Sow English Year 4 Still Editing

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KSSR SK YEAR 4 2015ENGLISH YEARLY SCHEME OF WORKWEEK/DATETHEME/TOPICLISTENING &READINGWRITINGLANGUAGE ARTSGRAMMARNOTESSPEAKINGWeekUnit 1 - 3World of Self, FamilyAble to talk about related topics with guidance.Able to read andAble to write inAble to plan,Able to use nounsand Friendsunderstandneat legible printproduce andcorrectly and4th January 1.31phrases andwith correctdisplay creativeappropriately:22nd JanuaryOur CommunityAble to listen tosentences from:spelling:works based on(a) common nouns.2015and demonstrate (b)non-linear(a)Sentences.literary texts usingunderstanding oftexts(b)Paragraph.a variety of mediawith guidance. to read andAble to write indemonstrateneat cursive1.1.4understanding ofwriting withAble to speak ontexts by:correct spelling:related topics with(b)predicting(b)Paragraph.guidance. to read forAble to use1.2.4information andpunctuationAble to participateenjoyment conversationsguidance:with peers.(b) non-fiction.3.3.1Able to create textsusing a variety ofmedia withguidance:(a)non-linear.(b)linear.