The Center for Academic Excellence presents... Death of Icarus, by Brueghel.

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>The Center for Academic Excellence presents . . .</p> <p>Paintings for Appreciation</p> <p>Death of Icarus, by Brueghel.</p> <p>Cargador de flores, by Diego Rivera.2</p> <p>Detail from a painting by Hieronymus Bosch.3</p> <p>Still Life, by Czanne.4</p> <p>White Crucifix, by Marc Chagall.5</p> <p>Death of Marat, by Jacques Louis David6</p> <p>Oath of the Horatii, by Jacques Louis David.7</p> <p>The Milliner, by Degas.8</p> <p>Liberty, by Delacroix.9</p> <p>The Eiffel Tower, by Dufy.10</p> <p>Raft of the Medusa, by Gricault.11</p> <p>Geraniums, by Childe Hassam.12</p> <p>Nighthawks, by Edward Hopper.13</p> <p>Monsieur Bertrin, by Ingres.14</p> <p>Wave, by Hokusai.15</p> <p>Blank Cheque, by Magritte.16</p> <p>The Gleaners, by Millet.17</p> <p>Impression: Sunrise, by Claude Monet (1872).18</p> <p>The Scream, by Munch.19</p> <p>Prayer, by Norman Rockwell.20</p> <p>Arles with Irises, by Vincent Van Gogh.21</p> <p>Landscape, by David Shevlino.22The EndPowerPoint Presentation by Mark A. Spalding, BA, MEd, MA (2009).2324</p>


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