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*Eclipse High-Level Architecture Java Runtime EnvironmentsMTJ EcosystemMTJ high-level layersMTJ Development by MilestoneDevice fragmentationPre-processingAutomated & manual testingBuild managementWizardsRuntime LaunchDebuggingCode EditorDeploymentDevice ManagementSigning and ObfuscationLocalizationApplication FlowGUI EditorBackup slides**Tools PlatformFrameworksRich Client PlatformTechnology EnablersEcosystemVertical Industry InitiativesHorizontal TechnologiesSWTWorkbenchRuntimeUpdateProject ModelWorkspaceMulti-language supportUI FrameworksGraphical FrameworksModeling FrameworksTest and PerformanceC/C++ Dev. ToolsJava Dev. ToolsBusiness Intelligence & ReportingWeb ToolsEmbedded & Mobile ToolsModeling ToolsData ManagementService Oriented ArchitectureSystem ManagementDesktop DomainInternet DomainEnterprise DomainEmbedded Domain Mobile Domain*DesktopLow-end devicesEnterpriseHigh-end devicesSmart CardsOptional packagesOptional packagesOptional packagesMIDPOptional packagesCLDCFoundation profileCDCPersonal profileJava CardCard VMKVMJava Virtual MachineJava Micro Edition (J2ME)J2EEJ2SEThe MTJ projects focus in Mobile runtimes is in the J2ME area. *MTJ contextEclipseOperating Systems: Win32, Linux, MAC.Tooling Runtimes JRE 1.4 .. 5.0, J9Download / Update sitesEclipseSun / IBM (tooling runtimeJRE 5.0 / J9 )Vendor X (for SDK download) Different vendor products based on Eclipse MTJMTJJavaDocsAPIAPIA List of JVMSVendor Y (for SDK download)*Mobile IDE ComponentsMobile IDE Extensibility Framework LayerEclipse PlatformEclipse Modeling FrameworkOSGIEclipse Tool ServicesOperating Systems: Win32, Linux, MACDeployment ManagementSWTWorkbenchVisual EditorWeb Tools ProjectGEFTesting & Profiling Tools EMF Build ManagementRuntime ManagementDevice ManagementBIRTWorkflow ToolboxData Tools Graphical Modeling Framework JDTGUI Builder ManagementMulti-language supportMultimedia ToolsSecurity ManagementObfuscation ProviderDevice Description ProviderDevice Platform ProviderPackaging ProviderSigning ProviderDevice Platform ProviderBuild ProviderPre-processing ProviderGUI Builder ProviderDeployment ProviderAnt Providerx*Mobile RAD / IDEProvider ComponentsIDE Extensible Framework LayerEclipse PlatformMobile SDK EmulatorWizardsCreate ApplicationCreate ClassCode PackagingCreate ProjectBuildDeploymentDeployment providersSigning providerSnippetsDebuggingDesktopDeviceRuntime launchDesktopDeviceGUI builders HelpLCDUI EditoreSWT EditorGame EditorFlow EditorCustom ComponentsLocalizationJ2ME NatureAudio converterRuntime Management FrameworkDeployment FrameworkBuild FrameworkDevice Management FrameworkGUI Builder FrameworkSecurity Management FrameworkObfuscation providersXx EditorJAD EditorCode EditorJ2ME project buildersSymbian templatesCreate UIPre-processingPackagingAntenna providerProjectBuildOtherDifferent characteristics of devices must be taken into accountPhysical device characteristics, e.g. display resolution,-size and buttons, processing power and memoryQuirks in the OS, API and Java virtual machine implementationsVariation comes also from APIs supported by each deviceFlavours of Symbian (S60, S80, S90) and other mobile OS versionsJ2ME profiles and configurations CLDC 1.0/1.1 and MIDP 1.0/2.0Optional APIs for Bluetooth, 3D, Multimedia, Web Services, etc.Proprietary APIs from device manufacturers and operatorsIn addition, there are other operator and market requirementsLocalisation, branding, billing, etc.New devices and APIs are introduced frequently*Huge amount ofconfigurationsVaryingdevicesDifferingassetsOperatorrequirements*Application DevelopersContent aggregators and DistributorNetwork operatorsEnd-user / consumer Infrastructure providersDevice manufacturesRetailThis diagram represents the major players in the wireless industry. Application- and Content providers have partnered with Network operators to design and develop Java solutions for consumers. Content aggregators license content from its creators and format it to be used with specific devices and networks.Content distributors create the revenue by providing the distribution channels.Network operators (carriers) and Infrastructure providers control the wireless network and own the customer information. Device manufactures drive the technical innovation through the new hardware.The application developers and content aggregators needs most tools against the device fragmentation. Definition: Pre-processing changes the source code before it is compiled. It allows conditional compilation and inclusion of one source file into another and is helpful when trying to maintain a single source for several devices, each having its own bugs, add-on APIs, etc. and it enables device optimization.The Eclipse JDT could add support for pre-processing, alternative could be e.g. J2ME Polish, which can be integrated to Eclipse (licensing must be checked) or re-implementing the similar functionality. One key feature is the device description database, that helps to create tasks or actions against similar devices. The device description database enables that developers can identify and group devices with an keyword, that can be used e.g. in pre-processing.*1..n11The Application Flow creates kind a action diagram, where the visible and invisible actions are drawn on a graphical editor. The AF-editor enables that developer can design e.g. mobile application UI flow.*