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<ul><li><p>St Marys Primary School </p><p>Newsletter PO Box 788 Hamilton 3300 </p><p>Ph: 5551 9000 </p><p>Website: </p><p>Email: </p><p>Parish Priest: Fr Paddy Mugavin Principal: Jo-Anne Bond SAC Chair: Marie McDonald </p><p>Friday 26th February, 2016 Issue 5 </p><p>Lord Jesus, May our lives this day bring us to a deeper awareness of your </p><p>presence amongst us. May we be moved by heartfelt mercy </p><p>to take action wherever possible on behalf of all who suffer. </p><p>We ask that your justice may reign in our world. Amen </p><p>Praying Lent </p><p>Dear Parents, Carers, Staff, Students and Friends, </p><p>Can you believe that we are over half way through </p><p>this term?! </p><p>Students are being challenged to be responsible </p><p>and independent learners in their learning spaces </p><p>each day and we are seeing great success with </p><p>growing self-confidence in their attitudes, skills and </p><p>knowledge. </p><p>We had a major change of plan to our professional </p><p>development day this week with the expert </p><p>Numeracy presenter unable to attend due to ill </p><p>health. However, staff spent a very productive day </p><p>working through some whole school action </p><p>planning, analysis and planning using student data </p><p>and professional reading and discussion around </p><p>collaboration. </p><p>Thanks for a great week! </p><p>God bless you </p><p>Jo-Anne </p><p>Learning Conversations </p><p> Appointment slips were sent home last week </p><p>indicating your Learning Conversation time. </p><p>Important Dates </p><p>February Mon 29th &amp; Tues 1st Learning Conversations </p><p>March Tues 1st Golf clinic Grades 3 6 Wed 2nd School Advisory Council @ 7.00pm Thurs 3rd Gr 3/4 Mass @ 10.00am Fri 4th Ride to School Day </p><p>Zone Principals ming @ St Marys! Mon 7th School Athletics Thurs 10th P/1/2 Mass @ 10.00am </p><p>Division swimming Fri 11th Reconciliation workshop (Sacramental </p><p>Program) @ Dunworth Centre PSG meetings Mon 14th Public holiday Tues 15th Thurs 17th Sacrament of Reconciliation Thurs 17th District Aths Thurs 24th End Term 1 Early finish @ 2.15pm </p><p>;imgrefurl=;h=515&amp;w=822&amp;tbnid=Q5KOcfuKWexuhM:&amp;docid=BOWjoPWd0zSA7M&amp;ei=WnXPVrb1N4Po0AS2_72ACg&amp;tbm=isch&amp;ved=0ahUKEwi2isqD8ZPLAhUDNJQKHbZ_D6AQMwgkKAkwCQ</p></li><li><p>St Marys Primary School Newsletter Issue 5 </p><p>Please contact the Office as soon as possible if </p><p>there is a problem with your allocated time. </p><p>Thanks to Helen OBrien for her organisation of </p><p>the whole school timetable. </p><p> This is an opportunity to have a discussion </p><p>between parents, teachers and students relating </p><p>to your childs learning so far this year. It will also </p><p>be a time to share learning directions and the </p><p>results of Literacy and Numeracy testing </p><p>conducted so far. </p><p> Please bring your son/daughter along to their </p><p>appointment time so he or she can be involved </p><p>in the conversation. </p><p> Fifteen minutes has been set aside for your </p><p>conversation. If you wish to take some of this </p><p>time for a chat without your child present please </p><p>indicate this to the teacher at the start of your </p><p>time. </p><p> It is vital that you are punctual to these meetings </p><p>to ensure that we can run the afternoons as </p><p>smoothly as possible. </p><p>Ride to School Day </p><p>St Marys will be celebrating ride2school day on </p><p>Friday 4th March. We encourage students and their </p><p>families to leave the car at home on this day and </p><p>get a taste of the benefits, ease and fun involved in </p><p>choosing to walk and wheel to school. </p><p>We will be meeting at the Lake car park, near the </p><p>skate park, and leaving at 8:15am sharp. You can </p><p>meet us there in a car then walk, scoot or ride. </p><p>Everyone who is involved will get a piece of fruit and </p><p>a fruit box when we arrive at Monivae College. Bags </p><p>will be transported to Monivae from the starting </p><p>point at the Lake </p><p>We support