STOCK MARKET CRASH OF 1929 Alycia Turack, Amanda Diorio, Carol Tomlinson, Emily Smith, Joey Wolf.

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Slide 1 STOCK MARKET CRASH OF 1929 Alycia Turack, Amanda Diorio, Carol Tomlinson, Emily Smith, Joey Wolf. Slide 2 Location New York Stock Exchange Worlds largest Market Place 1,366 members Slide 3 Background After World War I Time period of Flappers People invested often Caused prices to rise Risky reputation Slide 4 Background 1925 Crash first noticeable Early 1929 Demand to enter the stock market Mini-crash Slide 5 Spring of 1929 Steel production House construction Car sales Slide 6 Black Thursday October 24, 1929 Stock prices plummeted 12.9 million shares sold Slide 7 Black Monday October 28, 1929 Stocks plummeted even more No help Slide 8 Black Tuesday October 29, 1929 Worst day in stock market history Slide 9 Business Issues ghfh Officially closed November 1, 1929 Few days Monday November 4, 1929 Reopened Slide 10 Causes Agricultural recession Small farms driven out of business Better technology increased Food demand not increasing at the same rate Slide 11 Causes False expectations and over exuberance As share prices rose, people borrowed money to invest October 1929 Shares grossly over-valued Companies posted disappointing results Investors cashed in on profits Fall in prices occurred Market fell rapidly Slide 12 Causes Weakness in banking system Before the Great Depression banks had Small to medium sized firms America had over 3o,000 banks Prone to going bankrupt Run on deposits Slide 13 Effects Banks failed Businesses failed Unemployment skyrocketed Consumers had less purchasing power Existing businesses lowered prices Slide 14 The Great Depression Stock market crash Devastated economy Key factor in the Great Depression Suicides reported Lost life savings Companies ruined Faith in banks destroyed Slide 15 The Great Depression 1929-early 1940s Banks invested clients money Forced to close People panicked Withdrawal of all money Caused more banks to close If money was not retrieved, savings were lost Slide 16 The Great Depression Businesses lost money Cut workers/wages/hours People made less money Consumers curbed spending No luxury goods Slide 17 The Great Depression Lack of Spending Out of business Slide 18 Dust Bowl Previous depression Farmers usually safer Fed themselves BUT During Great Depression: Great Plains hit with drought and dust storms Slide 19 Works Cited "Google Images." Google. Web. 12 Apr. 2011.. Rosenberg, Jennifer. "Great Depression - A Short History of the Great Depression." 20th Century History. Web. 12 Apr. 2011.. Rosenberg, Jennifer. Stock Market Crash-History of the Stock Market Crash of 1929. 20 th Century History. web 08 Apr. 2011. "Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the Effects on the Economy." Olivet Nazarene University - Web Services. Web. 11 Apr. 2011.. "The Great Depression Cause and Effects." The Great Depression Causes. 13 Apr. 2011.. "1920s." 20th Century History. Web. 12 Apr. 2011.


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