South Africa 2010 World Cup – its all about the geography……

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South Africa 2010 World Cup its all about the geographyTitle: World Cup GeographyLesson Objective: To understand how and why Geography and the World Cup are linked. a football fan. Dont worry You dont need to be.. Watch the clip to help you get in the moodFootball is a global game. It provides a variety of engaging contexts for learning and teaching about remote locations, cultural geography, environmental impacts, globalisation and technology, global inequalities and the benefits of being a host nation for a global event. Task: Think which picture is the odd one out? Why?Task: Think which picture is the odd one out? Why?THEY ARE ALL IMAGES OF SOUTH AFRICA..Does This Surprise Anyone? Why?Task:With the person sitting next to you. Think of as many links between the subject Geography and the World CupHint: Think about themes you may learn in class.Task:Read through all the different connections between Geography and the World Cup. With the person sitting next to you choose 9 connections which you think are most important/ relevant. With the 9 connections you have you need to rank them in order of importance.To do this you will need to use a diamond 9 ranking systemThis will require you to think about your answers The discussion you go through is just am important as the decision that you make.Activity Debrief:What skills did you have to use in that sorting and ranking activity?What order did you use them skills in?Skills you may have used..Thinking laterally ExplainingPrioritisingMemorisingDeveloping a strategyJustifyingPlanningUsing criteriaRankingAsking questionsComparingAnalysingPlenary:From using those skills to complete that activity, answer the following question:Explain how Geography and the World cup are linked?