our students to walk or wheel to school </p><p>because: </p><p> Students feel fresh and alert at the beginning of a </p><p>school day. </p><p> There are fewer cars around the school which </p><p>eases drop off congestion. </p><p> Students are more likely to reach the </p><p>recommended 60 minutes of physical activity they </p><p>need each day. </p><p> Students feel happier, healthier and perform </p><p>better in the classroom. </p><p>Parents please make sure your child knows how </p><p>they are getting home at the end of the day! </p><p>Ride to school day I give permission for my child ____________________ to participate in the Ride to School activity. ..................... (parent signature) </p><p>Assembly </p><p>Award Winners: </p><p>Congratulations to the following Award recipients </p><p>for: </p><p>Doing Your Best to have a great start to the year! </p><p>Prep: Maize Perriman and Bryce McArthur </p><p>Grade One/Two F: Jack Sobey and Lily Raymond </p><p>Grade One/Two S: Kaeden Murphy and Holly Rook </p><p>Grade Three/Four GW: Charlie Fitzpatrick and Bailey </p><p>Hayes </p><p>Grade Three/Four S: Nick Trotter and Shanae Piper </p><p>Grade Five/Six F: Sophie Button and Edward De Salis </p><p>Grade Five/Six C: Oliver Hayes and Charles San Ba </p><p>Mr Healy: Charli Lewis and Chris Wormald </p><p>Next Assembly the Award is for: </p><p>Helping Others to Succeed by encouraging them. </p><p>Student News next Assembly will be taken by the </p><p>Preps who will show us their Indonesian learning with </p><p>Pak Healy by singing 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and </p><p>Toes'. We cant wait! </p><p>See you at our next Assembly Friday 4th </p><p>March at 2.45pm! </p><p>Library News Save the Date! </p><p>Earlier this term, the students in Grade 5 were invited </p><p>to apply for a position as a Library Monitor. </p><p>Several students have applied for and have </p><p>accepted the position of Library Monitor. </p><p>Their applications varied in presentation and </p><p>highlighted their skills and talents. </p><p>These students have already commenced their </p><p>duties and have proved themselves worthy of this </p><p>role in our school and I look forward to working with </p><p>them throughout the year. </p><p>These students will be acknowledged, for their </p><p>willingness and commitment to undertake this role in </p><p>our school, for this year, at our school assembly on </p><p>Friday, 4th March 2016, which commences at </p><p>2.40p.m. They will be presented with their badge </p><p>during our assembly on this day. </p><p>A warm invitation is extended to everyone, </p><p>especially the family and friends of these Grade 5 </p><p>students, to attend our assembly on Friday 4th </p><p>March, 2016. We look forward to welcoming you. </p><p>Miss Kerry Stevens (Teacher/Librarian) </p><p>Project Compassion Caritas Australia </p><p>Each student has received a Project Compassion </p><p>box to enable them to support the work of Caritas </p><p>Australia throughout our world. We are all </p></li><li><p>St Marys Primary School Newsletter Issue 5 </p><p>of results in the areas of Digital Technologies, English, </p><p>Mathematics, Science, </p><p>Spelling and Writing. The tests are an excellent </p><p>preparation for national tests and the student report </p><p>is useful for highlighting your child's strengths and </p><p>weaknesses. </p><p>All students receive a certificate and an individual </p><p>student report indicating which questions they </p><p>answered correctly and their score compared with </p><p>the rest of the students tested. The certificate and </p><p>individual student report are also suitable for your </p><p>child to include in a portfolio. </p><p>The entry fee per student and dates of competitions </p><p>are as follows: </p><p>. Digital Technologies - May 17 ($8.80) </p><p>. Science May 31 ($8.80) </p><p>. Writing - June 13 to June 17 ($18.70) </p><p>. Spelling - June 15 ($12.10) </p><p>. English August 2 ($8.80) </p><p>. Mathematics - August 16 ($8.80) </p><p>. All competitions ($66.00) </p><p>If you are interested