Teaching Kids About Money A Financial Literacy Presentation by Member Name, CPA.

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Teaching Kids About Money A Financial Literacy Presentation by Member Name, CPA Slide 2 Money Basics Adults in trouble today because they didnt learn lessons earlier in life Not learning it in school Must know about budgeting, credit, saving Hands-on activities for kids Slide 3 Start Out Young Never too early Toddlers money recognition, spending, saving Show coins and explain value Piggy banks Pretend grocery shopping Slide 4 Elementary School Budgeting, goal-setting, borrowing money Weekly allowance, if possible 80-10-10 rule First savings account Credit cards ATM machines Slide 5 Middle School/Jr. High Learn how to make money Extra chores for extra money Use pre-paid credit card to teach them about interest and using credit wisely Slide 6 Stock Market Investing vs. saving Set up mock portfolio Invest in what you know. Research companies online/financial pages Two options for entering stock market: 1.Buy mutual fund. 2.Open stock account for child. Slide 7 High School Should know how to earn, save and spend money responsibly Checking account Be able to balance it Know how to use credit cards wisely Reading a paycheck Involve teens in bill-paying Slide 8 Birthdays/Special Occasions Give money-minded gifts Books, board games, videos, software Play ATM machines Pretend checkbooks Voice-activated/keypad safes Money bingo Give U.S. savings bonds Slide 9 Any Questions?


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