, in process of migrating to cloud computing still in planning stages, few deployed collaboration inside and outside must be common terms, concepts for organization starting to see knowledge seep across departments, partners five-to-ten year issue, must plan soon knowledge platforms prepare organization for the cloud intent-driven enterprises are becoming reality Part of the governing triad of content and knowledge management most complex aspect, eluded before social missing data and information, social helps example: online retailer investing in social tracking, monitoring, analytics discovered why customers buy different products, leveraged information into near-time marketing, sales exploded (30% or more in three successive quarters), sales cost reduced by 12% at the same time building an intentional enterprise customer agent efficiency (fast and cheap operations) effectiveness (right answer at the right time) process satisfaction end-to-end effectiveness and efficiency index performance morale loyalty effective demographic, sentimental, attitudinal, behavioral, and operational are variables in this model feedback model that simplifies collection, improvement focus on effective interactions needs best answer two percent response rate for content feedback is considered good four percent is unheard of analyzing usage patterns, merged with profile and customer information determine BNO (best next offer) figure best answer based on need, intent, and past performance demographic operational behavioral attitudinal sentimental who the customers are how efficiently the business operates what customers do and how they work how effectively the business operates how the customers feel about the business, products, services as expressed publicly crm social crm big data evolution of data and analytics, including big data building a collaborative enterprise, ten year plan more data and big data filtering is more important than collecting and storing better analytics co-creation collaboration to understand needs and desires build what the company needs, customers wants adjust as quickly as analysis is possible take training, patience, and iterating collaborative enterprise, model of the future let your imagination run wild what can you envision? Social Knowledge Use Cases Randy Nasson August 30, 2012 26 Who is Moxie Software? Our Customer Needs to: Engage customers via their communication channel of choice Connect employees with collaboration technology Deliver the right answers via a powerful social knowledgebase 3 Billion + Mission Critical Social Transactions Per Year Converging Markets External Communication Internal Collaboration Next Generation Social Enterprise KB + Collaboration Use Cases Central HQ & Distributed Field Offices HQ: Content Editors Field Office: Sales & Agents Field Office: Sales & Agents Field Office: Sales & Agents Field Office: Sales & Agents Field Office: Sales & Agents Field Office: Sales & Agents Field Office: Sales & Agents Field Office: Sales & Agents Field Office: Sales & Agents Field Office: Sales & Agents Feedback Today HQ: Content Editors Field Office: Sales & Agents KB-Collaboration Spaces Feedback Loop KB Article Authoring Definable Workflow Versioning Publishing Related Content Collaboration Spaces Single Social Platform Activity Stream Updates Notifications In-Line Viewing Social Knowledge Rich Comments Likes Follow Sharing Feedback Loop Single Reference Point Comments Pushed to KB Social Authoring Crowdsourcing Knowledge Collaboration Spaces Knowledgebase SME Authors Content (File, Blog Post, etc.) Submit to KB for Certification Certified Knowledge Article Workflow SMEs Create Working Draft & Revise Submit to KB for Certified Update End-to-End Customer / Employee Engagement 1) Customer inquiry 2) Agent alerted of customer question 3) Escalated to Subject Matter Experts 4) Employees collaborate to resolve the Issue 5) Happy customer & the right answer is published to the knowledgebase Thank You Questions: WebEx Chat Panel Twitter: @Moxiesoft & @ekolsky Session recording and presentation will be sent via email Contact Us: +1.800.474.1149


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