in your child participating in </p><p>these assessments please collect an entry form from </p><p>the Office. Entries together with fees are due by </p><p>Friday March 18. Late entries will not be accepted. </p><p>We hope to see many students taking on these </p><p>challenges this year. </p><p>Chris Minney </p><p>The Sports Catch Up </p><p>School Athletics </p><p>Stretch your muscles, dust off your running shoes </p><p>and get ready to be blown away at Pedrina Park! </p><p>Our Athletics Day is being held on Monday 7th </p><p>March! With this wonderful day just around the </p><p>corner it is very important to remember that </p><p>Together Everyone Achieves More. Our athletics </p><p>day cannot happen without our magnificent school </p><p>community coming together to actively support it. </p><p>We would love for you to move around and watch </p><p>your child/children participate. We will have a </p><p>teacher based at each event and we asking for </p><p>helpers to assist move each age group around on </p><p>the day. You may be asked for some assistance at </p><p>the event you are watching, for example you may </p><p>need to help bring the shot puts back or hold a </p><p>measuring tape at the long jump, but you will get to </p><p>watch your aspiring athlete compete at each </p><p>event. We are looking forward to a brilliant day </p><p>which brings our school community together! </p><p>Division Swimming </p><p>Division Swimming is being held on THURSDAY March </p><p>10th, at Aquazone Warrnambool. </p><p>Hockey Clinic </p><p>Students in Grades 1 4 were treated to a Hockey </p><p>Clinic on Monday with some great fun had by all. </p><p>encouraged to give up something we enjoy during </p><p>Lent and contribute the money we save to Project </p><p>Compassion as a way of thinking of how we can </p><p>help other people. </p><p>For more information please visit </p><p>The Word on the Learning Street! Grade 1/2 </p><p>We have been learning about place value and </p><p>measuring in 1/2. In Place Value we had to choose </p><p>2 cards and then we made the smallest number. </p><p>We had to decide which number we would place in </p><p>the tens column and which number would go into </p><p>the ones column. We then had to make the number </p><p>with bundles. In Measurement we had to choose </p><p>which unit of measurement was best when </p><p>measuring classroom items. We could choose </p><p>between pop sticks and unifix blocks. We also </p><p>looked at how to use a ruler correctly. </p><p>Grade 3/4 </p><p>Smash! A hockey stick went bang onto a ball. </p><p>On Monday 22nd of February, Eliza taught us some </p><p>skills and games to play hockey. </p><p>It was an amazing experience and I really want to </p><p>do it again. </p><p>Shanae Piper </p><p>On Monday 22nd of February, our class Grade 3/4 </p><p>got to play hockey. </p><p>We had lots of fun playing and dribbling. We played </p><p>games that were amazing. </p><p>We had an awesome coach as well. </p><p>Callum Hill </p><p>Grade 5/6 </p><p>Bailey Cooper: In Maths we are learning about </p><p>decimals especially how to order them and write </p><p>them. </p><p>Sophie Button: Its good that the Grade 5/6s get a </p><p>different teacher when Mr Ferguson teaches Phys </p><p>Ed because we get an opportunity to experience </p><p>what High School will be like. </p><p>Amalie Rowe: In Maths we have been doing a time </p><p>task where we are making a cinema time table with </p><p>Miss Couchman. It has been difficult but fun. </p><p>Charles San Ban: In writing we have been learning </p><p>about procedures. We got to make the new school </p><p>rules display. It was really fun. </p><p>ICAS Entries International Competitions and Assessments for </p><p>Schools (ICAS) 2016 </p><p>ICAS provides an opportunity for all students in Years </p><p>3 to 12 to gain a measure of their own achievement </p><p>in an external testing situation. It provides teachers, </p><p>parents and students with comprehensive reporting </p><p></p></li><li><p>St Marys Primary School Newsletter Issue 5 </p><p>Students were put through their paces