Singapore 2nd Grade Math Worksheet 1

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Singapore 2nd Grade Math Worksheet: 1 Whole Numbers Below 1,000 Name:_____________________________Question 1 Rupert and Ronald aced their Singapore math test so their mother bought for them a wonderful trampoline yesterday. Ronald jumped 157 times on the trampoline. Rupert jumped 86 more times than Ronald. How many times did they jump altogether?Date:________________Question 2 I have a special tiger and lion. My tiger lays 125 eggs a day. My lion lays 73 fewer eggs than my lion every day. How many scrambled eggs can I make every day?http://www.homeschooling-paradise.comQuestion 3 Puss in Boots boiled 264 giants and baked 103 ogres last week. A. How many more giants than ogres did Puss in Boots kill? B. How many monsters did brave Puss in Boots kill altogether?Question 4 Ugly Wilma Witch has altogether 532 strands of hair growing out of her dirty nostrils. Her left nostril has 407 strands of hair. A. How many strands of hair does she have in her right nostril? B. How many more strands of hair does she have in her left nostril than her right nostril?http://www.homeschooling-paradise.comQuestion 5 A horde of centaurs and trolls attacked the small town of Knomville. Courageous Kelvin Knight was ordered by his king to kill all the monsters. Kelvin Knight single-handedly slew 639 of the monsters in battle. If he killed 271 more centaurs than trolls, how many centaurs did he kill?Question 6 I make and sell warts to witches and wizards. I made 428 warts yesterday and sold 319 of them to some witches and the rest to some wizards. How many disgusting warts did I sell to the eager wizards?http://www.homeschooling-paradise.comQuestion 7 Sneaky Simon stole some cows from poor Farmer Fred. He took the cows home and made beef pies with 284 of them. He gave away 156 cows to Maggie on her birthday and had 127 cows left. How many cows did Sneaky Simon steal from Farmer Fred?Question 8 We had a fantastic party last night. 352 hippos and 124 crocs turned up to have a good time. A. How many animals had a good time altogether? B. How many more hippos than crocs were at our party?http://www.homeschooling-paradise.comQuestion 9 I had a nasty shock when I opened my bathroom door last night. There were altogether 418 lions and lionesses taking a shower. There were 94 fewer lions than lionesses crammed inside. How many lionesses were taking a shower?Question 10 Mary bought some papayas. She gave away 253 of them away to her aunt. Mary also threw away 126 rotten ones. If she had 168 papayas after that, how many papayas did she buy in the beginning?http://www.homeschooling-paradise.comQuestion 11 John had a terrible car. It broke down very often. It broke down 215 times in January. It broke down 47 fewer times in February than January. A. How many times did the car break down in February? B. How many times did the car break down altogether in January and February?Question 12 John and Jack were delighted when they saw a dead cow in the forest. They immediately began collecting maggots from the carcass. They loved to make maggot pies. When they had collected their maggots, John gave Jack 237 maggots so that Jack would have 413 maggots. A. How many maggots did Jack have before John gave him the maggots? B. If John had 539 maggots left after giving some to Jack, how many delicious maggots did John have at first?http://www.homeschooling-paradise.comQuestion 13 Milton Mechanic repaired 153 cars, 67 trucks and 520 buses last week. How many vehicles did he repair altogether?Question 14 333 hamsters were dancing on my bed. A hungry cat arrived and gobbled up 153 of the poor hamsters. When the full cat left, another 68 hamster joined the remaining dancing hamsters on my bed. How many hamsters were dancing in the end?http://www.homeschooling-paradise.comQuestion 15 Gonzalez, a horse thief, stole 152 horses last year. Sanchez stole 69 more horses than Gonzalez but 36 fewer horses than Gomez. How many horses did Gomez steal?Question 16 There were altogether 318 sharks, dolphins and mermaids wrestling in my swimming pool yesterday. If there were 97 sharks and 68 more dolphins than sharks, how many mermaids were wrestling?http://www.homeschooling-paradise.comQuestion 17 Angus was punished by his Singapore math teacher for being cheeky. His teacher spanked him with a wooden spoon 169 times and slapped him 75 fewer times than with the wooden spoon. How many times in total did the teacher hit naughty Angus?Question 18 Cannibal Conrad and Cannibal Conway loved to collect shrunken heads and trade them with their friends. Cannibal Conrad was in tears last night because he had only 53 shrunken heads. His kind older brother, Cannibal Conway, then gave him 27 shrunken heads of pirates so that they would have the same number of shrunken heads? A. How many heads did Cannibal Conrad have after that? B. How many shrunken heads did they have altogether?http://www.homeschooling-paradise.comQuestion 19 Gwandaland was besieged by 496 mutant rats, cockroaches and wasps. There were 208 rats eating people alive. There were 82 more cockroaches than wasps nibbling on people's eyes. Superlady came to the rescue by squashing all the rats and roaches with her big feet and catching all the wasps with her long and sticky tongue. Before she killed them all, how many more rats than wasps were attacking the city?Question 20 Wally was an evil wizard. He had a laboratory where he turned innocent people into strange creatures. He turned altogether 529 people into animals last year. He turned the 214 adults into werewolves. He turned the rest of them, boys and girls, into trolls. There were 9 more boys than girls. How many fewer girls than adults were there?http://www.homeschooling-paradise.comAnswers Q1 - 400, Q2 - 177, Q3 - 161, 367, Q4 - 125, 282, Q5 - 455 Q6 - 109, Q7 - 567, Q8 - 476, 228, Q9 - 256, Q10 - 547 Q11 - 168, 383, Q12 - 176, 776, Q13 - 740, Q14 - 248, Q15 - 257 Q16 - 56, Q17 - 263, Q18 - 80, 160, Q19 - 105, Q20 - 61


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