for an hour </p><p>by representatives from Hockey Victoria during the </p><p>week, including many skill drills and exciting minor </p><p>games. </p><p>Golf Clinic </p><p>A golf clinic will be held at school on Tuesday 1st </p><p>March for students in Grades 3-6. </p><p>Ballarat Regional Athletics </p><p>On the weekend 20 and 21 Feb, Koby Slattery-Fisher </p><p>and Hugh Fitzgerald, represented Hamilton Little </p><p>Athletics at Ballarat for the Western Region Track </p><p>and Field Championship. </p><p>Both boys had a great time, and caught up with </p><p>kids they had previously competed against. </p><p>Koby Slattery-Fisher came 6th in the 800m final, 5th </p><p>in the 200m final and 3rd in the shot put final. </p><p>Hugh Fitzgerald came 5th in the 100m final, 4th in </p><p>the Discus final, 2nd in Triple Jump final and 2nd in </p><p>the 80m Hurdle final. </p><p>What a fantastic effort boys. </p><p>We are thrilled at the wonderful start everyone has </p><p>made to the sporting year at St Marys. Please dont </p><p>hesitate to contact us if you have any sport related </p><p>queries at school or email us at </p><p> or </p><p> </p><p>Thank you in advance for your terrific support this </p><p>year! </p><p>Mr Ferguson and Miss Couchman </p><p>Parish News </p><p>MASS TIMES 2016 Hamilton: Saturday 6pm Sunday 10.30am Dunkeld: Sunday 8.30am Glenthompson: Sunday 8.30am Penshurst: Sunday 8.30am Macarthur: Sunday 8.30am </p><p>The Australian Christian </p><p>Meditation Community... Our parish group meets each Wednesday at the </p><p>parish house at 7.30pm. All welcome, especially </p><p>newcomers. </p><p>Parents and Friends </p><p>Uniform Shop Opening time Wednesday 3.20 4.00pm </p><p>Purchases can be made by attending the Uniform Shop on Wednesday afternoon or by placing an order with </p><p>payment at the front office. </p><p>Canteen Roster 2/3 Jenny Taylor 9/3 Volunteer required 16/3 Michelle Ferey 23/3 Volunteer required Please note that if there are no parent volunteers there will be no lunch orders available on that day. If you would like to volunteer please put your name on the roster at the front office. </p><p>Pastoral Care </p><p>Hello another week passed, this week we look at nos. 5 &amp; </p><p>6 from 10 hints for Creating Resilient Families. I was </p><p>interested in No.5 as so many parents, myself included, </p><p>wonder why if we bring our children up the same do they </p><p>behave so differently, whilst this doesnt explain why this is </p><p>it does give us comfort to know we are not alone! No.6 is </p><p>a tricky one, maintaining authority in the home, so many </p><p>parents try to befriend their children, especially as they </p><p>head towards teenagers or in the case of divorce, this </p><p>point shows us this is not of benefit to our children. </p><p>No.5 Love Kids for their differences </p><p>When families function well people are allowed to be </p><p>different and to be loved for those differences. </p><p>We all know that children take on different roles. A father </p><p>of three said, Its as if they have a planning meeting </p><p>once a year and say you be the good kid, Ill be the sick </p><p>kid and the other one can be the trouble-maker! And </p><p>then just when you think youve got it figured out they </p><p>change roles again </p><p>Having children who are strongly individual and who have </p><p>a sense of who they are is a sign of good parenting. The </p><p>problem may, of course be that they will then express </p><p>their independent spirit in ways that you dont like. The </p><p>ideal is a mix between someone who preserves their own </p><p>uniqueness and is able to work with others without </p><p>becoming dictated to by them. Someone who has their </p><p>own independent nature but is comfortable enough with </p><p>themselves to allow inter-dependence. </p><p>No.6 It is clear who is in charge. </p><p>Families do not work well as democracies. In fact they </p><p>seem to work best as benevolent dictatorships in which </p><p>the parent or parent...</p></li></ul>


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